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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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7 hours ago, Matthew said:

I liked it also, it's one of those films that the actors have to be convincing in their roles, playing their parts unironically, having real sincerity. I also thought the two pairs were very good: Rolf Lassgard & Bahar Pars, Ida Engvoll & Filip Berg.

I've heard there's going to be a U.S. version that will star Tom Hanks.

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War and Peace, the opus by Sergei Bondarchuk, has been digitally restored to its original seven hour length and is currently being shown at Lincoln Center, but only through Thursday. A release by Criterion is planned. 

A Peerless ‘War and Peace’ Film Is Restored to Its Former Glory

I look forward to the eventual release. 

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A new Italian friend tipped me off about an Italian farce starring Roberto Benigni called "Johnny Stecchino". I had never heard of it.

As Troy McLure would have said, you may remember Benigni from the last Pink Panther movie, made after Peter Sellers had died.

Outstanding movie.

The same guy also told me about an Italian pianist/vocalist called Paulo Conte. That guy is superb. He sings in a grunty, Jimmy Durante style, and on the concert I heard, he wrote all the compositions and arranged them for a mid-size ensemble of superb musicians. Top drawer stuff.

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One neat thing about old movies was some studio honcho, for whatever reason, would decide it was a terrific idea to cast Edward G. Robinson and (not yet Dame) Judith Anderson as brother and sister in a film and audiences would be willing to go, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, okay -- yeah, whatever".  The future Dame does her best to sound American, but her elocution would still put 90% of us native speakers to shame.

When people think of Edward G. Robinson, it's usually always about the voice.  The voice can be easily imitated, but it was his eyes that made him an unforgettable actor.  He had very expressive eyes and would have been a film star even if talkies had never been invented.  He does what he can with this role, but it's really not a great fit for him.

The film does have several scenes featuring  the young & lovely Julie London.

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