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  1. CD packages have been getting bad for years but I wonder sometimes it's the labels' way of saying "yes, we think the CD is dead". I didn't buy Blue World but the Both Directions At Once packaging is pretty bad.
  2. Tangents and Now This his final two albums are excellent as well.
  3. My pleasure. I'm going to have to pick up the Arista set soon, I see some copies on discogs... This album is fun and I think one of my top releases for the year.
  4. This is a nice album, I didn't like it as much as Letter to Herbie though which is fantastic
  5. RIP. Love the Elvin work especially
  6. I have digital promos of the Wilkins, Clayton, new Frisell and album by Artemis and the Blue Note: reimagined I intend to review. I listened to most of the Clayton, Logan Richardson and Marcus Gilmore make very strong contributions. After a listen, I need to really focus on the Wilkins, there is some really good playing there. I think Blue Note should keep signing new artists because thee most important thing in jazz is to be present in the here and now. Blue Note at this point as we all know is just a brand, and I don't think many artists have broken out during the Don Was era, Robert Glasper, Norah Jones and Jose James were all with them in the Lundvall era, Ambrose Akinmusire too whom I think is the biggest stand out. This current era is not that different from the George Butler/UA one honestly... most of what's being put out is product. If anything, Blue Note should sign someone like Connie Han because she could benefit from more diverse settings. It is good but the sound is horrible. So compressed.
  7. I also think Chewy's view is a bit closed minded. My list Pat Metheny: everything he recorded for ECM Keith Jarrett: Sun Bear Concerts Keith Jarrett: Arbour Zena Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan: Small Town Jan Garbarek: Afric Pepperbird Art Ensemble of Chicago: Urban Bushmen John Abercrombie: Arcade John Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter Erskine Keith Jarrett: Still Live Keith Jarrett: At the Blue Note: The Complete Recordings Jack DeJohnette: Special Edition Jack DeJohnette: Oneness Marcin Wasilewski Trio: Live Anders Jormin/Lena Willemark/Karin Nakagawa: Trees of Light John Scofield/Bill Stewart/Steve Swallow: Swallow Tales Arild Andersen/Paolo Vinaccia/Tommy Smith: In House Science Masabumi Kikuchi: Black Orpheus Nana Vasconcelos: Saudades Meredith Monk: Dolmen Music Trio Beyond: Saudades Terje Rypdal and the Chasers: Blue Kit Downes: Obsidian Eberhard Weber: The Following Morning Rainer Bruninghaus: Freigeweht Kenny Wheeler: Double, Double You David Torn: Cloud About Mercury David Torn: only sky Wolfgang Muthspiel: Angular Blues Steve Reich: Music For 18 Musicians Nils Petter Molvaer: Khmer Avishai Cohen Big Vicious
  8. Yes please post tunes and indexes! I am gonna put on Search For The New Land in a few minutes.
  9. In my dealings with him he's been nothing but a stand up guy but the jazz business is so strange, maybe because he's received so many accolades, someone has a thing. I try to steer clear of the BS and focus on just writing about the music I like but I'll start going outside of jazz too.
  10. Can you explain how so? I'd like to learn about this... if we use Jimmy Smith as a base since he's one of my favs.. wouldn't he play on top or slightly ahead? Hank obviously plays way behind
  11. Interesting points. Yes later Evans is ahead of the beat, but I don't personally find that a problem. Maybe because I'm of a generation where it's more common? IDK.
  12. Personally, I like the more intense he got as the Turn Out The Stars box set shows. That's because I like really aggressive playing which has always been my taste since I was a kid, hence latching to Jimmy Smith early on, Blakey, more recently, Hiromi... etc. That said I also love more reflective playing too.
  13. Me too. Not a ton of scratching on my end but as often happens with these mini LP packages the corner tore slightly when I removed the disc. I keep the inner CD sleeve just sticking out slightly so I can pull the disc slightly.
  14. Is there any chance knowing from all of you with past experience on back ordered sets it could arrive sooner than 6-8 weeks? I haven't bought a Mosaic in over a decade. Is it possible the transfers could be Bernie Grundman? When I played some of the Brownie Speaks box to hear on my Focals the transfers sounded very very bright to me. but that's also before I got my Schiit Modius DAC which does a great job of enhancing the sound stage and separation and mellowing things out
  15. Thank you David! Amended my review to reflect this information, and since I just received my copy, I see it was mastered by BG. Thanks. I think I put it out too fast in order to get it out while the iron is hot. I made several edits to tighten things up. More than the ampersand, shouldn't the BN logo have been red or yellow to match the color scheme?
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