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  1. It was a busy weekend of music for me. Friday - Eric Person Quartet at the Side Door Jazz Club in Old Lyme, CT with John Esposito (piano), Adam Armstrong (bass) and Darrell Green (drums). Saturday - Ron Carter Quartet at the Northampton Jazz Festival with Jimmy Greene (tenor saxophone), Renee Rosnes (piano) and Payton Crossley (drums). Sunday - Improvisations Now at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT with Joe Morris (bass), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano), Lester St. Louis (cello) and Jerome Deupree (drums)
  2. Wasn't Craig Handy replaced by Donald Harrison in the band a couple years ago?
  3. PM re: Brotzmann/Parker/Drake - Never too Late but Always Too Early Eremite MTE 037/038 $15
  4. Another different spin on Mingus with Silke Eberhard (saxophone), Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet) and Christian Marien (drums).
  5. Cecil Taylor - Jimmy Lyons - Sunny Murray
  6. Anthony Braxton has also recorded albums dedicated mostly to Hill's music.
  7. I did eventually obtain a copy of the vinyl. If I remember correctly I purchased it directly from Bill Barron's widow at the time.
  8. relyles

    The Leaders

    You are right. Intrigued as to the thought process.
  9. relyles

    The Leaders

    They are not successor bands.
  10. relyles

    The Leaders

    Although Eddie Henderson overlaps in both bands, the Cookers are not a successor. My understanding is that the Leaders were organized by Chico Freeman, while the instigator for the Cookers seems to be David Weiss.
  11. relyles

    The Leaders

    Although they may not have equaled the sume of all the parts, or the expectations based on the caliber of musicians, I enjoyed the group. Yes more straight-ahead than expected, but solid. I saw them live once at Sweet Basil and was not disappointed. Don Cherry was the original trumpet in the band for a period of time before it recorded. Eddie Henderson and Bobby Watson replaced Bowie and Blythe in an even more conservative iteration of the ensemble.
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