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Coming Soon: Louis Armstrong's America

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As I may have mentioned, I am working on a huge musical project called Louis Armstrong's America. It is a program of originals based on the various musical eras that Armstrong lived through. It is clearly the best thing I have ever done, will be issued on two separate two-CD sets, and be part of a documentary that it being filmed about me. Most of the recording is done, though we have two more sessions. It will be released in September on ESP Disk.

Participants include: Ursula Oppens, Andy Stein, Matt Shipp, Marc Ribot, Ray Anderson, Lewis Porter, Aaron Johnson, Elijah Shiffer, and a lot of others.

(If you don't know them yet, Elijah and Aaron are two of the most brilliant and creative players in jazz, though you wouldn't know it from the critics polls).

So here  is why I am writing this; I am going to do an advance sale to help finance some of the production costs. There are, as I said, two  2-CD sets and I am working on the pricing. I should have this figured out in about 2 weeks.

I need your support. You will not be disappointed; this is "contemporary" yet very accessible. If you are interested, at that time, I will determine a way  for you to reserve a copy or copies. Just for filler, here are some of the song titles, which may be the best thing about the project; each one is a specific historic reference in itself, if you can figure it out (or, I will tell you):

Tiger Rage

Beefheart on Parade

Roswell's Dream

In the Mode

The 7 Foot Policeman. 3:05

Jelly's Last Breath

Back Home Rag


Black and White Fantasy

Calling All Freaks

Blue Mist

Hittin the jaw 

Gone to heave

On the Other Side of The Tracks

The Murder of Jaki Byard

The Naked Dancer

Miss Ann Returns

Pullin' The Plug

Shufflin' The Deck (Take FIve, Please)

The Dying Musician 5:00

Mr. Jenkins' Lonely Orphans Band   

Apocalypse Nexy

The Old Regulars

Lewis Lewis

Spiritual Impunity

Jewtown Shuffle

Riot on Sunset Strip

Dance of Occupiers 

Valley of Sorrows

Pete Brown

Greenwich Village Dada

If You Must.

Poem for DA Levy.

Laughin' Louie

I Am a Woman Again

In a Lonely Place

Love is a Memory

Get Hopped Up 5:45

Sepia Danceteria

Charlotte’s Dance 

Under the Weather

Lester Lopes In

Tea With Me

What Did I Do to Be So Blue?

Back to the Sand

I Should’ve Stayed Dead

Bull Connor in Hell






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I've never been good at cryptic crosswords, so I don't expect I'll get many right.

So the titles are based on other song titles specifically, or historic events, or both? Between 1901 and 1971?

Tiger Rag

In The Mood

Black and Tan Fantasy

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Louie Louie

Harlem Shuffle

Dance of the Infidels

Sgt Pepper

Well You Needn't

Lester Leaps In

Tea for Two




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