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  1. Bargain Audio Equipment Plug this tiny amp to your power hungry speakers and then weep at the glorious sound and power this produces. Combine it with a FX Audio tube preamp for $45 and weep some more.
  2. RIP Roy Clark

    Washington DC was home to some amazing guitarists. Roy Clark, Link Wray, Roy Buchannan, Bo Diddley (for a few years) and others.
  3. Stan Lee R.I.P.

    Here, from the Comics Journal, an excellent piece on Stan Lee and his legacy :
  4. Stan Lee R.I.P.

    Pretty much.
  5. Stan Lee R.I.P.

    Kirby's opinion was shared by others. Remember, Lee's plot contributions were generalized concepts that the artists brought to full fruition and detail . In many cases they introduced characters that either fell flat on their faces or became classic characters on their own. Kirby's beef was that he was not getting credit (and money) for these ideas that he brought in. Timely was not doing well in the late 50s until Kirby and Ditko came in and started doing creature feature type stories. Stan was always a businessman, not a creative genius.
  6. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    Scott, you are correct, I was thinking VIsta but typed 7.
  7. iTunes problem when upgrading my Mac to macOS Mojave

    This is the first Mac OS that I will not upgrade to; I have heard so many issues with it, like Windows 7 bad. But I have an old MacMini 2012 model that I will keep on going until I have no choice but to get the latest and greatest, even though I can not upgrade the hard drive.
  8. Stan Lee R.I.P.

    RIP Stan. He was not an innovator; he was a good promoter and showman. The real work was done by several artists who worked for him, especially Kirby and Ditko. I will give him credit for taking the long form comic strip narrative and applying it to comic books, spreading a storyline out over many issues and even different titles. It got people to buy books that they wouldn't have, except for the fact it had x character appearing in it. Guys like Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter and others probably did more to build Marvel into prominence than anything that Stan ever did. But he was a good front for the company, and popular.
  9. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    I don't mind hearing Mingus with a different drummer. Variety.
  10. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    At least on the opening track, Roy Brooks scorches the earth with his drumming.
  11. Roy Hargrove

    Just saw this, as well as a mention in the Washington Post. Much too young. RIP.
  12. Did you get the Japanese volume?
  13. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    That's a Jack Kirby background. The inking looks like Mark Evanier. Neither of them likely did this. Probably some artist who was inspired by the New Gods era artwork.
  14. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    I learned something new. Outstanding! I look forward to reading your book, Mark!
  15. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Same people.