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  1. Happy Birthday kinuta!

    Thanks very much.
  2. Monitor Going South?

    Have you thought that it might be that the power plug isn't sitting in the input socket properly? You say that the power comes on if you reinsert the power plug, which is the same problem I had several years ago. I stuck a pared down wooden toothpick into the socket and jiggled the plug and toothpick around till the monitor lit up. I then firmly wedged in the toothpick and all was well. I had to rejiggle the toothpick now and then but it worked ok.
  3. Now reading...

    Last 20 pages.
  4. Hacked/Redirected/WTF?????

    I've been unable to connect for over a week, being constantly rerouted to Abobe update. Quite honestly I'd given up the ghost. Relieved at least that it wasn't a problem at my end. Haven't checked my tablets yet.
  5. What Are You Watching

    Seems to have been the brunt of tongue lashing from Trekie purists. I've enjoyed it all up to yesterdays penultimate episode. Hats off to the show for inventiveness and willingness to break the mould with a dark vision and involving story arc.
  6. Wonder Wheel - Woody Allen (2017) Kate Winslet is the entirety of the film. She struggles with a dodgy script to give a thespian display that almost equals Kate Blanchet in Blue Jasmine. That said, the film has a lot of quite awful aspects that make it uncomfortable viewing. The Justin Timberlake beach guard whanabee Eugene O'Neill is ridiculous, and never delivers any sign of actually having written anything. Kate's husband is an insufferable blowhard, copied from The Purple Rose Of Cairo. Kate's dimwit sister arrives unexpectably (Blue Jasmine) , followed by two mob heavies (from The Sopranos-literally) who disappear after one scene. Kate's kid is a psycho arsonist. Devoid of humour or whimsy, none of this hodgepodge comes together in any meaningful way. See it for Kate but forget the rest. How The Beatles Changed The World - Tom O'Dell (2017) What the title says. Once in the early 60's and again in the late 60's. I thought the Beatles well had been long since drained dry but this was an entertaining and fun watch. I liked it.
  7. Dennis Edwards (1943 - 2018) R.I.P

    Great singer. Will be missed but remembered.