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  1. Monk + Giants of Jazz tour

    Possibly true, but I bet they still own the rights.
  2. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Bud Freeman and Pee Wee Russell Dot sessions. If they coupled the Freeman with his Grand Award session....It would be wonderful.
  3. Cleaning Records

    I started using those on my records in the '70s - I think Roscoe Mitchell's "Nonaah" was the first one.
  4. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Not the Columbia record. Check out the set of postwar Berlin playing 2nd Viennese School material - all from RIAS archives.
  5. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Now listening to Schoenberg piano music recorded by Steuermann in 1963.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I did a fair amount of work on this and a bunch of other Uptown cds without credit. Sort of pisses me off.
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Currently Schoenberg's Phantasie for Violin and Piano - Tibor Varga & Ernst Krenek recorded in 1951.
  8. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Woody Herman and his Orchestra : Dick Collins, John Howell, A1 Porcino, Reuben McFall, Bill Castagnino (tp) Cy Touff (b-tp) Dick Kenney, Keith Moon (tb) Woody Herman (cl,as,vcl) Jerry Coker, Dick Hafer, Bill Perkins, Sam Taylor (ts) Jack Nimitz (bar) Mickey Baker (g) Nat Pierce (p,arr) Lloyd Trotman (b) Panama Francis (d) Bill Holman, A1 Cohn, Ralph Burns (arr) New York, May 21, 1954 CO51511 Blame Boehm (bh arr) Col B1917, CL592, Ajazz 424, Philips (E)BBE12026, BBL7123, (Can)429073BE, BO7177L C051512 Mulligan Tawny (Prez conference)(bh arr) Col CL592, CL777, Ajazz 424, Philips (E)BBE12026, BBL7123, (Can)429073BE, BO7l77L, Charly (E)1O0 (CD), Giants of Jazz (It)LPJT5 CO51513 The Third Herd (Cohn's alley)(ac arr) Col CL592, Ajazz 424, Philips (E)JAZll3, BBE12286, BBL7123, (Can) 362006ARF, BO7l77L, Charly (E)lO0 (CD), Giants of Jazz (It)LPJT5 CO51514 These foolish things (unissued) Note : Charly (E)1O0 (CD) entitled "Blowin' up a storm".
  9. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Don’t forget BN 45-1951 - Midnight Cowboy / Popi from May 22, 1969.
  10. Has anyone accidently purchased this?

    "hey look, a new lacy disc, I'm all in."
  12. What's next for Mosaic

    More like 9 or 10 - their last Ellington box was 11.
  13. What's next for Mosaic

    By my count, that would be 215 tracks.