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BFT #16 - Disc 2 - Discussion

Dan Gould

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1 - Going with IS Gene Harris. And Summertime, of course (but the way it SHOULD be done). Again, nothing I don't love about this.

2 - Well, that's Fathead. Not sure of the rest of them, but I assume this is one of his Highnote dates.

3 - An approach to Jeannine that I do not agree with. It's a younger player leaning on an older tone. Or at least a later generation player and I'm showing my age. There's an understated approach, but the precision of the attack suggests a later player and some of the lines are very... practiced? The whole thing is very clean. Almost like a very polite outing from Jimmy Heath. Not John Hicks, but a less accomplished peer, maybe somebody like Michael Cochrane. The ideas are there, but they're not quite executed (or it could be Hicks on an off day, but I don't think so). Nothing technically wrong, but feels likes some false moments. Tenor seems too bold to be Eric Alexander, but has that same politeness in it.

4 - I'm either going to nail this or forever alienate Dan. Or perhaps both. Sounds like Ease On Down The Road from The Wiz. I'm going with Plas Johnson jsut for the balance of that hard, Teddy Edwards sort of blues sound with the more pop-ish upper register playing. I'm going with NOT Gene Harris on this one.

5 - Instant Love. Interesting. New generation tenor player, but with a lot of respect for the style. Like the sound, but guessing it's someone I'm less familiar with. Has those modern line down, but definitely more of a soul root in the playing. Guitar is nondescript. The tune is Back at the Chicken Shack.

6 - Not Gene Harris. I might be crazy by that sounds like Benny Carter to me. Not sure of the trumpet, but seems to be a split generation guy. Could be an older Von Freeman on tenor, but seems like Von would have ripped at least one triple-time line through that. It's definitely a superband type of setting, as opposed to a working band. Just a smidge off from the fire that I'm used to hearing from the original. But what is that damned song!

7 - More instant love. Sounds like Ike Quebec on tenor. I need this.

8 - Nothing superlative here, but it's awesome. That raw, barking tenor is awesome. I think it's someone younger, but who has listened to a lot of Arnett Cobb, et al. Seems a little rough to be Scott Hamilton, but could be. I like it, though. It's not masquerading as more than it is. It's got a jam session feel and it's working. There's homage to Lockjaw, cobb, Grady Tate... this guy has listened a lot! I've been too wimpy to make this guess of late, and I'm just going to go with it: Sweets! Much as I'm digging this, it really makes me want to go fire up the entire Buck Clayton portion of my collection, set the volume to ear bleed and see how long it takes for the law to show up. Pianist is a wee bit filthy. Seems a shade modern for Gene Harris, so I'm going to go NOT Gene Harris. However, definitely has done his time with Gene on the phones. Out of left field, I'm going to say Charles Persip on drums. Got to be one of those Concord sessions. No new ground broken, but I'll take a date like this over the entire Chris Potter catalog, and I'm an avant garde guy.

9 - DEFINITELY Gene Harris! (and for the record, we were 14 seconds in when I finished typing that, with two Bloody-induced typos). Tenor has arrived and I'm in, completely. You may be trapping me, but that sounds an awful lot like Buddy Tate to me. And where Buddy is concerned, I'm ALL in. I was too soon -- that's not Buddy. But this is a bitch, and I'm SO in. Touches of Harold Ashby, but too aggressive. Oh man, you are SO gonnna make me spend money. Second tenor has arrived. Man, give me this, all day, all night, all the f***ing time. Simply canNOT get enough of this!!! Feeling ever more confident about the Gene assessment. Man, I have GOT to have this!!! And there's Slam Stewart. Aw hell, THERE's Buddy! You're KILLIN' me!

10 - Gene. Gotta be. Man, tenor is killin'. A little Lockjaw lick in there. Nothing intelligent to guess. Yet another guy I should know and don't (not that I can't recognize him, I just should know him and am ignorant of the presence). Obviously it's Willow Weep For Me. Damn you, Dan Gould, you're making me spend money! Time to go read the cheat sheet!

Thanks for an AWESOME BFT. Even the stuff that grabbed me less on this was good, but a solid 3/4 of it is now must have for my collection. Again, DAMN YOU, sir!

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