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Tenor or Alto players, who play Alto or Tenor


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Wayne Shorter played alto on a dreadful Weather Report album that came out in about 1979 - that album also had Tony Williams (but not on sax!).

Hey, I also play both alto and tenor - so hurry and add me to the hall of fame. Trane, watch out! :) Seriously, it's no big deal, and it isn't hard to do. Nor is the soprano (which I also play) difficult for a tenor player to pick up. Like the Siamese cat, it does not deserve its bad reputation.

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Johnny Griffin on tenor, alto and baritone sax:


Jackie McLean on tenor:


John Coltrane on alto:


Cecil Payne on alto:


Finally, Charles Davis, who I think of as primarily a baritone saxophonist, has recorded an entire album on tenor sax:


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I haven't read the Giddins piece on Slightly Latin, and probably won't go looking for it, to be honest. Giddins usually seems pretty ecumenical in his reviews, but if he panned this one (even in the slightest), well then, to him I say — begone scoundrel! :P

The longer I listen to music, the more impatience I have with reviews and liner notes. In the end, it's so much superfluous, and sometimes irrelevant, information. Jaded? Maybe, but I'd take albums without liner notes any day.

I hear this Kirk album as a brain-inflating blend of some disparate, while somehow still connected, references (or connections). They would be, in no particular order:

• Andrew Hill's Lift Every Voice. Though Hill's album was recorded after Kirk's, it just might be possible, given that Hill was part of Kirk's band at one time, that Hill heard (and liked) what Kirk did with voices on this album, and used this as a sort of touchstone when his own album with voices was recorded. The vocal choir on Slightly Latin is unobtrusive, while still having a good ol' time.

• Great spins on Bacharach and The Beatles. Listen to Kirk get his funk on in the opening vocal lines of "Walk on By." Walk it!

• Charles Mingus's "Passions of A Man" track, which Kirk was on. Kirk's own "Ebrauqs" (Squarbe backwards?) seems to me strongly reminiscent of this Mingus composition.

OK, I've gotten way off the thread topic. But I had to keep on about this album. If Michael Fitzgerald reads this, well, I think he's probably a greater authority on Kirk than I am ...

And you know (if the time comes) what I'm picking for AOTW! ;) The album, too, can be had cheap! Dusty Groove Lyric Poet Society was offering this a while ago for $5.99. :excited:

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