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    That gives me hope it may arrive still... but yes, moving on as Tom said.

    I had to file a case with USPS about my Dusty Groove order from April 7th that has not arrived. My other order which was first class (because of the Nagaoka inner CD sleeves) arrived yesterday. The fact there is zero movement beyond "acceptance pending" even though it is media mail is suspicious. I know things are taking their time so I hope before someone gets back to me in 2-3 business days it arrives.
  3. Miles and "Maria"

    The New Miles Davis Quintet, Cookin, Steamin', Workin', Relaxin' plus a 4th disc of previously bootlegged live recordings. Concord first released it as a longbox in 2006 but it has been since released in a tradition cube and vinyl. He also quotes "Maria" on the Legendary Quintet Sessions box
  4. Henry Grimes RIP

  5. Jimmy Smith's finest performance?

    I have the Laserlight 2 CD set of this show and it is indeed terrific.
  6. Miles and "Maria"

    Is this one of the Cafe Bohemia sets that make up disc 4 of the Prestige Legendary Quintet set? I have not played disc 4 in years but recall the "Maria" quote there and I was very surprised

    The second package is coming tommorrow, the first one is sitting but hope that it moves soon. I hope they don't lose it.
  8. I'll stick with the Heavyweight Champion box thank you very much

    Well my second package should be delivered Saturday, but the first one is still sitting inn "acceptance pending". So odd.
  10. The USPS SUCKS

    I feel everyone's pain. I have two orders from Da Bastids that shipped, one last tuesdaay April 7th, and one yesterday. The one from last week is still sitting in "acceptance pending" status and is media mail, while the other has the same status but I chose priority instead. Should I be worried the earlier package is lost? I know how crazy this pandemic is so I'm giving it time, but I cannot get a hold of the post office here in Yonkers during business hours or a live person at USPS. AFAIK, both packages are still in Chicago. Dusty Groove's website warns that b/c of COVID-19 delivery and handling rates may vary and media mail typically takes 1-3 weeks but usually I receive stuff from them in a matter of days, never had anything but excellent results
  11. Ryo Kawasaki (1947-2020)

    RIP That is... odd. Playing a CD I've had for 25 years right now and no evidence the plastic is burned off
  12. I think At The Jazz Corner Of The World is very nice, and probably why that session was released and not this one. "Quick Trick" is ok, not great, and this album I don't think will create anything new in the JM legacy, but glad their putting it out.
  13. Jymie Merritt (1926 - 2020)

  14. Wallace Roney R.I.P (COVID-19 victim)

    Reposting my podcast about Blue Dawn-Blue Nights http://bit.ly/2LMO0kU
  15. Wallace Roney R.I.P (COVID-19 victim)

    Damn..... I interviewed him twice last year and saw and talked to him at the Birth of the Cool premiere
  16. Connie Han- Plays Richard Rodgers

    Did you check her website? Her new album Iron Starlet is out June 12th, and is quite nice, I received my promo copy to review this weekend. I can ask her on Instagram or Facebook message and get back to you.
  17. Agreed. I've watched a lot of YT vids on rudimentary theory.
  18. Live Streaming Concerts

    https://bit.ly/3blQIHM Upcoming April 1-7
  19. I remember he bashed a movie just for how an ethnnic were portrayed (even if you disagree with that, is it really worth slamming a film entirely?) and how he felt underwhelmed by Both Directions at Once because he expected it to be like live Coltrane which is a bit absurd. I write about jazz but don't consider myself a "critic" in that sense of the word I write about what I enjoy, stuff I don't like I'll leave to someone else. I feel like writers such as Brody have an entitlement to something and what they write about has more to say about them as people. Critics are a strange bunch.
  20. I don't generally care for Brody's viewpoints, but this article was pretty good.
  21. http://bit.ly/2UhmVsn Whoops wrong section!
  22. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    Looking forward. Sahara I heard years ago, it's great. If only Fantasy had done a mega Tyner Milestone set!
  23. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    Is it me or is Elvin's drum sound very odd with how it's clear it's recorded in a booth, but has an odd almost gated effect on that? I'm streaming it now but hope to get a lot of these albums on CD soon from the Milestone era. I just have burns I made years ago of Enlightenment, Counterpoints: Live in Tokyo and Together from emusic as far as Milestones go.
  24. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    RIP. I first heard McCoy on Milestone Jazzstars in Concert at 5 or 6 years old, one of the few good albums my aunt ever got me-- and I think I was taken by that commanding sense and those long sustained trills. I had gotten seriously into Trane at 13 and that was the start of the journey. This loss really sucks.