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  1. Name Three People...

    Figaro Kimiko Date Orange Bloviator
  2. How's the weather?

    Beautiful early autumn weather. Warm days, blue skies, low humidity and cool nights. H28 L20.
  3. Name Three People...

    Nile Rogers Pharoah Sanders Cleopatra Jones
  4. Name Three People...

    Sorry for the Flintstone error. Tinkerbell William Bell Belle
  5. Name Three People...

    Wanda Jackson Wanda Flintstone Dion
  6. Name Three People...

    Hank Marvin The King Of Marvin Gardens Marvellous Marvin Hagler
  7. His domestic policies were imperialistic,very reactionary and anti working class. His leadership was swiftly rejected, with barely a second thought, when the conflict ended. What surprised me and what made the film's premise dubious was that in my quite extensive reading about the two wars, I've only come across passing mention of his fear that Overlord would end up like the Gallipolli campaign. Here it was the heart of the film and drawn out in a quite tortuous way, making him into a very unsympathetic, tantrum prone crybaby. Sounds familiar.
  8. Churchill - Jonathon Teplitzky (2017) Didn't know quite what to make of this. Sterling performances by Brian Cox and Miranda Richardson. The idea of Churchill as a high maintenance narcissist, sulking over his diminished role as a decision maker was problematic to say the least. Partially redeemed by an inspirational ending speech, but the jury is out on this one. Looking forward to seeing what Gary Oldman does with the part
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I had the original vinyl of this one. Great title track.