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Paul Bley / Marian McPartland


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Has anyone here heard the NPR "Piano Jazz" episode with Paul Bley? I believe it was aired (or was supposed to) in the fall of 2000. They've never made it available on their web archive, though there is a song list. An email to them was answered to the effect that it would not be released any time soon if ever. Henk Kluck, the author of the excellent Bley discography had asked me about it, saying that he never has heard it either but did hear that McPartland hated the episode. I've never heard it or been able to find it. Anyone else?

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i can help with this. pm me. happy to share with others if interested.

I'll add a bit more since I'm now home. have this recorded off the radio from someone here. It's a good show and funny. maybe Marian didn't like the playing but its a show I've listened to a few times.

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Here's the information I have on this.

01. Introduction & Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 2:29,

02. Motif #1 - Paul Bley 3:07,

03. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 2:29,

04. Motif #2 - Paul Bley 3:51,

05. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 3:49,

06. Sweet And Lovely (Tobias/Daniels/Arnheim) (Arnheim/Daniels/Tobias) - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 3:31,

07. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 5:28,

08. Portrait of Paul Bley - Marian McPartland 2:33,

09. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 7:32,

10. Motif #3 - Paul Bley 2:25,

11. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 1:16,

12. Free Piece - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 4:07,

13. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 5:35,

14. Sing Me Softly of the Blues (Carla Bley) - Paul Bley 3:14 (title from the Piano Jazz website - it is not named in the broadcast),

15. Interview - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 3:13,

16. Kaleidescope (Marian McPartland) - Marian McPartland & Paul Bley 1:28,

17. Conclusion - Marian McPartland 1:36

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Must be him who writes the Dusty Groove blurbs!


Ok, so we hate Marian McPartland, both as a pianist and a radio announcer, but this LP kicks, and is waaaaay different from anything she ever did! Dave Bailey's on drums, and Ben Tucker's on bass, and the two of them kick her in the ass enough so that she really starts to jam on this set of bossa nova material.

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I received this info from our friend Ken Dryden, who has quite a archive of the Piano Jazz shows::

Bley, Paul 8/30/03

Got this from Ken so thanks to him! I've uploaded it to sendspace as mp3 but not sure I should post a link so pm me if you want to hear

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I have listened to the Marian McPartland and Paul Bley Piano Jazz programme; I can honestly say that I heard nothing whatsoever that would support the negative connotations I have read here about it.

The two pianists got along together just fine throughout, both in their discussions and in their duetting. I heard nothing untoward that might have given even a hint that there was any kind of animosity from either one of them.

The thought struck me that something might have been edited out; but if you listen until the end I’m sure you will concur that it just couldn’t have happened.

Both of them played very well together and obviously enjoyed doing so; most of the tracks were duets, and I enjoyed the programme as much as I enjoy listening to any other of the Piano Jazz series.

As far as I’m concerned, the allegation is a myth and totally without foundation.

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Here's a note from my info (not my note!) on the recording date of the show w/Bley:

Recording date unknown. Probably between November 1999 and 24 October 2000.
Broadcast on National Public Radio between 24 October 2000 and 7 November 2000 (http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/news.php?id=208). The program was released for broadcast by NPR on 2000-10-24. NPR affiliate stations may broadcast the program anytime during the two weeks after its release.
The program is not listed in the discography in Paul Bley's autobiography, Stopping Time (http://www.improvart.com/bley/discography.htm) published in November 1999.
However, McPartland mentions having enjoyed reading the book recently during the program. So I think it is safe to conclude that the program was recorded between November 1999 (the date the book was published) and 24 October 2000 (the date that the program was released by National Public Radio).
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