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  1. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    He is in there, and it is his composition, but the band operates under multiple names.
  2. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Not KB. I figured you'd dig this one and figured you for a lock to get it. Hint: Trumpet player identifies as something else and THEN a guy who plays trumpet. I'd be surprised if you're not correct about most of those.
  3. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Glad you could stop by! I think you called this one pretty well, though I think the perceived failure to pull it off is intentional. They call it something else, but parentheticaly "Yesterday". Pretty well assessed. Really don't expect this one to get ID'd. Certainly a period that influenced this band. That assessment comes as no surprise. I'm surprised this one hasn't been pegged, yet. Exactly. Seems to have been an occasional mark of the label that produced this music. In my mind, it was frequently the recording (there were some great drummers in the stable), but some of the recordings seemed to feature the "b" team. Appreciate that. This one, IMHO, gets better upon repeated listening. Another tenor who leaves it all on the field. I mostly agree on the composition, but the rhythmic pattern and the movement in the piano's left hand (freeing up the bass for ad-libs) make this one special to my ear. Composed by a GREAT musician and an underrated composer. Thanks, again!
  4. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Invisible Funk-A-Roonie-Peacock can be challenging, and the title track always seemed a bit short of the rest of the album to my ear, particular the A side.
  5. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Correct! My father picked this record out for me at Looney Tunes in Boston. At first, I didn't care for it. Upon repeated listenings, it became a favorite. There's a couple of filler tracks, but most of the album is excellent.
  6. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Spot on on track 9. LM was introduced to my via the BFT, and boy am I glad. LOVE this tune. And, I agree about how we are wired. Of course, I knew that the first time I saw your avatar! A few years back this happened:
  7. BFT 171 Reveal

    Wow! Some definite surprises. Never would have gotten Alan Dawson, but feel pretty good about my assessment of James Williams. A lot of people saw him in a lower tier, but I've always felt he was under-respected within the genre.
  8. BFT 172 - July Discussion and Access

    Shoulda had your skates on!
  9. To access July’s BFT, please use the following link. at the risk of stepping on KEN’s toenails, I’m going to start this today (not sure I am available tomorrow). Apologies in advance — this is a long BFT. I am usually better about that. Mostly long tracks, more of a listener than a fooler. Enjoy!
  10. The head to B. Harper's "Capra Black" - crazy!!

    A transcription of it is available on Scribd. Jim, What tunes have you transcribed, out of curiosity. Equal curious as to what your axe is (spend most of my time on the BFT thread and was not aware of this). Also, to the OP, you might have luck contacting him. For awhile he was offering to sell his arrangements on his website (I have a BH fetish and tried to purchase a slew of stuff, but it never materialized). I've lobbied him a couple of times about putting out a book of his material, but to no avail. He seems a pretty private guy.
  11. BFT 171 Discussion Thread

    Finally got a listen in. No mining (well, a little where it will be obvious), just first impressions. Track 01 - Old Devil Moon by a vibist I’m not familiar with. Modern recording, in that it’s too clean. The drums seem to lose something in the modern recordings, IMHO, as a result of the sound being *too* clean. Drummer seems like he comes out of Billy Higgins. Piano speaks to me most, here. Not quite John Hicks, but definitely out of that school. Track 02 - Not feeling this one. Keep waiting for it to go somewhere, but it never seems to get there. Muhal Richard Abrams has some stuff like this and it’s the stuff that least reaches me. Track 03 - Sounds like Gilmore’s tenor in the mix. This has PRECISELY what the last track lacked. That IT factor… or maybe it’s just that it swings. That’s NOT Gilmore. Very distinct tenor sound, almost like he’s holding it back. Ballsy… sort of like a ballsy Oliver Nelson. Particularly dig the drums on this cut. That’s Paul Gonsalves right there. Man, that right hand on the drummer is THICK! I like this a lot! This is must have material. Track 04 - Overall, this seems too abstract for the sake of being that. Sounds like Dolphy playing a clarinet, which I’ve only heard once or twice. Doesn’t really click for me. Seems absent the blues. Track 05 - If You Could See Me Now (did Tadd Dameron write any songs that WEREN’T great?!). No idea who the flugelhorn player is. Didn’t really grab, but was perfectly pleasant. Not a criticism, just an observation (hell, Art Farmer does that to me all the time!). Track 06 - Expressive, warm soprano sound. Inability to get that body in the tone is precisely why my soprano sits fallow most of the time. Can’t come up with the name of the tune, which frustrates… Short, sweet, to the point. Quite enjoyed this one. Track 07 - Surrey With The Fringe On Top. Cooking trio, but can’t say I know the players. Track 08 - Unclear on the tune, don’t know the players. Not a clarinet guy, but oddly, I like this. Track 09 - It’s a unique composition, but not in a way that makes me care. I do like the blending of the instruments within the arrangement. Liked it more as it went on, though the arrangement remains clunky. Soloists all seemed to work well against the backdrop of the band, particularly the alto, Bari, and trombone. Track 10 - “Warming up in the bullpen for Cincinnati…” No idea. Track 11 - I believe this one was on a previous test (118). I believe it’s track 9 from this. Love the song, love the movie, love the version. Track 12 - Interesting instrumentation. Not sure where I am on the composition, but love the blend of the three voices. Not feeling the organ, at all. Track 13 - Just friends. Dual vibes? Triple vibes? Or two vibes and a marimba, anyway. Three it is. Seemingly older recording (I’d guess late 50s/early 60s from the sound of the rhythm section; either that or it’s Mapleshade doing their thing even better than usual). Don’t know who. Of there three, I prefer the third; first two are a bit bouncy in their style for my taste. Rhythm section is right there, though, making this a good listen. Track 14 - Georgia a la Big Ben (who fools NOBODY). I know this is on multiple compilations. I’m familiar with it from The Complete Recordings of Ben Webster on Enlightenment. That seems to be Art Tatum on piano. Track 15 - I like the piano, crisp yet swinging. Not enamored of the guitar sound. Track 16 - I do NOT like harmonica. And yet, you’ve done it again: this, I like. Strange instrumentation, but I’m all in.
  12. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    I didn't see the pinkish shade until the response. I took my notes in an app called Sticky Notes on my Chromebook at work. It copies the color of the note when you copy and paste and I can't figure out how to get it to NOT do that.
  13. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    A bit delayed and getting ears on this one. Once I had the chance, I was mostly confounded. Weak pocket of the genre for me, so always an education. Track 01 - No idea Track 02 - No idea Track 03 - Honeysuckle Rose. No idea Track 04 - Honeysuckle Rose, again. No idea Track 05 - That sure sounds like Edward Kennedy Ellington on piano, and Honeysuckle Rose. Track 06 - This BFT is in full bloom. No idea. Track 07 - And the Sunny Side of the Street is leading to all those flowers. Sounds like Rabbit to me, but almost too clean. Track 08 - More sun! Could there be more flowers to follow!? Track is this, though I know not from which source. Track 09 - More sun. Not sure. I was thinking Jerome Richardson on flute/bari, but more due to context than any sure feeling. Trumpet sounds familiar (like, should have had him). Track 10 - Hmmm... theme is in full force. Obvious guess would be Fatha Hines, but I think it's more likely someone playing like EFH. Track 11 - No idea. Track 12 - Sounds like Django to me, but no further guesses. Track 13 - No idea. Track 14 - No idea. Track 15 - No idea.