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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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Peterloo - Mike Leigh (2018)

Image result for peterloo blu ray

Events leading up the the murderous repression of a meeting to demand voting rights.

Big scale production with a huge, impressive cast.

Lots and lots of talking and then even more talking sets the stage for the final massacre.

Mike Leigh proves he can work on a big canvas just as well as he does with his small domestic dramas.



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2 hours ago, kinuta said:

The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley - Alex Gibley (2019)

Image result for the inventor out for blood in silicon valley alex gibney

I knew little about this and found it all very interesting.

I'll read the book too, it's next on my reading list.

She is the lowest of the low, committing out and out fraud. It's amazing how many people she hoodwinked. 

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9 hours ago, Brad said:

She is the lowest of the low, committing out and out fraud. It's amazing how many people she hoodwinked. 

After watching the film I wondered why the poster had a question mark after the word fraud.

There's no doubt in my mind that she was one, big time.

She certainly has the gift of the gab, conning a whole string of heavyweight characters and countless consumers.

Coming from outside the US and only having scant knowledge of her story made it all the more gobsmacking.

The financial fraud is bad enough but peddling highly dubious and inaccurate medical data is a different level of callousness. 


Last night -

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me  - Olivia Lichtenstein (2018)

Related image

Always loved his voice and appreciated the documentary, even though it might have delved deeper into one or two crucial happenings.

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Never saw it before, with soundtrack of John Lewis, quite a solid noir movie.

Not surprisingly the liberal Robert Ryan, with his grim face, played a racist villain, he spent some time after the realease to discuss with press "the problems of an actor like me playing the kind of character that in real life he finds totally despicable."

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There’s a new film streaming service called Ovid.tv

Here's an article in the New Yorker about it. Ovid Film Service

According to the article, 

“OVID.tv does not offer the entire catalogue of each participating company, but it’s nonetheless a cornucopia of international movies and documentaries, short- and medium-length films and features, recent ones as well as classics. It’s far better for recent movies than FilmStruck ever was, and its spectrum of new movies is far more substantial than that of Netflix, wider-ranging than that of Amazon Prime.”

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