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  1. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    For me the "quote function" is messed up. I was trying to quote the previous message. I wanted to say 32 Jazz issued a double with Fast Last and Rope-a-Dope. I think Camden issued the same material along with the Bobo Shaw/Bowie session in England.
  2. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    Has this been mentioned? I don't remember a cd. Back on an earlier page someone mentioned Bobby Naughton's "The Haunt" (with Perry Robinson and Wadada). Bobby told me this will be issued on cd by Nobusiness with a bonus track.
  3. Tonight it is Atomic at Constellation
  4. Gerald Wilson: "Dissonance in Blues" (1947)

    Not to mention Untied Artists.
  5. Duke Ellington - Post 1960 Recordings

    Buyers beware - this series was issued on the Kaz label in England, the material is the same, but the volume numbers are not.
  6. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Saw him a few times and the first time he offered to break my arm. :-)
  7. White Leaders on Blue Note

    As someone who has done work with RVG, he had his own version of the "sound". I had some conversations with him about the differences between BN, Savoy, Prestige and Impulse. Rudy said each customer adjusted his basic sound to their taste. He was a very bright guy with his own ideas. He found his "soul mate" with Al Lion. Sorting out the the best late stage RVG masterings is confusing, but many of them are wonderful.
  8. Duke Ellington - Post 1960 Recordings

    I can find a reason to buy almost any Ellington recording. I have kept 100+ lps and about 8 feet of cds.
  9. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    I was offered a deal last year from a UK firm - I send them about 500 cds, I pay the freight, I get paid $5 each, 90 days after they sell them. I would grant them exclusivity, Welcome to the music biz!
  10. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Orkhestra in France and Jazz Messengers in Spain will have it soon.
  11. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Derek Taylor weighs in:
  12. White Leaders on Blue Note

    Urbie Green, Sal Salvador & Lou Mecca.
  13. Michael Cosmic Reissue finally here

    Nicely done.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Is compact Bird like pressed duck?