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Name Three People...

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... who follow from the previous three.

This is a game I've enjoyed over at Jazz Corner (originally posted there by the one and only steve(thelil), and I figured it might be fun to start it up here. Basically, you just take the last of the three names posted, and post a related (see below) name, followed by two more. Just quote the last person's post, and post your three names in response.

There are various ways to transition from one name to the next. You can outright copy one of the names (first or last) and add a different (first or last) name to it, such as going from "Jim Alfredson" to "Jim Sangrey". You could even follow that with "Jim Dye" and/or "Jim R". Too much copying is boring, however, and too easy. It's far more interesting and fun to use your imagination. So, instead of going from "Jim Alfredson" to "Jim Sangrey", you might go to "Alfred E. Newman" instead (or just "Alfred", followed by "Batman", or "Adam West", or whatever). Or, take off from "son" instead of "Alfred" (Son Seals, for example).

You can also select something that rhymes (Tim, Slim, etc etc).

Another thing you can do is to jump to a different name based on a topic or idea. I recently did this a few times on the Jazz Corner thread, going from "Sandy Duncan" directly to "Yo Yo Ma", or from "Patsy Cline" to "Crazy Otto". As long as the connection isn't too obscure, this is a fun way to go. You can also stay with a "theme" for all three of your names, as in "Sonny Red", "Jesse White", "Vida Blue"; or "Oliver Stone", "Chris Rock", "Pebbles Flintstone".

Any combination of the above approaches is also fair game. I'm probably forgetting some other approaches, but use your imagination.

Lemme see if I can get this off the ground...


Jim R

J.R. Ewing

J.R.R. Tolkien

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HEY!  How come mine was a dead end?

:o OOPS. :w This is one of the hazards of this game. My goof. Please don't take it personally (I know how it feels to be "dead-ended", BTW). B-)

BTW, that's twice that you and I have posted nearly simultaneously here (with you coming in ahead of me both times). KNOCK IT OFF, will ya? :P

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Max Kaminsky

Med Flory

Min (God of fertility)

Sal Mineo

Yao Ming

Vanessa Daou

edit: doh! dead end here too :P

re-edit: I say the thread continues with the "first" posted names, when there are two that come off the same one, if that makes sense.

triple edit: ok, never mind :P

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