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  1. John Prine R.I.P. (COVID-19)

    Thanks for posting this.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Continuing with my Bud Freeman lps - Side 2 of this one is a Freeman trio with Dave Bowman and Don Lamond.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    with George Arvanitas (on organ), Pierre Michelot and George Collier. Terrific record reissued as a Hat cd.
  4. Another "treasure" unearthed

    I got the sigs on the back of a letter from a classmate.
  5. Another "treasure" unearthed

    Another recent find. In the Fall of 1962 (I think) I went to Des Moines to see Shelly Manne & his Men in concert. Afterwards I got a couple of autographs and spoke with Conte Candoli to tell him I really liked his Crown lp and mentioned it had been stolen from my dorm room. He said the label gave him a box of them to take on the tour and said I should come to their hotel and get a copy. I waited in the lobby for a while and then Conte and Russ Freeman came down and delivered the record and spent some time with me. As you can see my younger brother added his signature to my treasure.
  6. Down Beat Jazz Festival

    Yes, Ann and I went. Cecil was Lyons, Grimes and Murray. I was jumping up and down during the set and it was good enough for me to suggest Delmark record him. I was still in school and not working for them. Koester sent me to Don DeMichael at Down Beat to see if Cecil was still in town. Unfortunately he had returned to NYC.
  7. Down Beat Jazz Festival

  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Never knew Nonesuch reissued this. I had the original on Unicorn. and now I have this -