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  1. Post a pic

    Just an old poster'
  2. Manor Records

    I used to know the guy - let me ruminate a while.
  3. My Favorite Jazz Albums of 2019 (so far)

    Listening ain't illegal, posting is. ;-)
  4. Computer Gurus: Computer Basics

    Find a kid and ask for help.
  5. Just a general aversion to lists - I get sucked in and am usually disappointed.
  6. Steps you take to protect your vinyl.

    Bozo festival going on there.
  7. Dick Hyman - a conflicted man.
  8. Steps you take to protect your vinyl.

    I purchased "rice paper" sleeves in bulk from my pressing plant to use on my collection.
  9. This post both repelled me and made me go make a list of my recordings from the '70s.
  10. Beatles Singles on Vinyl

    How thick will 180 gram singles be?
  11. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    The problem is 30 second clips are allowed for free - anything longer and you have to pay the music publisher.
  12. Now reading...

    Death by Anthony Horowitz seems unlikely.
  13. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Can you imagine how much I love folks suggesting how to operate my business? There is a big dif between 30 and 45 second clips legally.