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  1. What Is Cinema ? - Chuck Workman (2013) Collage of clips with some eminent directors adding comments. Doesn't amount to much but interesting to see how many of the clips you can name or have seen.
  2. Name Three People...

    Roger Moore Heathcliff Heather McCartney
  3. Name Three People...

    Michael Bolton Diane Lockhart The Five Keys
  4. Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 R.I.P

    I'd say The Saint was his most definitive role. It's certainly the one that immediately springs to mind when I hear his name. I'm afraid I thought his James Bond was a camp comedy joke. His comedic, tongue in cheek talents were well utilized in FFolkes aka Noth Seas Hijack.
  5. Whatever Works - Woody Allen ( 2009) Park Avenue: Money, Power And The American Dream - Alex Gibney (2012)
  6. Name Three People...

    Frank Zappa Bud Powell Bamber Gascoyne
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The HRS Mosaic is one I never tire of. It must be one of the most played Mosaics I have, Compliments the BH Columbia very nicely.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Billie Holiday Complete Columbia Discs 4,5 Complete HRS Sessions Mosaic Discs 3,4
  9. R.I.P. Powers Boothe, a memorable villian.
  10. Name Three People...

    Olivia Pope Will Pope Popeye Doyle
  11. Just watched this. Thought it was excellent, beautifully done with one of the best screenplays I've seen for a while. The Missus was enthralled too.
  12. Name Three People...

    Keith Moon Johnny Shines Hoochie Coochie Man
  13. Celebrity - Woody Allen (1998) Better than I remember it. Especially good b&w cinematograhy. Main flaw is Kenneth Branagh as the WA stand in. Mighty Aphrodite - Woody Allen (1995) Stands up well but the Greek chorus quickly outstays it's welcome. Trainspotting 2 - Danny Boyle (2017) Badly misjudged and disappointing. Weakly written, teeters on the edge of incoherence.
  14. Name Three People...

    Ruggles Of Red Gap Twiggy The Boy Friend