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2015 NEA Jazz Masters announced

Mike Schwartz

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I signed the e-petition for George Coleman, why not?

Is anybody doing similar lobbying for Ira Sullivan or Roscoe Mitchell? I'll sign those petitions too if/when they come my way.

I don't think that things like these awards just happen all of sudden in a moment of collective clarity-based whimsy...

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its like the rock hall, but for jazz- does george avakian dig lloyd? hes in! lol. were not talking of no rock hall till Yes gets in. were not talking of no nea jazzmaster award till they give a posthumous one to hank mobley

NEA Jazz masters [and other NEA receipients] are for the land of the living only.

Dems is da rules

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I'll have to do some research, but by the standards that arguably ought to prevail, I don't know how many prospective NEA Jazz Masters there are left. Roscoe and Threadgill to be sure. Would Kenny Barron be on the cusp? Billy Hart? De Johnette?

A quick glance at the CDs on the walls gives me at least one name that might be worthy in some eyes and might get in down the road, Pat Martino, and a few names that it might be nice to see there, depending on one’s tastes, but probably will never get in: Lennie Niehaus, Don Friedman, John McNeill, Jack Sheldon, Ted Brown, Marcus Belgrave. Does Cuscana have one? He should. Chuck, too, but that won't happen. Heck, I’d pay good money to see Sheldon’s acceptance speech, which probably would end the NEA Jazz Masters Awards forever.

In any case, time has and is taking quite a toll. And when the NEA gets around to say Christian McBride, I’m outta here.

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Also, here's a list that Justin V posted in 2013. You can cross off those who won since then, and I think that P. Bley doesn't qualify as a Canadian or D. Holland as a Brit..


George Coleman

Odeon Pope

Billy Harper

Joe McPhee

Charles McPherson

Sonny Simmons


Joe McPhee (again)

Bobby Bradford

Tom Harrell


Julian Priester


Paul Bley

Harold Mabern

Richard Wyands

Steve Kuhn

Carla Bley

Ran Blake


Gary Burton


Cecil McBee

Buster Williams

Henry Grimes

Rufus Reid

Reggie Workman

Bob Cranshaw

Dave Holland

Steve Swallow


Mickey Roker

Billy Hart

Donald Bailey

Joe Chambers

Barry Altschul

Victor Lewis

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Add William Parker, Dave Burrell, Hamid Drake and Kidd Jordan to that list.

Fun to do that as the quartet played on the 15th. A strong case can be made for all as well as the above, IMO.

Also add Ray Anderson, Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway to the above lists. All extremely worthy of the award.

Fwiw although I am not as large an aficionado of Mitchell and Threadgill as many others are - the reality that those two musicians have NOT been honored is beyond absurd.

Edited by Steve Reynolds
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