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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Kermit Driscoll - Reveille, with Bill Frisell, Kris Davis and Vinnie Colaiuta.  I don't think that I'd listened to this one since the year it came out, which is one of the hazards of having a large collection.  Having grown to appreciate Frisell more as the years have passed, I am enjoying a fresh listen to an album I remember enjoying quite a bit upon its release.

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56 minutes ago, kinuta said:

Image result for stanley cowell brilliant circles

Great session but Tyrone Washington sounds as if he's in the kitchen making a cup of tea !

Didn't anyone listen to the playback and order a rerecording ?

Seriously, I'd be interested to know how the  vinyl sounds.


kinuta, I have Brilliant Circles on Arista-Freedom vinyl, but I don't have any recollections re: sound quality.  

I'll try to give it a spin tonight when I get home from work and see what I hear. 




1 hour ago, soulpope said:


Easily one of the best Rhythm Sections on European soil in the late(r) 60`s/early 70`s ....

I'm with you, soulpope. :tup 

Another example of their stellar work: Tough Tenors Again 'n' Again


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2 hours ago, JSngry said:

Brilliant Corners vinyl (like HutchFan, I have the Arista-Freedom LP) sounds "better" than the CD, but - don't think it sounds "good", it doesn't, only by comparisopn.

Definitely one of those sessions where it's a good thing the music is so strong!

I was reading the preview for this post on the unread content page thinking to myself, “what is he talking about? Brilliant Corners sounds great!” 

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