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The end of jazz at Blue Note


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Call me naïve, I will give him the benefit of the doubt to prove whether it is the case.

I'm with you. He might approach the pop music as simply a job, but perhaps he's a jazz purist who will view his appointment to Blue Note as a more personal affair. For all we know, he's been going home every night and venting about all the crap music he has to deal with, but now sighs with relief that he can work with music that he loves.

But I, also, am probably viewing this with some wishful naivete.


as far as i'm concerned, Blue Note hasn't existed for quite sometime.

... I guess even a bad farmer can't do too much additional damage to dead soil.

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Sorry, Jim, I had to delete your "Dinosaur" post on the duplicate thread on this topic because for some reason I was unable to merge the two threads. Please feel free to post it again here.

No problem. I'll get to it here in a few. I loved the irony of that guy being that band that did that song now being the guy to A&R BN.

Even more funny is the irony that I originally linked that video to this thread but then moved it over there b/c a response had already been posted there, so I was just trying to get n line. But NO! :g

Maybe that's how the dinosaurs went extinct - they got in the wrong line.

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Okay, now you're just toying with my optimism.

If you're old enough to remember when Was (Not Was) very first came out, they brought all kinds of influences to the table & were actually tangentally related to the "no wave" movement of the time, albeit in a significantly more overt R&B-ish way than most other in that orb.

Which is just to say that Don Was is not some musical robot programmed to function in the prevailing vacuum. The guy has skills and he's not at all musically illiterate. I think it's unreasonable to expect him to bring in an ongoing stream of small groups into Rudy's on a weekly basis (besides, there's more than a few people making those types of records now, and...really, it's over. At least for me). But I wouldn't automatically expect him to turn out nothing but crass overt pop or "adult pop" records for the imprint either.

Of course, he may do exactly that. I'm just saying that if you want anything like the "old" Blue Note, yeah, it's probably time to be suicidal. Otherwise, clean the gun, but don't load it just yet.

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Don Was did lead a jazz album which is pretty good.


All songs written by Don Was.

Personnel: David McMurry (flute, saxophone); Terence Blanchard (trumpet); Eric Reed (piano);Mark Goldenberg (guitar); Don Was (acoustic bass); Arthur Marbury (drums); Luis Conte (percussion).

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At least they are keeping the BN imprint alive. Given everything that's going on with the music industry in general and EMI in particular (they're like the LA Dodgers of media companies), that they would be hiring anyone to do anything at all strikes me as a positive development.

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