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  1. LP vacuum cleaner

    I've read many positive reviews on this. I may give it a try.
  2. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    Thanks. Auto correct has been wreaking havoc with my typing with each incremental update of browser software.
  3. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    Updated, price adjustment on the Hendrix Hendrix CDs
  4. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    adding two classical boxed sets: Composers in Person 22 cds on EMI out of print $80 Constantin Silvestri - The Legendary Conductor 15 cds on Warner/EMI $25
  5. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    Surprised no one has claimed the Hendrix dagger cds.
  6. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    Ok, someone bit!
  7. FS - Odds and Ends cds

    Still available. Surprised no one has bit on the Villa Lobos box or the Ondines. Stellar music and performances.
  8. The following cds are for sale, shipping is $3 for the first disc, .50 for additional in the CONUS: OffonOff - Slap and Tackle (Small-town Superjazz) with Terrie Ex and Paal Nilssen Love $7 The Crimson Project - Official Bootleg Live 2012 (Unsung) $9 Yo Miles! - Upriver (2 cds on Cuneiform) $30 Yo Miles! - Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith (2 cds on Shanachie) $10 Yo Miles! - Sky Garden (2 cds on Cuneiform) $20 The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Invisible Roots (Shout Japan mini lp Deep Jazz Reality reissue) $15 Ulrich Gumpert Quartett - A New One (Intakt) review copy $4 Michael Griener - Squakk Willisau & Berlin (Intakt) review copy $4 Ingrid Laubrock Octet - Zurich Concert (Intakt) review copy $4 Oliver Lake/William Parker - To Roy (Intakt) review copy $4 Charles Lloyd - Sangam (ECM) $6 Getatchew Mekuria & the Ex & Friends - Y'Anbessaw Tezeta (Terp) $15 comes with a bonus live cd Getatchew Mekuria & the Ex & Guests - Moa Anbessa (Terp) $15 Jon Irabagon - Foxy (Hot Cup) with Barry Altschul $8 Bill Dixon 7-ette & Archie Step and the Contemporary 5 (Savoy) $30 OOP Ginette Neveu - The Complete Studio Recordings (4 cds on Intense Media) $9 20th Century Masterpieces 100 Years of Classical Music (16 cds on EMI) $40 Bruckner - Symphonies 1-9 Ivor Bolton/Mozarteumorchester Salzburg (9 cd on Oehms) $15 Benjamin Britten - The Complete Orchestral and Instrumental Music (13 cds on Decca) $30 Janos Starker - The Warner Legacy (10 cds on Warner) $15 Schubert - The Symphonies Harnoncourt (4 cds on Warner) $10 Martucci - Complete Orchestral Works D'Avalos/Philharmonia (4 cds on Brilliant) $18 Jimi Hendrix - BBC Sessions ( 2 cds on MCA) $9 Send me a PM if interested.
  9. Checked your hearing lately?

    Unless you are a dog. Woof!
  10. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    It is behind the short grey triad, between two of the three transformers (or are they chokes) on the back row.
  11. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    Plenty of bass. Not hot at all.
  12. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    Up and running. Just running Chromecast to it right now. The clarity is stunning.
  13. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    Haw. Never had an amp run that hot. Only five tubes. Massive trannies. Wow.
  14. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    I'm not gonna touch it. Just look at it from afar, longingly.
  15. Entering the world of type 45 tube amp sound

    Received it today. But darn it, I can't enjoy it just yet as I am recovering from surgery. Will be a few days or so.