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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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This time around I got distracted early on trying to figure out where Sam Spade's office was supposed to be located.  Out of one of his office windows one can see a view of the city hall dome perhaps just a couple of blocks away.  Yet out of another window, one can see one of the bridges.  I cannot imagine any place in SF where that would be actually possible, even back in those pre-skyscraper days, given the hilly topography of the city.

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Us - Jordan Peele (2019)

Related image

Very well directed. Interesting, original and smart but I can imagine some people disliking it.

I've a feeling I'll be watching this multiple times.

Great performance from Lupita Nyong'o.

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3 hours ago, jlhoots said:

My wife & I both liked it a lot. Needed some humor after Bucks NBA loss last night!

I saw it at 1:15 on a Sunday in a 1/2 full (mainly older people) theater.  Most laughter (including mine) I've heard in a theater in years-- and I'm a Toronto fan. 

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Just saw, "Karaoke Terror- The Complete Japanese Showa Songbook". It was written by the same guy who wrote Miike's "Audition", so I knew we were gonna be in for fun and games. It didn't disappoint. Imagine a 'gang war' between six middle-aged Japanese women, who are Karaoke enthusiasts of pop songs from the Showa Era, and six twenty-something Japanese slacker guys, who are also Karaoke enthusiasts of the Showa Era (1926-1989). 

All I can say is it escalates a bit...

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All Is True - Kenneth Branagh (2018)

Image result for all is true

Reflective look at Shakespeare's home life after he stopped writing.

Great cast with acting to match.

Especially noteworthy is the beautiful digital photography using natural light and candle lit interiors.

Things have moved a long way since Barry Lyndon and NASA lenses.

I really liked it.


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