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  1. Favorite Eastern Rebellion Saxophonist

    I chose Bob Berg: he seamlessly fitted into the compositional framework Walton laid out in the group. But they were all great in that context.
  2. Was listening to Lester Young quite often these days, and find his rendition of I Can't Get Started" from 1942 is the saxophone ballad that moves me the most. Now what is your all-time favourite saxophone ballad interpretation for the desert island? Only one please, yes, just one .... I know it's hard, but try and do your best.
  3. The BABE thread

    Now imagine all governments would have discussion borads like this, and react like B3-er when so many votes would come in .... we just acted direct democracy?
  4. Lyrics Added To Jazz Tunes

    Interesting observation; there actually seems to be a "lyrical" type of listener. I can always discriminate in my mind between the instrumental and/or vocal version(s) of a tune I hear. And I think the lyrics, especially when written by some jazz expert like Jon Hendricks, Eddie Jefferson or King Pleasure, add another dimension to the piece, as the jazz world is their subject. BTW, it was really Charlie Parker who didn't like the lyrics to Parker's Mood, he didn't want to hear about his own funeral .....
  5. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Didn't this start it all?
  6. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    This perspective has always ignited my fantasy:
  7. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Not only Blue Note:
  8. EMI - Missing Royaltors

    If they are calling for so many musicians that have left us many years ago, does that mean they are looking for their heirs or does it show their total ignorance for musicians' biographies?
  9. Now don't be a coward - start a new one! But leave off that one kind of "babes" - or post photos of your wives and girlfriends, then you at least know who has the copyright?!?
  10. The BABE thread

    Let's give our best to keep it that way!
  11. Ron Carter

    In a way he's one of the players I enjoy much more on other people's record dates. (Would make a nice topic - or isn't there one like it already?). He is a good bandleader, judging from the piccolo bass quartet and his later groups, but maybe not that great a conceptualist when it comes to planning an album. Maybe we are taking this all too serious. Remember that great humorous music made by a quartet of Eddie Harris, Cedar Walton, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins. Some of Carter's music sounds a little tongue-in-cheek, doesn't it? With a musician so successful, rumors about his personality are unavoidable. He's one of the greatest bassists in jazz after 1960, period. He has recorded more than enough music to justify this placement.
  12. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    I have to correct myself: Even this is a real cover, scheduled for release in Europe on August 25. A collaboration with Playboy magazine. I can't believe it. There are two unissued Norah Jones tracks on it ..... I never thought they'd go that far, but will this be available in the US? A nude girl on the cover of a Blue Note record??? I still can't believe it. p.s. rumors have it there will be nude centerfolds of Cassandra Wilson, Norah Jones and Diane Reeves in the booklet .....
  13. Ron Carter

    As far as I have observed, there are two aspects about his playing people object to: 1. his sound i.e. the way he uses the pickup 2. his intonation Both are closely related, I have the impression his sometimes sloppy sounding intonation is due to the fact that he turns up the treble so the attack of his notes comes though much clearer. As engineer Jim Anderson replied to me when I inquired about Carter's use of the pickup on the old BNBB "he wants to let people know where the beat is". His drive owes a lot to this sound. On the other hand it enhances the audibility of the "pickup sound". Without a pickup, his sound is much fuller, rounder and deeper, Johnny Griffin's Riverside LP "The Kerry Dancers" (now on OJC CD) and a 1980's session with pianist Michel Sardaby on the rare French label Harmonic are excellent examples. Because of that brightly colored pickup sound, the tonal center of his notes seems to be a little off pitch at times, but I'm sure he doesn't hear it that way directly at the instrument. Sometimes I think his IMHO overuse of the pickup was a major factor in leading the whole Marsalis generation to do away with the "dreaded bass direct". And some do not appreciate his tastes in music on his recordings as a leader. Well, some of it is a little too good-natured. I think among his best albums are: - his Atlantic/Embryo LP "Uptown Conversation" - The CTI LP "All Blues" with Joe Henderson (can't understand why for all reasons this still hasn't been on CD) - the Milestone "Piccolo" (it was a great band, I played this to death when was new) I haven't heard enough of his other Milestone and Blue Notes, but most of them is at least very nice.
  14. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Except for the really nude cover art girl, these are all real, anthologies issued by EMI in France I believe. Amazon in France carries them, they include some rare tracks. Go to Amazon France, type "blue note divers" into the search field, and you will get most of them.
  15. The BABE thread

    B3-er's response was very appropriate. My comments: 1 - is it really that necessary to post babes on this (mainly) jazz forum (of course I'm aware I participated - ) 2- if they don't want their photos to be linked, why don't they block it, as B3-er said - these web programmers are real pros 3 - if they (or anyone else) doesn't want a photo to be spread on the web, please consider not putting it there! When I put something on the web, I HAVE to be aware i might get copied and posted somewhere, that's what the web is made for, spreading information! 4 - conventional copyright laws where invented for printed media and have to be reworked or better reconsidered for application on web publishing. 5 - laywers must eat.....
  16. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Had to think about it for a while ... Since this is the only Blue Note LP I bought twice just to frame the cover- it still hangs at the wall behind me as I write this - I guess this is my all time favourite Blue Note LP cover:
  17. The single artist you listen to most

    It changes all the time. When I get interested in somebody's music, I buy lots of it and have it spinnin' all the time. I used to go through months of daily listening to Horace Silver, 1960's Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, Cal Tjader, Mongo Santamaria, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Lucky Thompson, John Lewis and the MJQ, Lester Young, Hank Mobley, Tina Brooks, Bud Powell, Grant Green, Larry Young, Billie Holiday, Jane Ira Bloom, Thelonious Monk, Dexter Gordon, Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker ... it even was a time period once: 1940's, or it was vocalists one time. The ones I played and still play most frequently are Monk, Duke, Prez, Wes and Tjader.
  18. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Let's ask b3-er to retitle this thread "Blue Note Uncovered". Slightly off topic, but the Blue Note Hip Chicks Series was a smash on the BNBB: Greasy stuff
  19. Welcome to new member Ron Thorne

    The rules are to be read elsewhere, with one exception: If you want an excess of anything here, just post that you DON'T like it. Lots o' big children over here. I resisted the temptation. Have a nice time here and welcome!
  20. Herbie Hancok

    Just meant to improve Swiss/German relations .. I forgot about Sam Rivers' Contours which has some fine freestyle Herbie. His versatility really should come through in your show. Don't forget the CTI's in the second or third part. The Box indeed does not cover anything from the late 1950's. If you don't have Oblique, which really is a great choice, I could help you out ... send me a pm. (but I'm out of town for a workshop I co-lead all of next week).
  21. Herbie Hancok

    There are many regions in Germany having a reputation that the local dialect is not "proper German" (whatever that is). And never again say that Germans do not understand it! I do, enough at least to follow your broadcast, so please post when it's going to be!!!! Remember: Jazz fans sind cheine durchschnittlichen Loiite, niirgendwoo! Looking forward to it!
  22. ridiculous heat

    Don't forget to check the roof of your new house! Or was that the first point you checked before buying? Besides that, none of you American fellow posters seems to pity the ridiculous heat that covers all of Europe for two months now, with forests buring all around the Mediterranean Sea, new heat record marks all over the place. The ozone concentrations are triple the ones regarded harmless. No rain in sight for weeks to come. Night life like in Italy in German towns, which is not bad after all, but who can afford to sleep all day and work all night? I'm glad I'm going to the highest part of the Black Forest next Sunday for a week, accompanying a dance therapist and giving some drum lessons, it's considerably cooler up there....
  23. Herbie Hancok

    Wayne Shorter's Adam's Apple: no compostions, but an essential quartet works covering a lot of ground, besides being my favourite Shorter Blue Note. As second choice, some real far out stuff, maybe the hitherto unissued Tyrone Washington session?
  24. Who's Elaine Leighton?

    Yes, four tracks recorded during the same 1954 tour! In Stockholm she accompanied Jimmy Raney and Gösta Theselius on four tracks. Besides that, there are two tracks with Terry Pollard on the Stash Box I mentioned, and a Beryl Booker Trio LP on Cadence reissued on Discovery. All from 1953-54. Seems she married and raised children? Tasteful drummer, great swing with brushes.
  25. Man, here's the latest BN signing

    We won't see one more single CD reissue even if Van Morisson goes platinum! EMI - or rather those who get the profits - needs that money much too badly to waste some of it on reissues that won't break even. Y'all forgot the changes after Norah Jones' success? Besides that, Van Morrisson isn't that good a singer. Saw him on German TV. The band, led by Georgie Fame (who sings a lot better and jazzier!), was good, but his intonation and phrasing was sloppy. As Bobby McFerrin showed with his version of Moondance, some of his pieces benefit a lot from a set of better vocal organs. A flirt with jazz, no more. Now who's really signed to Blue Note at the moment? And who was five years ago? A comparative listing would be revealing!