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Some vinyl freaks have no class

Chuck Nessa

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LMAO....what an ass.

But....I'd love to see what the guys at Music Matters

could do with your catalog.

they'd do limited edition boxed sets of 45 rpms, of course.

With missing labels, scratched vinyl and $25 a disc for the privilege.

Utter and complete bullshit.

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Coming to think of it, this is a WEIRD topic.

Agreed and understood that the releases on this label are no longer made on vinyl (I understand they once were) but only on CD.

But if it really is so that the only reply to the initial inquiry of this potential customer was a curt "No" then it might certainly be argued that this curtness might appear just a wee bit RUDE as a reply to an inquiry that per se was not that harmful yet (though it may have been futile in the first place). So why be surprised that the inquirer's reply was just in the same single-word league? Could it be that THIS is part of the problem here too?

Look at it this way just a second, dear forumists:

If some seller had just replied "No" and nothing else (no explanation, no minimal additional wording to go with it) to YOUR inquiry then you as a customer wouldn't you have felt this seller just couldn't be bothered and you'd been a bit disgusted too?

The door swings both ways, you know ... ;)

BTW, I still dont see where the "classiness" enters the picture here. ;)

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That's what I thought too.

Concerning this CD reissue (which I only got aware of now), does it contain one 37 minute track without a fade out pause in the middle? The fact that the piece is interrupted on the vinyl really speaks against reissuing it on LP (which isn't an option anyway, for economic reasons).


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