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  1. Apparently he is in home hospice care now.
  2. The Ascension Name Game

    My dream Ascenion: Toots Theilemans, harmonica. That's it.
  3. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    I got mine yesterday.
  4. Kraftwerk

    I was lucky to have seen them a couple times when it was both Ralf and Florian. But their live show rarely changes and with only one original member I passed this time around.
  5. Vision Fest 2022

    Having a great time. The Leo Smith night was worth the price of the festival alone. Right now I’m enjoying Oliver Lake’s Justice project. I honestly thought there would be more people attending this festival, and one-third of the crowd seems to be a photographer.
  6. Vision Fest 2022

    This will be my first. Who's going?
  7. Oliver Lake corner

    He’s being honored at the Vision Festival but not playing an instrument. Does anyone know if there is a reason for that?
  8. Mark-- I look forward to your columns every month. They always send me right back to listening. The rest of you: Just pay for a damn subscription, jeesh.
  9. Mingus - The Lost Album From Ronnie Scott's

    I ordered the CD directly from Resonance but haven't got it yet, has anyone else? never mind, got it today!
  10. Do you hve the contiunation of the article?
  11. I was there that weekend too. I'm a George Walker fanatic, so I've been enjoying the NSO'strawl through his Sinfonias.
  12. #NP:Make It Up!

    Rumps Werton's instrumental Wurlitzer record of all Joy Division songs.
  13. Speaking of John Norris, I came to Coda very near the end of it's run, but bought old back issues. I miss magazines like that.
  14. Reading the article now and listeing to Saturday Nite in the Cosmos! Over chirstmas i listened to the entire Mosaic Select Blue Notes while I was sick in bed. Thanks for the reminder for me to tackle those Soul Note and Timeless records!
  15. Big Ears Festival

    Not to humblebrag, but I laid out the big bucks so I don't have to stand at those places anymore (although they are not ideal, I remember that they were only folding chairs). Got fat and tired the last two years.
  16. Big Ears Festival

    Meredith Monk and Sparks are the must-not-miss events for me. Anything with Andrew Cyrille, too. Have to make a lot of sacrifices, though. Diatom Ribbons is at the exact same time as a Meredith Monk performance though. I've somehow missed Kris Davis anytime she has played live in my vicinity. One year I was in New York and saw she was performing at the Stone. When I got there I was informed she was stuck in traffic or something and couldn't make it.
  17. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    I travelled from DC to the Miller Theater in New York to see the Rivers/Holland/Altschul trio reunion in...2005? The concert that was released later by Pi. So awesome.

    We all go to Mats Gustaffson's house? @david weiss has the address!
  19. Sexiest album covers

    A close up of Senor Wences?
  20. Other Minds Festival

    Got a streaming pass. Can't wait. Smith has had to cancel, though.
  21. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Oh shit, just seeing Allen's latest post. I only check this forum sporadically now, but Allen, your scholarship has been inspiring to me, and I've bought most, maybe all of your books and historical CD sets. The care and thought you put into your work is just mind-boggling.
  22. Assuming you care and have heard enough to have

    Yeah, I enjoy Solti's 8th (very intense and driven), but the 8th is just not a symphony that I really care too much for. I've never liked Goethe's Faust Part 2 either (worst literary sequel ever!).
  23. Assuming you care and have heard enough to have

    The fourth and ninth. Das Lied if you count that. Least favorite: The 8th, although live it's of course a lot of fun. I might want be a contrarian and also say the 10th completed by Cooke is in my top 5.