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  1. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Yep. ID'd by JSangry. This one is a personal favorite, but I don't expect anyone to get it. Agreed. A great tune, masterful in it's simplicity. I'm a big fan of this trumpeter. These guys are currently where it's at, IMHO. You're not wrong about the trumpeter. This has been ID'd. A few have found this a bit too poppy, and ordinarily, I would agree. But this one is such an earworm that I can't NOT love it.
  2. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    I've reached out, but not heard back. Does not seem to be online much recently. Hoping everything is okay.
  3. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Ding! Ding! Agreed. I came slowly to Heinz, always preferring George (Remember, I was probably 13 when I bought this). But, over time, I really came to appreciate him.
  4. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    You definitely KNOW the player. In fact, I'd guess this is a player you really appreciate.
  5. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Got to see him twice last spring. Man... life changing. I can't say much without giving it away.
  6. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Mmmm... you may have your chronology flipped.
  7. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Shepp was the guess I was hoping to get. That's a BIG clue.
  8. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Correct! Not sure, yet. I think it will, but this track had the best of all (shorter length, good feel). Correct! Flight of i is still my favorite album, though. Right ballpark, wrong composer. ID'd by mjzee. I'm kind of hoping to get a wrong guess on this one. Indeed. You just described this player perfectly, in my mind. Agreed. Right there with you, my brother. You should. Not Bluiett, but this guy would be flattered by the comp, but also has very much his own thing. Give it another spin. I'll be surprised if you don't own this. I agree about what has happened to the guitar sound -- give me Grant Green! You have nailed everything about this except what it is. And you're more right than you can fathom. Correct! ID'd above. This one is the challenge of the group. They are, but also being true to themselves. This group doesn't get any respect from the Crouch-follower-set, and I always took this cut as a slight FU to the doubters. Tune is correct. Description of the format is accurate, and a key to what this is and how it came about. This saxophonist is an acquired taste due to his approach. I assume someone will get this player, if only because nobody's taken the bait and guessed incorrectly. Ding! Ding! This is the recording that introduced me to Jimmy Jones. Recognizing JJ is what led to me becoming a regular in these parts. Not Duke (though he undoubtedly had it in his repertoire). Not Ricky or Scott. I assure you, this tenor player would LOVE the comparison to George. Definitely stays within himself, though (something George could NOT do). Great song, not the best version I've heard, but it is the best version I have recorded. A wicked ear-worm, though.
  9. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Not opposed to it, but I've never had any spoilers -- I just look at the first post. But I'm open to it moving forward (discussion has already started on this one). Yes, you do. Correct, sir! This is the gimme (although, JJ is only a gimme for the insiders). Correct! Indeed you do! True. Has the language, but it's not the one he uses to communicate. Must not have. Yep! I'd label this guy more original than that, but this track definitely goes more Trane than he usually does (but manages to still be THIS guy). DING! DING! DING! DING! Wow! BIG fan of this "singer". I'll be surprised if anyone pegs this one. Yeah, that's how I hear it, too. Almost like he's dancing to the beat of a different drummer, no? Wanted a different take on this classic. Most players ID'd -- rest of it (title, album) are still up for grabs. Correct!
  10. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Well, it's unorthodox, but I'm going to go ahead an post the thread for July. I will get the answer for the June test and post them as soon as possible. For now,
  11. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Now that just makes so much sense.
  12. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    When we recruited him, I didn't realize he didn't have a login (I had chatted with him on AAJ and mixed that up with here thinking he was onboard). Getting new accounts is very controlled here because, as I understand it, Jim has concerns about spam (which I can appreciate). Dennis has requested a login. Thanks. Back atcha and welcome to the thread. Good to have new blood contributing on all levels.
  13. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    FYI, Dennis doesn't have an account and I had to do some sleuthing to determine how to get him one. I think we're on the right track, but time will tell. We're working on it.
  14. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    Finally getting to this. Egad. Track 01 — Instant recognition. Going to take me awhile. I definitely have this. Thinking Griot Galaxy. Can’t peg the tune, though. Yeah, this is GG (always loved this cover). Kins is the album, but again, can’t recall the song title. Track 02 — Love the feel of this. Not entirely loving the alto, but love what they’re setting up there. On the whole, this is a win. Yeah, now he’s digging in, I’m buying. This MUST be good because my wife is frowning! Track 03 — The abstract stuff like this doesn’t always hit the right nerve with me, but I’m all over this. Not 100% who this is, but that’s definitely Louis Moholo on drums. Night music. I mean, to my ear, this sounds like a lot of YOUR projects. It isn’t, though — I’m unlikely to miss on those. Soprano reminds me a bit of Thomas Chapin, but this sounds a shade before him to me. Track 04 — I struggle with this type of guitar sound, as a rule, but really like this. Can’t quite peg the feel I’m getting, but it’s similar to something in my collection, though I don’t have this. And, we all know I can’t resist anything in three. Love those tumbling drums. Has that feel of the best side of ECM. In fact, that sounds like Richie Beirach to me. Playing this sort of thing would make me very happy (are you listening, Tim Webb!?!). This is such a overall conversation. Much to like here. That bass tone is beautiful. Even the laptop speakers can’t hide that. Ah! That’s the feel. Reminds me of one of Heinz Sauer’s albums, Metal Blossoms. No wonder I like it. Track 05 — Wow. What’s not to love, here? I love the almost flamenco sound of the guitar. Even though it’s wondering and doesn’t seem to have a determined direction, I’m really enjoying the path. Again, great bass tone (why would ANYEONE prefer electric!?). Not a candidate for the car mix, but again… night music. Track 06 — Almost feels like a Charlie Kohlhase project to me. That alto seems a bit too mainstream, though. At times I feel like I know him, and at times, he seems completely unknown. It’s odd. I’m at the trombone, now. Not completely onboard, but I’m wanting to get there. Kinda feel like I want to recast this (like, I REALLY want Craig Harris right here!). Different alto? Chaos! Love it! I like that the drums stayed with that pattern as things got chaotic — kind of held it together for me. Weird. I’m half here, but I’m pissed off that I can’t get anybody nailed down. Track 07 — I know this. Ah, yes. Opener from this. Track 08 — Hearing a bunch of different songs, but this is none of them. Something almost Gato-ish about the tenor. I could do without that 80s electronic sound, but at the same time, it works in the mix. Just not sure how often I’d go back to this. Kind of losing me in the effects, but that’s probably more me than anything to do with the music. If there’s a power outage, though, this band is in trouble. Track 09 — All in. I want to guess Kenny Wheeler, but it’s not quite him. But it’s that quality that I like about this. Something about the progression in the piano feel like it’s coming from a religious/spiritual base, though the song itself doesn’t give me that. Man, you can pick some bass for me to love. One thing that’s really getting me about this BFT is the songs are all short-ish, and yet still feel complete. Definitely has that European influence (ECM-ish). There is something very honest about this. It skirts the J-word, but it’s not that. It’s something else, and I want more of it, in the right mood. Track 10 — I was in love prior to the saxophone. Horn feels a little too smooth-jazz for me. Love the feel they set up prior to that, though. It’s a great platform to build off of, but those trills aren’t doing it for me. This feels like a lost opportunity. What it sets up in the first two minutes never really gets realized, then it seems to run out of steam. I want something ballsier to happen. Maceo! Track 11 — I feel like I’m judging this too harshly due to my prediliction against electronica and/or “smooth” jazz. This feels a bit more real than the latter, but a bit to steeped in the former. I just can’t get my ears around it. Feels more like experimentation than a complete song. Track 12 — AHA!!!!! That’s my man Charles Brackeen! Whomever put these sessions together has a special place in my heart. Stone Blue from this. Not a moment I *don’t* love on this album. Frankly, I feel that way about all three of Charles’ Silkheart dates. Malachi is SUCH a *bitch* on this! In the words of Nathan Breedlove: Love! Love! Thanks, Dennis! You brought me Christmas with that last cut. Just noticing Dennis hasn't commented, I'll reach out.
  15. BFT195 Link & Discussion

    I don't want to step on the May test, but Dennis asked me to start this thread for him, and I'm unlikely to have a chance tomorrow. Link is in the usual place, which is to say