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Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters... RELEASED!

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Up for the stragglers.

Excellent disc! :tup

I think the best thing to say about this is if I didn't know y'all from the board I would still love this disc. (Which hasn't always been the case when an indie friend or 2 make a record, and I'm forced to make stuff up. ;) I'm also happy there isn't some sort of lo-fi jazz craze, as this is beautifully recorded - the better to hear the fine musicianship.

I can hear your influences but you make it your own thing. I've only had 2 spins with it, but there will be many more as it smokes. Well, not just smokes though, as there are some gorgeous guitar lines by Joe G. But you all sound so good together - it's obvious you listen to each other.

Sorry I'm a blatherin' idiot at reviewing discs, but I guarantee you I will be buying the next one much more quickly. Thanks for a terrific disc!

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Count me among those arriving very late to this party - and it's entirely my loss, my only excuse being a huge backlog of yet-to-be-heard CDs and increasingly less time to listen.

Jim sent me "Boogaloo Sisters" a few weeks back, I managed to listen to it once, then promptly misplaced it along with the Maria Schneider disc. :rolleyes: Took me an hour of searching the house last night before finding them again. -_-

Anyhow, I've been listening to this all morning and digging it more and more. The playing by all the guys is top-notch, but I'm almost more impressed by the tunes. Some really nice songs here, and a mighty fine mix of organ trio rave-ups and ballads. "Pre-Dawn Rain" is playing right now and it's such a lovely tune - it could/should be a standard, Joe! "Young's Dream" and "Decoder" have become fast favorites as well. But honestly, there's not a "clunker" here - and I'm one of those guys who usually prefers a cover or two to help me get my bearings. ;)

More later, but to anyone who hasn't ordered this one yet get off your sorry ass and do it now! I promise I won't wait so long to get the next one... B-)

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Tom, it's hard to say. I wish I had been keeping track, but I honestly can't say that I have.

If I were to guess, I would say anywhere from 600-700. I think. Maybe it's more. Maybe less. It's hard to know since we sell a lot at shows and we sell them online and we've sold them direct to people on the board. We have given a TON away for promotional purposes and to family and close friends.

I think 600-700 is a reasonable estimate. We're only into the first third of our second run of 1,000.

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Well, there was an article in the Washington Post a few weeks ago that inventoried all the types of mp3 players and files, and it seemed to say that the iPod format was incompatible with other mp3 formats. But I haven't tried it yet, I guess this would be a good test.

I know, I know: don't believe anything you read in the Washington Post :P


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Great work, fellas!! I listened to your disc (up LOUD) on the way into town to hear the Jeff Hamilton trio on Wednesday night --- and enjoyed it enough to listen to it again for the drive home.

My favorite tunes are Jimmy Smith Goes to Washington, Young's Dream and Decoder. And *really* nice sound quality. I know I'll revisit this recording with regularity, and think the folks at KSDS FM will give this some serious air time.

So allow me to be the 717th person to say......................CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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Everyone deserves a hearty round of applause for this effort.

Yikes!! I just realized how this line could be interpreted! :P How 'bout:


And allow me to add "Pre Dawn Rain" to my favorites list. You have to understand, any song with the word *rain* in the title is going to be a temporary turn-off to a SoCalian --- what with the record setting rain we've had this season. ;)

And sure Jim --- soon as I find time I'll bang out a review. Not sure I've ever seen so many glowing reviews on a CD baby page -- well deserved.

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