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TTK Returns from Vacation with BONGOS!

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OK, squares: After many decades of playing what used to be called “arranger’s piano,”  I am embracing my inner beatnik, thanks to a pair of LP bongos thoughtfully purchased for me by Ms. TTK while we were on vacation.

I already have the goatee, sunglasses, and several Pocket Poets Series volumes published by City Lights in San Francisco. Now all I need is a beret.

While piano is my main instrument, I have learned a thing or two about Latin rhythms over the decades. So, I think it will come down primarily to technique.   

Even with what little work I've done so far, I am at least as good as Maynard G. Krebs, technically if not stylistically.



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15 hours ago, JSngry said:

Maybe you and Ms. TTK can get a bit together to do at parties?

Ha ha!  Our one party bit, if there is a piano, is our word-for-word rendition of the Angie and Burt Martini & Rossi commercial!

My next bongo mentor, after Maynard G. Krebs and Fred Flintstone, will be Jack Lemmon, seen playing bongos with the Candoli Brothers in Bell, Book and Candle. (While Jack really played bongos, I assume a studio pro is on the recording and Jack is only on camera.)


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For me the rhythm thing in piano playing is very important. Monk would have been a natural drummer so good he sounds on piano. 
I try to keep at least something of that spirit and feeling in my own playing. 
But I can´t do it on a percussion instrument. 
Everybody who don´t know me things I´m a drummer so much do I love the drums or drums together with percussion, may it be bongo or conga. 

But what´s happening here ? So few musicians online the last 2 months ? 

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