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  1. Lps & cds for sale

    30% off all titles listed EXCEPT the krautrock box set.
  2. This and James Brown's Startime are two of the great box sets ever assembled.
  3. Lps & cds for sale

    The following cds are for sale, shipping is $3.50 in the CONUS plus .50 for each additional cd. Axel Donner - Rostbeständige Zeit (2 cds on doubt) $15 Fred Frith - Clearing Customs (Intakt) $8 Jay Zelenka Greg Mills - Stranded in Paradise (Leo) $8 Rodrigo Amado - The Freedom Principle (NoBusiness) $8 Lisbon Improvisation Players - Spiritualized (Clean Feed) $6 w/ Rodrigo Amado Rodrigo Amado - This is Our Language (Not Two) $8 Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet (Clean Feed) $6 Rodrigo Amado - The Abstract Truth (Clean Feed) $6 Rodrigo Amado - The Attic (NoBusiness) $8 Humanization 4tet - Live in Madison (Clean Feed) $6 Rodrigo Amado - Desire & Freedom (Not Two) $8 Scorch Trio - Luggumt $7 Akira Sakata & Giovanni di Domenico - Iruman (mbarimusica) $8 Tony Malaby -The Signal Maker promo $3 Lloyd Miller - A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz (Jazzman) $15 Ken Nordine - Colors (34 tracks on Asphodel) $10 Ohr - 70's Krautrock box set from Japan on Captain Trip Records A fabulous reissue of 5 classic 70's Krautrock albums, 2008 remasters. Includes Guru Guru - S/T; Guru Guru - Hinten; Mythos - S/T; Annexus QuamOsmose; Annexus Quam - Beiehungen. Cds are all in excellent condition, no scratches or marks. Rare box set from Japan! $80 Also these lps for sale, $3.50 for the first lp, .50 for each additional: Art Lande and Rubisa Patrol - Desert Marauders (ECM green label) (NM-/VG sticker residue on upper right corner) $6 Michael Carvin - The Camel (Inner City) (EXC/VG++) $6 (w/ Cecil Bridgewater and Sonny Fortune) various - Ossiach Live (3 lps on MPS) $25 (EXC/VG++) w/ Anima Sound, Tangerine Dream, Weather Report, John Surman Trio, Georg Grunz, Dave Pike, and more! Eric Dolphy - Fire Waltz (2 lps On Prestige) (VG/VG) $8 Jacques Coursil - Black Suite (BYG/Actuel 2000 Get Back Italy reissue) (VG++sleeve wear/NM-) $20 Kenneth Torroade - Love Rejoice (BYG/Actuel original pressing) $20 Clifford Thornton - Ketchaoua (BYG/Actuel original pressing) (VG+/VG- water stain on cover; upper right corner rip) $20 Michael Howell - In the Silence (Milestone) (EXC/VG ring wear) $20 Yusef Lateef - Angel Eyes (2 lps on Savoy) (NM-/EXC) $8 Yusef Lateef - Lateef (2 lps on Prestige) (EXC/EXC) $9 Yusef Lateef - The Many Faces of Yusef Lateef (2 Lisa on Milestone) (VG+/VG+) $9 Luis Gasca - For Those Who Chant (Blue Thumb, original gatefold lp with white label and blue thumb) $9 w/Joe Henderson, Carlos Santana, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and others Thelonious Monk/John Coltrane - Monk/Coltrane (2 lps on Milestone) (NM-/VG ring wear) $10 John Lindberg - The East End Suite (Sound Aspects, promo radio station copy) (NM-/VG+ writing on front and back covers) $10 various - Ladies Sing the Blues: Roots of Rock n roll vol 5 (2 lps on Savoy?Arista) (NM-/EXC) $9 Billy Bang - Outline No 12 (Celluloid) (NM-/NM-) $12 Kahil El'Zabar - The Ritual (Sound Aspects) (NM-/EXC) $25 Bill Barron & Booker Ervin - The Hot Line (Savoy/Arista) (NM-/NM-) $10 Barbara Donald & Unity - The Past and Tomorrows (Cadence Jazz) (NM-/NM-) $20 w/Carter Jefferson Barbara Donald & Unity - Olympia Live (Cadence Jazz) (NM-/NM-) $15 The Thing! with Barry Guy - Metal! (2 lps on NoBusiness) (NM-/NM-) $30 Jimmy Giuffre - Clarinet (Atlantic) EXC/EXC $6 Sahib Shihab - All-Star Sextets (2 lps on Savoy) NM-/VG+ $9 Herbie Nichols - The Bethlehem Years (Bethlehem) EXC/VG+ $6 Donald Byrd - House of Byrd (2 lps on Prestige) EXC/EXC $9 The Undisputed Truth - Down to Earth (Gordy) (EXC/EXC cut out notch on bottom edge) $8 The Undisputed Truth - Method to the Madness (Whitfield) (VG/VG) $3 The Undisputed Truth - Cosmic Truth (VG+/EXC) $8 Fleetwood Mac in Chicago (2 lps on Sire) NM-/VG+ ring wear $12 Maru Sankaku Shihaku (Circle Triangle Square) 1973 Japanese free music 3 cd set reissued in 2013 $12 Agitation Free - Malesch (Revisited Germany) $10 Guru Guru - Wah Wah (Revisited Germany) $6 Guru Guru - Don't Call Us (We'll Call You) 2 cds on Revisited Germany $14 Guru Guru (1973 self titled album, not the debut album which is a few years earlier) $12 Send me a PM if interested.
  4. Denny Zeitlin's "Remembering Miles"

    This is a damn fine album.
  5. FS - Lps

    The following lps are for sale, shipping is $3.50 for the first lp, and additional .50 per additional lp. US only. (condition is lp then jacket, eg: EXC/VG+) XXXX - sold New additions: Jimmy Giuffre - Clarinet (Atlantic) EXC/EXC $8 Charles Tolliver - The Ringer (Arista) EXC/EXC $15 cut out upper left corner Ali Akbar Khan - Morning and Evening Ragas (Connoisseur Society) VG/VG $5 Manfred Schoof Quintet - Light Lines (JAPO) NM-/EXC cut out notch $15 Eric Dolphy - Dolphy (2 lps on Prestige) VG+/VG+ light ring wear $12.50 McCoy Tyner - Enlightenment ( 2 lps on Milestone) EXC/EXC $12.50 John Berberian - Oud Artistry (Mainstream) EXC/EXC $10 Sahib Shihab - All-Star Sextets (2 lps on Savoy) NM-/VG+ $15 Everyman Band - S/T (ECM green label) NM-/EXC $10 Sandy Bull - Inventions (Sutro Park 2009 180 gm reissue) NM-/NM- $12.50 Sandy Bull - Fantasias (Sutro Park 2009 180 gm reissue) NM-/NM- $12.50 Sandy Bull -No Deposit No Return Blues Electric Band (Sutro Park 2009 180 gm reissue) nm-/NM- $12.50 Harold Land - A New Shade of Blue (Mainstream, gatefold cover) VG+/VG $12 Lennie Tristano - Requiem (2 lps on Atlantic) NM-/VG+ (notch on bottom edge) $8 Lennie Tristano - Previously Unreleased Recordings (2 lps on Atlantic) NM-/NM- $8 Herbie Nichols - The Bethlehem Years (Bethlehem) EXC/VG+ $8 Herbie Nichols - The Third World (2 lps on Blue Note, blue and black label) VG+/VG+ $18 Lucky Thompson - Dancing Sunbeam (2 lps on Impulse! SEALED) $12.50 Donald Byrd - House of Byrd (2 lps on Prestige) EXC/EXC $12.50 Donald Byrd - Young Byrd (2 lps on Milestone) EXC/EXC $12.50 Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - Live! (Columbia, gatefold lp) VG/VG+ $4 The B-52s - Wild Planet (Warner Bros) EXC/EXC $7.50 various - Music to Read James Bond By (mono United Artists) VG/VG $5 Fleetwood Mac in Chicago (2 lps on Sire) NM-/VG+ ring wear $15
  6. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Yeah, after all this time I still use my Pi with a DAC attachment and love it. It is better than cd sound -- depending on the source material, of course. With the tube 45 amp I have it Is a great combination. Detailed and clear.
  7. Elvin Jones Is On The Mountain
  8. FS - Odds and Ends cds HALF OFF EVERYTHING

    Up, for the millionth FINAL time. Some good obscure American classical here fellas. I'm whipping this dead horse till it gets up and dances.
  9. FS - Odds and Ends cds HALF OFF EVERYTHING

    Up, half off everything.
  10. Selling my FX Audio FX502S 80w x 2 amp in like new condition. Works perfectly, no issues. Played for about 20 hours tops. Comes with its original 24v power adapter and original box. $45 shipped in the US.
  11. Branford slams Miles

    Hip hop/rap.
  12. Branford slams Miles

    There needs to be a sarcasm font. Yes I missed it.
  13. Branford slams Miles

    America more prosperous in the early 80s? Hell no. Between inflation, the gas shortage crisis and a wave of union vs management conflicts, Cold War malaise, and other issues, America was not prosperous. The affluence came around 1986-87, as Reaganomics kicked in. And Reaganomics was a shit poor concept.
  14. Record Store Day 2019

    Yes, it has gotten brutal. For me, Record Store Day is whenever I feel the hell like dropping into my local music haunt. Which isn't that often anymore.