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  1. Classical music cds for sale !!!

    Can u add these? Elliott Carter - The Music of Elliott Carter Volume Six(Bridge 9177) Elliott Carter - Symphonia - Clarinet Concerto(Deutsche Grammophon 459 660-2)
  2. Classical music cds for sale !!!

    James, I sent you a message.
  3. Suggestions sought: Speaker wires

    Lamp wire works well too.
  4. IPod Replacement

    So apparently Oppo will have more 205s available for sale this summer. A friend who had been interested in one contacted the company after I had told him about Oppo's new situation, and that's what they told him.
  5. IPod Replacement

    So Kevin, you gonna go the Fiio route?
  6. IPod Replacement

    Wow, I did not know Oppo is pulling out. This might be part of the reason why - Trump's tarriffs:
  7. IPod Replacement

    Not a big deal for me. The Emotiva is showing its age, and I may not get another cd player.
  8. IPod Replacement

    Y'know, I don't believe my amp has a digital input. I'll have to check. Confirmed, no digital inputs.
  9. IPod Replacement

    I am using XLR cables from the player to the amp.
  10. IPod Replacement

    yes Well I already invested in the player, which is on its last legs. I'm using a Raspberry Pi with a HifiBerry DAC to play my jazz on the home stereo.
  11. IPod Replacement

    I had the X3 and moved up to the X5II. Been throroughly enjoying it for the past year and a half; with two sd slots and a killer DAC that smokes my beloved Emotiva cd player. I take it to work with me daily. Gave my X3II to my dad -- loaded it up with 128GB of jazz and he never is lacking music.
  12. Cds for sale

    Up, new items added.
  13. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    The seven disc set. And no, I don't find it frustrating. Not at all.