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Great programme, completely over the top in an almost operatic fashion at times. Driven by strong characters and acting, story lines that stretch credibility (rooted to varying degrees in historical accuracy) but has a hell of a narrative drive. All the actors mentioned by Brad are indeed superb but so too are those in the supporting roles.

It's often compared unfavourably to Boardwalk Empire over here (another great series) but I think that misses the point somewhat. It's certainly changed many perceptions of Birmingham.

Red right hand!

and I guess you could blind someone with your pinky but not as efficiently as with those razor blades

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On 5/2/2018 at 9:16 PM, Brad said:

Enjoyed what I've seen so far.  It's motivated me to purchase volume 1 of the John Richardson biography. 


Continuing to watch this. The last two episodes have been very good. I’m actually enjoying the parts about Picasso when he was younger than the later periods.  Apollinaire is one of the interesting characters in Picasso’s life. 

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Twilight Zone: Season One. What I have begun to love about TTZ is that there's a "honest emotion" to a lot of the episodes that television seem incapable of replicating in today's world -- maybe we're just too cynical nowadays.


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1 hour ago, JSngry said:


In your best singing voice:

The Texas Enema Bandit
I heard it on the news
I heard it on the news
Great Falls Texas...he has caused some alarm
Just sneakin' around there
From farm to farm
Got a rubberized bag
And a horse on his arm
Lookin' for some rustic co-ed rump
That he just might wanna pump

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