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Who's left?

Popper Lou

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How many of the pioneers of jazz are left? Those from the 1930's though the 50's. It seems in the recent months, more and more have left us. I'm not trying to be morbid, but I want to get to see as many of these cats while I can.

I can think of these, some I have seen live and the others not yet. Any others to add to the list.

Clark Terry, Seen

Hank Jones, Not yet

Percy Heath; Seen

Jimmy Heath; Seen

Sonny Rollins; Seen

Horace Silver; Seen

Max Roach; Not yet

Roy Haynes; Not Yet

Jon Hendricks; Seen

Ahmad Jamal; Seen

Lou Donaldson; Seen

Benny Golson; Not Yet

Von Freeman; Not Yet

Johnny Griffin; Not Yet

Jimmy Smith; Seen

Dizzy Reece; Not yet, don't knowif he is still with us. Think so.

Dave Brubeck Not yet

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I racked my brain and came up with these:

Jimmy Cobb

Joe Wilder

Benny Bailey (doesn't play too much anymore)

Freddie Hubbard

Dr. Billy Taylor

Ornette Coleman

Chico Hamilton

Idris Muhammad

Curtis Fuller

Kenny Burrell

David "Fathead" Newman

Houston Person

Wayne Shorter

Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Smith

Dr. Lonnie Smith

Cedar Walton

Slide Hampton

Les McCann

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Hank Jones is still with us?  For some reason I though he was gone.

What about Nancy Wilson?

They're both still here, b3-er.......and active!

In fact, Hank just played here last May at the SF Jazz Fest with Clark Terry.


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I didn't say Kenny Barran cuz the original post referred to people who were making waves in the 30s through the 50s although a lot of the people listed here did not really make waves until the 60s.


I almost wrote something like that, but when I looked up his bio on AMG, it said that he started his professional career in the late 50's. So........I guess he "counts".

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Barron's first recording as a performer was 1961. See my website. Yes, he was playing in the 1950s but virtually no one knew of him.

If you're going to make a list like this you need to be fairly explicit in the rules - if you just need people who were playing before January 1, 1960 that's a HUGE quantity and some that have been listed even started after that. But I don't think that's what is wanted. Perhaps people who recorded commercially before 1940 (there are still some) or maybe before 1950 would give a more focused list. [Another approach would be date of birth, which maybe isn't as useful.]

For example, the original post produces this:

Dave Brubeck 1942

Max Roach; 1943

Hank Jones, 1944

Johnny Griffin; 1945

Roy Haynes; 1945

Clark Terry, 1947

Percy Heath; 1947

Jimmy Heath; 1948

Sonny Rollins; 1949

Horace Silver; 1950

Lou Donaldson; 1950

Benny Golson; 1950

Von Freeman; 1950

Ahmad Jamal; 1951

Jimmy Smith; 1953

Dizzy Reece; 1954

Jon Hendricks; 1954

Of those subsequently mentioned, only these would make a pre-1940 cut: Les Paul 1936; George Shearing 1938; Gerald Wilson 1939; Snooky Young 1939.

There is a good thread on this from January 2000 on rec.music.bluenote. Search for "first-wave modernists" on groups.google.com


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