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Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

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The Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint & Soul Note of.....

Enrico Piernanuzi... Disc 4 - Flux & Change - Live Duo Recording with Paul Motian... :cool: :cool: :cool:

I have to say I liked all 4 of the new boxes.. but this and the Rava to me are the best!!!!

Given the price - a great value!

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Amazon France finally delivered the Threadgill, listening to the first CD.

In case: grooves-inc seems to still have them (while amazon.de and .fr list them as out of stock), I just got a shipping confirmation for another of the Threadgill sets (a gift for a friend).

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Tubby Hayes 'Jazz Genius: the Flamingo Era' (Fantastic Voyage), disc 1


Nice one ! It's a good compilation of those early Tempo sessions plus some Ember material including that elusive London Jazz Four.

Brownie, have you come across yet those Tempo reissue LPs that the Japanese are currently putting out? Highly recommended, even though they are needle drops I believe (the original Tempo label tapes are lost).

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First: Sonny Rollins - The Sound of Sonny, from the Freelance Years box set. That album was so great that it made me want to hear a Coltrane quartet album from around the same time. The closest was Traneing In from two months later, from the big red Prestige box set. The Rollins was the better album, but those with ears to hear probably knew that Coltrane was destined for great things.

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Moving chronologically to ALL Coltrane I have (including many live recordings), I end up with Live Trane - The European Tours for the second time right now (Nov/Dec 1962 tour). It's such a mess! And it's annoying that they couldn't make it bigger and include full concerts (would have meant, I guess, a box for each year, '61, '62, and '63).

Anyway, Wild's site is up at a new URL and here's the page about the box:


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