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Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters... RELEASED!

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Glad you like it, ubu. I just read this thread from the beginnning since I'm having kind of a crappy day... my back is killing me (home repair side effect) and I can't get the things done today I want to get done.

But all the kind words made me feel a whole lot better! And it makes me want to do it all again... the next record will be even better!!!! :)

Thank you everyone for your support!

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I just read this thread from the beginnning since I'm having kind of a crappy day... my back is killing me (home repair side effect) and I can't get the things done today I want to get done.

I feel that, too, and I'm twice your age! So either you work harder or ;)..... but no, let's keep up the good work, musically and domestically, I'll have a lot of repairs coming up in my mother's flat. :tup:tup

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I'm not sure if you're aware that your record has been reviewed in the UK's Jazz Review for February. A lukewarm review, unfortunately. It turned up in the 'Fast Taste' section where some poor fellow (one Jack Cooke) gets the job of reviewing a dozen or more discs. I suspect they only get a cursory listen. He certainly missed it on this one.

Anyway, assuming you follow the 'any publicity...' line here's the review. Look away now if you're squeamish.

Organissimo Waiting For The Boonaboo Sisters PKO RECORDS 020 Whether the sisters showed eventually isn't stated, but there's a lot of that insistent choppy beat during the wait, varied with a couple of slow numbers, a tricky 3/4 called "Young's Dream" and a sizzling straightahead "Jimmy Smith Goes To Washington" which makes you wish they'd stayed with that groove a little longer. You've guessed by now this is an organ combo, drummer Randy Marsh slicing the rhythm, Joe Gloss the guitarist, Jim Alfredson at the B3 and demonstrating he knows exactly what he's doing. Made in Michigan, and it's equally clear they've been more than just introduced to each other - it's slick and beyond doubt they're great in a club setting. Tenorist Peter Blake guests on a couple, doing a good school-of-Don-Wilkerson on "Clap Yo Hands".

Spot the careless liner note reading!!!! It would be tempting to critique the cliched reviewing style, but...

It has to be pointed out that Jazz Review, for all its virtues, has what I call a 'Grumpy Uncles' approach to reviewing. They find it very hard to owning up to liking things!

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Yeah, for one thing is "Boogaloo" not "Boonaboo" and it's "Ron Blake" not "Peter Blake". Strange.

Anyway, our first lukewarm review!!!! WOO HOO!!! :) There's a first time for everything. It's not so bad... obviously they like the more traditional stuff better. I kind of got that vibe when I emailed them about submitting my disc and they said, "You can submit it, as long as it's jazz."


Thanks for posting that, Bev!

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I'm very late to this party, but I finally picked up a copy last week, and have given it more than a few listens since.

I DIG IT!!!!!!

All the grooves are true, but my favorite compositions are "Life Wish", "Decoy" & "You Don't Want To Do That", with that SteelyDanSick bridge. Who the fuck came up with that? :g:g:g

The whole thing was recorded exquisitely, but much particular love for the way that Randy's cymbals were captured. I'm a geek for cymbal sounds, and it's not that often that I've heard great sounding cymbals recorded great. Of course, it helps to have somebody playing them who knows how to make them sound great. ;)

I really dig it when a record is "familiar" and "unpredictable" at the same time, and that's what this one is. I know what's going to happen, but I don't know how it's going to happen, and that keeps me listening, it keeps me smiling, and it keeps me coming back for more, because I like smiling (well, on the inside, anyway, which is where it counts ;) ). Definitely one that's going to be good for the long haul, that's for sure.

I know it's been said here many times before, but let me say it again - you guys got a winner here! :tup:tup:tup:tup:tup

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Thanks for the kind words, Jim. That means a lot to us. :)

I think it was I who came up with the sick bridge :g , though it's equally Jim's tune. I'm also glad to hear you like Life Wish.

And I'll say it here like I said it in my PM to you: Quartet Out ROCKS!!!!! :excited:

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You're mixing something up with couw's favorite trumpeter.

Of course - it's "Decoder".

DOH! :o:o:o:rfr:rfr:rfr:ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

(and thanks, Joe. That means a lot to me as well.)


Thanks loads for your comments! I made sure the cymbals were mixed so they would be bright and sparkly..

I would love to hear your quartet! If you could send me a CD I'll make sure it gets heard. There are 3 friends of mine who have Jazz radio shows who love to play music beyond just standards.

Randy Marsh

4825 Chauncey

Belmont, MI 49306

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What's amazing about the cymbals is that Glenn Brown, the engineer, used Coles ribbon mics as the drum overheads. Ribbon mics are notoriously dark sounding mics, but I think his combination of placement, subtle EQ, and his mic pre-amps (he was running them through some classic Neve modules) made all the difference.

We're going to try to do our next record in my home studio and have it mixed and mastered at Glenn's. We'll probably do a couple of tunes as tests... record them, and take them to Glenn's to hear the quality. If they don't stand up, however, we'll just have to bite the bullet and record the whole thing there again. We did one session back in October at Glenn's and he was using AKG C12's as the overheads! <drool!!>

I'm a mic/gear nerd.

Thanks for the comments, Jim. It means a lot. And makes me want to work harder on the next one! :)

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