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  1. Album Covers With a Drawing By the Artist

    Planet Waves
  2. 8th grade History test

    28/30 but I am married to a history professor so it rubs off a bit...
  3. Danny Richmond on Jazz From Blue Lake

    He seemed ageless when I saw him in the 80's hrs looked like he did in 71.
  4. Sheila Jordan - Happy Birthday

    She'll be in Chicago January 9th - I'll make the pilgrimage to see her again.
  5. A possibly heretical statement re Bill Evans' first trio

    I happen to be listening to the little regarded Costa record w- Evans and he is attentive responsive and clever - quite enjoyable.
  6. Great Finds

    Picked up a decent mono copy of Tubby the Tenor on epic for $2.00 today, the jacket is beat but the LP plays great! Also a mint Ralph Burns Bijou with Jimmy Rainey for $9 - Tubbs will get more play.
  7. Bob Dylan corner

    I have to say this is by far the least essential of all 10 volumes - only the Isle of Wright has any interest but not for $140.... Recently bought a mint self portrait at the flea mkt for $1 and feel like I paid too much - and I once flew to Maine just to see Bob in a theater.
  8. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Google says Sonny in Paris was 1965 - my LP is near legit sounding mono - have never heard any of the cd versions.
  9. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Gotta get the hang of this on the phone. Sonny in Paris is w- Art Taylor and Gilbert Rovere - the date could be wrong but it is an amazing session without a break can't get started , three little words, can't get started (reprise) 3 (reprise) st Thomas, is side 1.
  10. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Don't have this....who is on Drums? Is there a date on it?
  11. Best Live Performance by Classic Bands

    Rollins Paris 1958 - Italian Jazzway - favorite live Rollins record.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Steve Lacy - Catch. Duo with Kent Carter- Horo 1978 - lyrical and intimate. Love late 70's early 80's lacy - probably cause that's when I started to listen but also because he was really hitting everything.
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    If you were in St. Paul it could be the same copy. Once you tune out the horns the drumming is impressive but not that well recorded.
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Milford Graves - Babi. Trio with Arthur Doyle and Hugh Glover. First play in 15 years and despite all the weird stuff I listen to I still don't really get it....
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Unity - Sun Ra Horo. Full band. Ra on organ - nice.
  16. Charles Lloyd Corner

    Saw him Monday with Gerald Clayton, Ruben Rogers, Eric Harland - trio was tight and working damn hard - Lloyd a faint echo of middle period Trane and meh...
  17. Jazz records without bass or drums. Or piano.

    Marion Brown - Recollections - solo playing tunes just put it on and still really beautiful.
  18. Jazz records without bass or drums. Or piano.

    I was listening to Daunik Lazro and Phil Minton - Alive at Sonorities this weekend... It's....something.
  19. Small group jazz with tuba?

    Marcus Rojas also nicely featured with Lester Bowie and Dave Douglas' brass bands. A direct link to a direct influence for Douglas I think.
  20. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Azar Lawrence - Bridge Into the New Age. As far into spiritual soul jazz as I wander - non vocal tracks are quite fine. Jean Carn continus to do nothing for me.
  21. Great Finds

    Clark Terry - Color Changes original stereo candid issue $2.50.... Not a bad find for a stop on the way home today.
  22. JLH reissue plans

    Jlh I have original vinyl of every record you have and are planning to release and I'm buying all again from you. The Hemphill was a stocking stuffer for 7 people 2 yrs back - keep up the good fight.
  23. 2 rare gigs, March and April 2013

    Do you ever play in Maine? I escaped in 78 (it was even worse then) but am back 1-2 x a year to see family - hang at Popham beach etc..
  24. I am pretty sure the numbers represent the size of the groups - though I may remember one or two incorrectly - plus the owl has Butch Morris on only one side (the great one). I think the number of percussionists varies from track to track on prospectus. I can check at home later today.