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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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The Big Combo - Joseph H Lewis (1955)

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Some absolutely iconic b&w noir photography makes up for the impenetrable storyline 

Someone called it ' a symphony in light & shadow '

Carrying on my season of noir.

T-Men - Anthony Mann (1947)

Related image

4 hours ago, Dave James said:

IMO, best film ever, highlighted by Jerry Goldsmith's haunting score and the trumpet of Uan Rasey.




 A masterpiece for sure. Lost track of the number of times I've watched it.

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I avoided this movie for years because it looked like a really lame, Hollywood all-star parody.  Surprise, surprise -- it's actually quite good and pretty funny.  Granted, it's Neil Simon so it is comedy with the seatbelts on, but still I laughed at several points in the film and appreciated the attention to detail and clever nods to the original movies this one honors.  It's a loving tribute/parody/mashup of Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep.  The cast is quite good.  It's a role custom made for Peter Falk and he made the most of it.  Louis Fletcher gives a captivating Ingrid Bergman performance and I love the prominent beauty spot light they frequently have highlighting her eyes.  The only jarring note is John Houseman in a ridiculous fat suit trying to be Sidney Greenstreet.  It just doesn't work.  I wonder if they even tried to get Orson Welles or Marlon Brando or even Robert Morley for the role.  It would only have been a couple of days work, and any of them could have been better in the role.  I'm not a big fan of post-YSOS Sid Caesar, but he's actually funny here.  If you're a fan of any of the Bogart films mentioned above, I think you will enjoy this film.

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One of the most amazing discoveries for me as a child was learning that Kitty Carlisle, the perennial dim bulb matron on To Tell The Truth, was once in a Marx Bros. movie.  It staggered my little mind.  And then she would go on to also appear in a Woody Allen movie -- has any one else accomplished that feat?  Allan Jones is by far the best Zeppo Marx stand in the boys ever had.  The Stateroom Scene still stands up after all these years.  Still, this has got to be my favorite moment of the film

Sure the kids are actors, but that laughter sounds largely genuine.

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