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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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Inspired by my visit to Ma Rainey's last home and grave today: Mother of the Blues (JSP); disc five.

"They say that I do it;

Ain't nobody caught me.

Y'all got to prove it on me."

Disc four today. I don't know who plays trombone on the August, 1927 sessions - "Big Boy Blues" through "Oh Papa Blues" - but it ain't Kid Ory. I don't care what the liner notes or Brian Rust say; it sounds nothing like Ory. Where are the "experts'" ears?

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Possibly Albert Wynn?

Yeah, I thought about comparing the trombone playing on those sides to some confirmed Albert Wynn recordings, but I was too lazy today. I might do that later this week. It's funny, though, how guesses made in the early days of jazz scholarship have taken on lives of their own.

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Louis Armstrong - Complete RCA Victor Recordings. This stuff doesn't have the reputation of the Hot 5 & 7, but in the 1932-33 period represented by discs one and two of this set, Louis' trumpet playing was at its absolute peak. The alternate take of "That's My Home" has always made my heart constrict as much as any other music I've heard, and many of the other tracks are almost as good - "I've Got the World On a String," "I've Gotta Right to Sing the Blues," even the two sides of "Medley of Armstrong Hits." There's an eloquence to this music that Armstrong never quite equaled.

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