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Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters... RELEASED!

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Here's a nice review that came today in my email :)

CD Review: Organissimo

Personnel: Jim Alfredson, hammond B3

Joe Gloss, guitar

Randy Marsh, drums

Ron Blake, sax, flute

I LOVE the CD! Wonderful playing by all, a group of "young seasoned veterans." The quality of the individual musicianship is only outdone by the impact of the music as a whole. The synergy between all members is palpable. There is a perfect balance between intellectual musicianship and pure, raw emotion in my opinion.

Frankly, after being on the road with a B3 player for all that time in the 60's I didn't think I would care for it again, but I was seduced by Jim Alfredson's (leader as well I assume) playing and compositions to such a degree that I couldn't stop listening to it. Very nice work.

Randy Marsh on drums is the perfect addition to the unit. His performance is pure taste! Just wonderful playing. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and individual signature he puts into the music.

Joe on guitar had some wonderfully memorable moments, overall right all at the same level of quality as the rest of the CD. I liked his compositions as much as I did his soloing.

Ron Blake on sax and flute does a magnificent job, great tone, fluid ideas. I can't see how anyone could have done it better.

Then there is the level of aesthetic quality of the CD as a whole. It creates an instant visual impact similar to the emotional impact of the music!

You guys should be very proud of this product. Good luck with it.

Dan Jacobs, trumpet/producer

Sea Breeze Jazz trumpet recording artist

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Have received my copy and listened through about the first half...nice stuff! Particularly enjoy the opening track (I would say it's a very high compliment that I was just grooving away and it took me about half way through before I realized the quirky time signature, then re-looked at the title and went "duh!"). I will be spinning it in my car this week and will post further comments if anything worth saying comes to mind, but for now, I'll just limit it to: keep up the great work!

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At 02:02 PM 9/15/2003 -0400, Randissimo wrote:


Just dropping you an email to find out how you like the Cd.. While driving back to Munising after dropping off the Cd I heard you play "Jimmy Smith Goes To Washington".. :-)


Very cool. We'll have no problem spinning it for a while.

Let us know if you and the band perform in this area.


This is from WNMU, a NPR radio station on campus at Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Mi.

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Got my copy yesterday, finally listened to it today. DOUBLEYOU-OH-DOUBLEYOU!!!!! This album is alternately challenging, greasy, funky, soulful, boppish.... all influences are on proud display, and you guys do the old masters proud.

The opening cut took me a few listens to figure out how to keep time, but once I found the groove, it was nothin' but a good groove on out (forgive this boring old 4/4 and 6/8 player!)

The tributes to Jimmy Smith and Larry Young were delightful, showing much inspiration and imagination in the grooves.

Then there's "Life Wish." Holy samba, Batman; that was absolutely beautiful.

I'd write more, but it's late and I'm falling asleep on the computer here. Just wanted to say this was worth every penny, and I'm sorry I waited so damn long to get it!

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I just got my copy from Rooster. Congratulations, guys, you've done a great job!

Excellent recording quality, great tunes (and variety)- I love the way you did the 11/4- you guys do a great job of obscuring bar lines! And most importantly, GREAT playing by everyone! Nice touch to use Ron, too.

BTW, where's the micobrewery that's on the cover? I'll have what Joe's having! :)

You know, Jim, I did a similar dedication to my mother on my CD. She passed while I was working on the CD- that's certainly a tough loss.

Anyway, Jim, Joe and Randy- keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing you live sometime. Can I sit in? :g

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I'm stoked, I just got mine in the mail, and I'm listening as I type. It is so damn cool to put sounds to the screen names of B-3er, Joe G, and randissimo. Really great so far, I'm knee deep in greeeaazzze over here! Hats off to Ron Blake too!

Wow, "Life Wish" just started...this is awesome. Thanks guys. HUGE :tup

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Noj Posted: Sep 17 2003, 07:20 PM   

Wow, "Life Wish" just started...this is awesome. Thanks guys. HUGE

Yeah, I was really enjoying "Life Wish" in the car yesterday. Do I detect more than a passing nod to the work of Pat Metheny in this one (not in the derivative or copycat sense, but in the inspiration sense)?

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Do I detect more than a passing nod to the work of Pat Metheny in this one (not in the derivative or copycat sense, but in the inspiration sense)?

That's an affirmative. And thank you for the parenthetical clarification. :g

Life Wish is a very special tune for me personally. I'm so glad to see that other people are enjoying it as well. :wub:

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Well, at the risk of being redundant, this cd cooks. All of the previous adjectives apply, these cats are professionals! Congrats Jim, Joe and Randy on an excellent album. Beginning around 1966 or so, at Xmas time, my bro and I would head back home from college and we'd celebrate the holidays to Jimmy Smith's The Organ Grinder. It became a long standing tradition. As someone said, you guys do JS proud. I'm also really impressed with the recording quality. The sound is great!

And Ron Blake! Man, what a great compliment to the group. I've been listening to Ron's new one Lest We Forget with Joey D, David Gilmore, Greg Hutchinson and Christian Mcbride. Organissimo is right there with 'em. Hang in there you guys! :tup:tup

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