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An anthology film based on tales from the EC Comics.  I had seen a version of the first segment here (a Christmas tale starring Joan Collins in which she is terrorized in her home by an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa Claus -- or should that be "Father Christmas"? -- but she cannot call the police because she has just killed her wealthy elderly husband and has not had a chance to dispose of the body) on the old TFTC TV series and I think the TV version was better done.  I suppose some of the stories might seem a bit slow moving by today's standards, but the final tale, about the residents of a home for the blind finally having their revenge against the heartless supervisor in charge, although a bit slow, was really good and had an especially chilling conclusion.  Freddie Francis should be paid more respect as a director.  He often comes up with intriguing shots and shots well designed to bring out the blend of humor and horror that this genre thrived on.


Meh.  Maybe it was better when seen in Hypno Vista.  Great villainous overacting by Michael Gough.


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The moral of the story - don't knock wealthy industrialists, because when your kid sister gets trapped in an abandoned mineshaft, it is the industrialist himself who will provide the bulldozers and labor and doctors to get her out, as well as to fly his private cargo plane to take her to the hospital and save her life.

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Let's begin with the question:  What small percentage of 1960's Universal film & TV productions were not either written by or based on a story by Robert Bloch?  That man must have been a writing machine!

Then let's consider Barbara Stanwyck, for my money, one of the finest screen actresses in American cinema.  Here she stars in the last of her 85 feature films.  So by 1964 she had been an admired film star for decades, she was a 4 time Best Actress Oscar nominee, she was an Emmy Award winner for her self-named TV series -- and even though this tale revolves around the dreams her character keeps having and she is onscreen for about 90% of the scenes, she still gets second billing to ex-hubby Robert Taylor!?!?!  That Hollywood sexism is one tough nut to crack!

It's not a great movie.  It is a William Castle film after all.  It's not really bad either.  Great lobby card though!  I'd recommend this movie mainly if one happens to be a hardcore Barbara Stanwyck fan.  How is it she never made a movie with Alfred Hitchcock?

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Is it possible to have a CinameScope, Color By DeLuxe film noir?  This is kinda that (but also kinda All About Eveish since it is a tale about theater folk and a young girl who comes to town and begins ingratiating her way up the ladder of success) as Van Heflin is the man wrongly suspected of murder who must take it on the lam to prove his innocence.  George Raft is the crafty and impeccably dressed police detective on the case.  Ginger Rogers has an acting field day and any opportunity to watch the beautiful Miss Gene Tierney is time well spent.

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A movie that proves that even under all that makeup, both Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff were really good character actors.  It's a shame there were not more suitable roles for Mr. Lugosi especially.  Here he gives an admittedly theatrical performance, but it is a performance that humanizes or at least de-monsterfies his Ygor character.  Mr. Karloff was also very good in his final performance as the Creature.

It's impossible to watch Lionel Atwill's police inspector without thinking of Harvey Korman.  I wonder if the whole bit with the fake arm was designed to be so over the top as to be some comic relief in the movie.  Granted, the circumstances under which he lost his arm (it had been torn off by the Creature) were horribly grim, but the way his flings his fake arm around with his good arm and especially sticking the darts into his fake arm are just funny whether they were originally intended to be or not.

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Burning - Chang -dong-Lee (2018)

Related image

Chang-dong-Lee is one of my favourite directors. I've seen all his films and watched Poetry & Secret Sunshine multiple times.

After an 8 year break, the new one is an enigmatic mystery thriller with a slippery, subtle feel that is rich in symbolism and open to interpretation.

I loved it and want to rewatch asap.

If you have seen his previous films then it's a no brainer, must see. If you haven't, I'd watch Poetry & Secret Sunshine first.

Although this is a standalone film, the previous two will put you in the mindframe.

Best Korean film since The Wailing.


Brief Encounter is a masterpiece.





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