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Names That Sound Like Jazz Guys, But Aren't

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Kirby Puckett (this Toledo based trombonist is perhaps best known for having played -- but never recorded -- with the Kenton band in 1953/4)

Jerry Mahoney (a popular clarinetist whose boyish good looks helped land him the spot as the leader of the house band of the popular mob-controlled Hollywood nightspot, El Cuspidor, in the late 1930s)

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Marjorie Taylor Greene (the famous "Hotsy Totsy Gal From Harlem" -- title of her famous 1938 hit -- who some called the "female Art Tatum", which was not as  appreciated as one might think since it was a comment on her physical resemblance to the piano legend and not her own musical abilities on her beloved sarrussophone)

Lou Grant (this Hammond  B-3 master spent most of his career in his hometown of Dallas, but his music has gained a cult following thanks to his funky 1966 hit, "Chitlins and Chop Suey")

Thurston Howell III (this trombonist's career was cut tragically short by a freak car accident -- even though people had warned him not to get in that car with that freak -- but not before he recorded his magnum opus, Howl By Howell, his musical presentation of the Allen Ginsberg classic)

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Trumpeter Spuds Mackenzie was part of Chicago's famed "Austin High Gang", but he unfortunately died at the age of 22 in a freak boating accident -- even though people warned him not to go boating with that freak.

Percussionist Luis Tiant went from being a member of Tito Puente's band to fronting his own popular Latin jazz group before he unfortunately died at the age of 28 in a freak training accident -- even though people warned him not to train that freak.

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