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  1. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Yeah, after all this time I still use my Pi with a DAC attachment and love it. It is better than cd sound -- depending on the source material, of course. With the tube 45 amp I have it Is a great combination. Detailed and clear.
  2. Elvin Jones Is On The Mountain
  3. FS - Odds and Ends cds HALF OFF EVERYTHING

    Up, for the millionth FINAL time. Some good obscure American classical here fellas. I'm whipping this dead horse till it gets up and dances.
  4. FS - Odds and Ends cds HALF OFF EVERYTHING

    Up, half off everything.
  5. Selling my FX Audio FX502S 80w x 2 amp in like new condition. Works perfectly, no issues. Played for about 20 hours tops. Comes with its original 24v power adapter and original box. $45 shipped in the US.
  6. Branford slams Miles

    Hip hop/rap.
  7. Branford slams Miles

    There needs to be a sarcasm font. Yes I missed it.
  8. Branford slams Miles

    America more prosperous in the early 80s? Hell no. Between inflation, the gas shortage crisis and a wave of union vs management conflicts, Cold War malaise, and other issues, America was not prosperous. The affluence came around 1986-87, as Reaganomics kicked in. And Reaganomics was a shit poor concept.
  9. Record Store Day 2019

    Yes, it has gotten brutal. For me, Record Store Day is whenever I feel the hell like dropping into my local music haunt. Which isn't that often anymore.
  10. The fire at Notre Dame cathedral

    Indeed. It isn't the first time for this cathedral. Even the spire that fell was less than two hundred years old, not original to the building. This is now an opportunity to relearn and remake this wonderful building.
  11. Branford slams Miles

    Sigh. Old man yelling at clouds syndrome. Wayne's quartet of the past two decades is proof positive that he learned a great deal from Miles. It is also a testament to Wayne's greatness that he applied it in his own way and own terms. His sidemen are excellent but I have little to no interest in hearing their own projects. But with Wayne they are transformed.
  12. Sam Rivers on Rivbea

    OK, this will make me actually buy a cd this year
  13. There's plenty of jazz material in the 1960s for them to do a Savoy box.
  14. FS - Odds and Ends cds HALF OFF EVERYTHING

    I'm in no rush to put them on ebay.