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  1. I've used GPM for a few years as my cloud storage and player for downloads, casting to a Chromecast Audio. Not audiophile I realise but a perfectly acceptable set up, for now. Google's decision to close GPM and migrate everyone to YouTube Music has been particularly tiresome as you have to pay for YouTube Music Premium to access the cast function. Thanks Google! I've found Plex as an alternative, working nicely, but not being cloud-based that feels a step backwards. Anyone know of free cloud-based storage/player that has the cast function?
  2. Billy Harper - Trying To Make Heaven My Home [MPS, Spain] today's arrival. Now I just need to improve my Spanish so i can understand the liners...
  3. Diego Maradona (1960 - 2020)

    No, I've not. Thanks for the tip
  4. Diego Maradona (1960 - 2020)

    Genius footballer. The second goal against England in that quarter-final is sublime football and for me eclipses all the fuss about the first goal. Asif Kapadia's film 'Maradona' is a fascinating watch giving some insight into the off-pitch Diego Just to add, I didn't think that at the time, I was apoplectic with rage. Hindsight's a marvellous thing
  5. especially 'In A Sentimental Mood' and particularly Elvin's drumming on that tune Han Bennink & Willem Breuker - New Acoustic Swing Duo in Japan 1984 [Jazz & Now]
  6. So I'm listening to Teddy Charles's 'New Directions' which has some great interaction between Charles and Brookmeyer. Grachan Moncur's work with Bobby Hutcherson on 'Evolution' and the Jackie McLean albums are some of of my all time favourites and features the same instrumental combination. Any other suggestions? Preferably recordings of small groups not larger ensembles where the two instruments aren't so prominent.
  7. Always interested in hearing new to me Bobby H
  8. I don't have that one. Good? Of course it is
  9. Paul Bley

    Never time not to listen to 'Ballads'
  10. what are you drinking right now?

    I've recently been drinking the only Trappist ale brewed in the UK, Tynt Meadow. Brewed at the monastery where my uncle spent his life as a monk.
  11. The Evan Parker solo on the first track knocks me out each time. I'd not thought about the trombone/vibes on this one
  12. Watching this now. I'm very taken by Baba Zulu, the trio with the electric Saz. I'd heard one of their albums recently and live they're even better. Can't believe they played Café Oto last year - not really a surprise as it's located in an area of significant Turkish population.
  13. I've thought that a good job has been done by all programming this given the circumstances. Relying on largely homegrown talent or 'borrowed' streams from other international festivals there's been some interesting listens, many of which are still to be had on the festival's YouTube site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKhBSRjqz3TIBC-W5Lz7Mw Highlights for me have been, Lithuanian Jazz Festival stream - some great music from unknown to me artists Emma-Jean Thackray - mixing Miles BB period with dance influences, very successfully Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra - Molde Jazz Festival. Clever writing for larger ensemble even if a couple of times I thought it needed a roger Dean cover. Sarathy Korwar stream - I think this guy's a big talent, this stream showed why I think Nathaniel Facey/Gary Crosby - Tribute to Bird - fiery stuff and still to come on my radar, Irreversible Entanglements - my favourite contemporary Jazz group Binker Golding with Olie Brice and Steve Noble - I'm interested to hear him in this company Brice in a trio with Tom Challenger from the Vortex A session of Turkish psychedelic Jazz - whatever that is, I'm interested to find out
  14. That looks very interesting. I have a good number of earlier Hampels and was trying to think if there were any with trombone but failed to come up with any
  15. Yes, that's good 'un Thanks for the reminder of that one, needs to come off the shelf
  16. Thanks all, 'Blue Moods' I know but the other suggestions have gone straight on to the 'investigate' list keep them coming.
  17. I need some sunshine, I must catch up with it
  18. Google Play Music - the end. Alternatives?

    I use Plex, my files sit on my hard drive. I haven't synced to other devices though as I use Tidal or Spotify when I'm out and about
  19. CDs that are unreadable

    Beginning of an issue with the player perhaps. Coincidental that it's new CDs. Happened to me.
  20. Olie Brice, Tom Challenger and Will Glaser stream from The Vortex was as good, if not better than, I'd hoped. Tremendous trio
  21. BBC4

    And I've seen you live doing so, can't imagine why I wasn't more sure that you'd played together. Must pay more attention.
  22. BBC4

    But that would have to be a different programme. Can't imagine Ms Clowes, Jurd or Mr Law jamming it down at Steamdown . Not the same influences either. I can hear Alex Hawkins crossing the divide though, especially given his work with the South African legacy. I'd be surprised he he hasn't played with Shabaka
  23. BBC4

    I thought it was a pleasant surprise that they thought to refer to the old shows at all. The programme was very much about now after all. Moses needs to stop saying "incredible" all the time, if I'd had a drink every time he said it I wouldn't be typing this now