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  1. Modern Jazz Trumpeters

    I'll second that. Smoker is a fabulous player.
  2. Sick To Death Of Television

    I don't have cable and don't miss it. More channels than ever, and even less to watch. If there's a show I like, I wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it in sequence without commercials, re-runs or pre-emptions for some airhead talent contest.
  3. Not bad list. I'd certainly agree with the first three. The rest is a bit heavy on the adventurous, but usually these lists are so predictable or banal. Hot Rats is an oddity. It's not a bad album, but I could name 100 jazz records that are better. Sam Rivers' Contours wouldn't be my first pick. I wouldn't replace Sidewinder with Search For the New Land. They both should be on there. No problems seeing Zorn and Naked City. Fun album.
  4. Upcoming Sony Mastersound Miles Davis reissues

    I think that some folks are more Motown and others are more Stax (I'm definitely the later!). Also, a few years back, I heard something on our local jazz station that sounded like On The Corner outtakes or something! Instead of calling the station, I began a hunt for this item... then, I thought that they had gotten hold of some promo for an upcoming set that I didn't know about, and so the searching went on. I've heard OTC sooooooooo many times, that it was clearly some version of one of the cuts, but I could never come up with anything. Still don't know, but maybe there's a Laswell reworking out there somewhere? If this box is anything like I heard...well, hell, I'd buy anything on Miles anyway... Laswell's Panthalassa has a version of "Black Satin," though it sounds pretty much the same. There's also a previously unreleased song from the sessions featuring John McLaughlin, but it doesn't sound like the On the Corner stuff. "Black Satin" also gets the remix treatment on Panthalassa: The Remixes. "Black Satin" reappears again on the 1972 live album. Henry Kaiser's Yo Miles! recordings can sometimees sound like the real thing during the guitar solos.
  5. Upcoming Sony Mastersound Miles Davis reissues

    I'll second that emotion. Let it be noted, though, that the Montreux box features several worthy lineups that never got "officially" recorded otherwise. Agreed. I quite enjoyed the set with Robben Ford on guitar, despite the mushy synths. But frankly I don't think I've ever played a couple of the later dics.
  6. Horo Records

    One of Sun Ra's Horo recordings is discussed here, including samples: http://www.destination-out.com/
  7. Early 1970s Anthony Braxton

    While the quartets would fit nicely on a Select, there's a lot more great music that isn't in quartet format: the duos with Muhal Richard Abrams, Braxton and George Lewis with a chamber orchestra, the Creative Music Orchestra date, For Trio with Roscoe Mitchell and Joseph Jarman on one side and Henry Threadgill and Douglas Ewart on the other, the solo album, For Two Pianos with Frederic Rzewski and Ursula Oppens, a sax quartet, etc. etc. But don't hold your breath on seeing this any time soon. BMG is run by goofballs. Best case scenario we will get "Braxton for Lovers."
  8. Masters of Horror

    This just as easily go in the political forum...but if you do not like the current regime in the U.S., you got to watch the Joe Dantes-directed "Homecoming" in the Masters of Horror anthology series. It's freaking hilarious! It's basically about soldiers from the current conflict who return from the dead with a message for the president. Lots of commentary about Iraq, counting ballots in Ohio and Florida and right-wing pundits. If you dislike the Bush crew and love B-grade horror, this is a riot.
  9. Jimmy Smith - House Party/The Sermon

    The RVG of The Sermon was my first Jimmy Smith purchase. Liked it so much, I got House Party. I was sure pissed to find out about those dropped tracks.
  10. Early 1970s Anthony Braxton

    It's all very strange indeed. Some of the recordings with Corea, et al. were briefly issued on a CD called Early Circle. Of the nine or so Arista recordings, only Creative Music Orchestra and 3/4s of the Berlin/Montreux concerts were ever issued on CD. Meanwhile, quartet albums with Kenny Wheeler and Dave Holland have never been reissued. These include some of Braxton's best. The reason is that BMG is run by dorks. There has been some lobbying to get at least some of this material out on a Mosaic (particularly considering the Cuscuna connection), it appears no one crack the BMG vaults. The Braxton Yahoo group finally got so frustrated some kind fans got together and put the whole shebang on CD-R. There's also some material on Moers and Ring from this era that haven't made it to CD, including a great solo concert and a double live album with the quartet that included Wheeler.
  11. Twilight Zone (1958-1964 original series)

    Loved this show. Haven't seen it in years. The episode that comes to mind first is "The Hunt." "An old man and a hound dog named Rip, off for an evening's pleasure in quest of raccoon. Usually, these evenings end with one tired old man, one battle-scarred hound dog and one or more extremely dead raccoons, but as you may suspect that will not be the case tonight. These hunters won't be coming home from the hill. They're headed for the backwoods of the Twilight Zone."
  12. Horo Records

    It would be nice to see these. I have one of the Sam Rivers Trio records and it's fantastic. But I thought I once read somewhere 'don't hold your breath.' Discography is here: http://www.dpo.uab.edu/~moudry/discog/horo.htm Past discussion here: http://www.organissimo.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=7671
  13. Funny Rat

    I saw Warleigh perform with the Dedication Orchestra last year. I've never heard that last Soft Machine album, but it's been regarded as the group "in name only."
  14. Ebay craziness

    So I e-mail this guy and ask him why is this going for $75-$100 when I can get it brand new on Amazon for $32. This is the reply: "The Cd is in its original mint condition state. This quality is for collectors who never open the CD for use. It is not a remaster. Thank You for your interest! michaelg1053 at Bargainland-on-e-bay" Whatever.
  15. The jazz quiz .....

    no one has gotten the right answer yet! Tenor saxophonist?
  16. What music did you buy today?

    I went on a small Soviet-era binge: Ganelin/Tarasov/Chekasin Poi Seque Ganelin/Tarasov Opus A Duo Sergei Kuryokhin Spectre of Communism
  17. Mosaic big box sets

    Just 1 for me (Giuffre). This seems to be one of those you either own a little or a lot things.
  18. cool album covers

    Isn't there something missing from that cover? Don't think so - Hank's got his book of matches in his left hand. MG I was referring to "Retouched Cover to Come."
  19. Ebay craziness

    Scroll down on that link and you'll find even more rip-offs. Herbie Hancock's Flood for $200?!?
  20. You are not the only one. I hope this case gets solved, but the way this guy is acting, it's like he's looking for attention.
  21. cool album covers

    Isn't there something missing from that cover?
  22. Ebay craziness

    Isn't that material that's been bootlegged repeatedly all over Andorra? And Europe, for that matter?
  23. box sets with extended/expanded LIVE material??

    ...and Miles Davis' Cellar Door Sessions. (More than 4 CDs worth of extra live tracks.) Lee Morgan Live at the Lighthouse (pretty much two discs worth of unreleased material). If you want to expand the topic to include 2-CD sets, there's a lot of Monk with extended/expanded live material (Big Band and Quartet In Concert plus others on Columbia) and Sun Ra's Black Myth/Out in Space (9 unreleased tracks).
  24. box sets with extended/expanded LIVE material??

    Miles Davis' Plugged Nickel is a good example. Contains both unreleased tracks and extended versions of others that were edited.
  25. The jazz quiz .....

    I'll guess Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward, Serge Chaloff were correct. Substitute Al Cohn for Steward for the incorrect. p.s. I thought it had been established that Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis was Garbarek's favourite.