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  2. LPs for Sale: Music Matters Blue Notes and BYG-Actuel

    I will also listen to other offers, and will negotiate for anyone interested in multiple items.
  3. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    PM sent on Don Pullen set.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    I need to get this! Mr. Mitchell is a national treasure. Some years ago I had the opportunity to tell him that he had changed the way I heard music. As part of a Jazz festival a group of critics and musicians converged to discuss Jazz in Europe (participants included Amrii Baraka, Peter Brotzman, Evan Parker, Wadada Leo Smith and others in a lively, at times contentious conversation.) There was a bit of tension in the room and Mr. Mitchell (not a scheduled participant) felt a bit slighted and spoke up. Although he was a bit miffed, he was extremely cordial to me when I approached him.
  5. Charles Tolliver All-Stars vinyl and CD reissue

    Just ordered it. Had the vinyl forEVER, but will be great to have it on CD.
  6. From the book Stealth Jazz: Behind the Curtain (Tom Smith: Copyright 2017; Bunk Johnson Publishing).
  7. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Sorry, Chuck. Been off this site for a few weeks. Traveling. I'm pretty sure I "Liked" your FB post, though!
  8. Various Artists - Chess Blues (MCA) Disc 3
  9. Today
  11. PM's(?) that seem to be publicly(!) visible??

    That's the same thing I wondered about when I started reading this thread. They're from Barcelona, where they have a store (to which I have been). But in Madrid I think they have none. But who knows... Good that you point that out. Now I know what I don't have to do.
  12. What music did you buy today?

    If I actually lived anywhere near their shops I would be bankrupted by now ! The occasional mail order purchase will suffice, eased by no mail charge above £50. I had the Guy Warren on CDR but the damn thing no longer plays so delighted to see it on vinyl. A Lansdowne Series title which eludes me ! I see that it is advertised as a RSD release, presumably North America only as I didn’t see it in the RSD racks over here.
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Hell, my team needs an entire bullpen. 6.06 collectively, and 8 blown saves already this season.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    One great thing about moving from Texas back to Ohio six years ago is that Mosaic material arrives much much quicker.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Mine still hasn't arrived. Seems to be coming via pony express!!
  16. It's Mingus' birthday today. They just played the 1964 Town hall Concert w/ Dolphy,Coles, Jordan, Byard, Richmond and CM. Great stuff!!!!
  17. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    They just got lucky. Made no dent in their run differential and no real improvement in offense, just managed to get wins. Of course if they hadn't managed that feat we'd be talking about next year as they'd be 10-11 games back right now.
  18. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Beethoven Op.18/5 Mozart - Symphony No.35 "Haffner"
  19. "Josephine" by Jimmy Babyface Lewis

    Am just listening to that CD now. There sure have been worse jump blues guitarists than him.
  20. Tony Coe

    I have that one as well. Fantastic freeish yet groovy session.
  21. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Yankees are facing a long West Coast road trip with what amounts to a triple-A/spring training starting lineup. I'm guessing Aaron Judge won't be back till June... as a fan of the team since the 1970s, I can't recall a season in which so many starting players went down, especially this early in the year. Almost all of the opening-day lineup (and the pitcher who normally would have started that game, as well as the SS) is currently on the IL: Gary Sanchez, catcher Greg Bird, 1B Didi Gregorius, SS Troy Tulowitzki, SS Miguel Andujar, 3B Aaron Judge, RF Aaron Hicks, CF Giancarlo Stanton, LF/DH Luis Severino, starting pitcher Dellin Betances, bullpen Much appreciation to the Red Sox, btw, for sweeping the Rays in Tampa. Looks as if Boston's finally finding its groove.
  22. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Can't wait to hear that one, Lon! My copy should be arriving today or tomorrow. Right now:
  23. Tony Coe

    Thanks Alex. I knew about that one but had passed over it for some reason
  24. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    "Charles Tolliver All-Stars" cd 2019, Strata East (via Mosaic Records). Sounds great, no mastering credit.
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