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  1. Tommy's Jazz Mailing List

    Add me to the list as a satisfied customer.
  2. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Seconded. The Japanese reissues I purchased in the past few months (many) and listened to (a much smaller subset thus far) sound great. In fact I am positive at least some of them reuse the old BN Works masterings if that's your thing. I am thinking in particular of Andrew Hill's Black Fire, which sounds identical to my BN Works CD.
  3. Steeplechase Offer

    Sent a 14 disc (!) list. Thanks all for the recommendations again.
  4. Steeplechase Offer

    Thank you everyone. Lots to discover, apparently
  5. Steeplechase Offer

    Anyone have any particular favorites? I have the Dexter Gordon studio set and a few of the live dates (all of which are very good), his collaboration with Jackie McLean (not as good as I would have hoped), but not much if anything else.
  6. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Sent an e-mail re: Abrams, Muhal Richard The Complete Remastered Recordings - 9 CD BXS 1041 $26 Murray, David The Complete Remastered Recordings - 6 CD BXS 1042 $20 Roach, Max The Complete Remastered Recordings - 6 Cd BXS 1044 $20
  7. Dave Douglas - Riverside

    I am a subscriber and find it worthwhile as well. I did the middle tier. You get instant access to all new releases on the Greenleaf label, which is quite active. Obviously I like Douglas' his music and the music of his frequent collaborators like Matt UIery, Rudy Royston, Linda Oh, and Donny McCaslin.
  8. PM'd re Buddy Rich and Sarah Vaughan sets.
  9. FS: Mosaic Sets

    PM sent on the Desmond/Hall.
  10. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Have the Nelson, Tapscott, Hines, and Young/Hawkins on the way along with iapetus, Pure Dynamite, Hal Galper Inner Journey and Johnny Coles Katumbo from the Mainstream releases on the way to me. All of it new music to these ears!
  11. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Thanks Jim and John. I'm really digging the previous Mainstream batches, and looking forward to the next one. I'll add your recommendations to my want list. This is all new stuff to me. Although I'm a child of the 80s, I'm quite fond of the 70s 'sound' on these Mainstream releases.
  12. Interesting Mainstream Records reissues

    Thanks for posting these. It seems that Solid has ventured into the Flying Dutchman catalog. Any recommendations for someone who has nothing from them?