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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Mine is also underway from Alexander Hawkins, really looking forward to it!
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Yes, this one definitely looks interesting! It's on my radar for a few weeks, but I'm having trouble finding available copies somewhere.
  3. Now reading...

    Just finnished: Noam Chomsky - The Essential Chomsky Collection of essays by Noam Chomsky, and a very good introduction to his critical thinking. And just started: Marc Jansen - Borderland. A History of the Ukraine Jansen is a dutch historian who became famous (in the Netherlands at least) with his book on the history of Russia which is regarded as the standard to read if you are interested in it's history. With everything going on in the Ukraine he now wrote this book, which also is a huge succes and is also on it's way to becoming the standard to read, if you want to know about the history of the Ukraine.
  4. Upcoming NYC shows for Me

    If I can make it work, I will see the Morris, Maneri, Lightcap, Cleaver band on 4 december in the Bimhuis Amsterdam. They will play the second set, first set will be the Alexander von Schlippenbach trio (which is not bad either )
  5. Paris Attacks!

    From what I understand, at least one person/attacker got away and is still on the run.
  6. Paris Attacks!

    I like this cartoon. Furthermore I find it really hard to find the right words for this barbaric attack.
  7. Leo Records Sale

    Yeah, maybe I will go for some Joëlle Léandre and Francois Carrier records, but I have to see. So many other records I really want to buy this month as well. The prices do make it very tempting though.
  8. Now reading...

    Orhan Pamuk - A Strangeness in my Mind
  9. help - my view has changed

    Yes, the problem seems to be solved. My self created activity stream, is now also working as I has intended! I'm a happy camper again
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    First of all, let me say I really LOVE discussions like these above! I don't nearly have enough indept knowledge yet to participate in these kind of discussions, but I find them very fascinating and educational to read. I actually "just" wanted to post some information/soundclips on two new AUM releases, which might also be of interest here: David S.Ware/ Apogee - Birth of a Being: William Parker Raining on the Moon - Great Spirit:
  11. Spinifex Maximus @ Brebl Nijmegen last Night with Piotr Damasiewicz, Jeb Bishop, Josh Sinton, Onno Govaert, Jasper Stadhouders, Bart Maris, Tobias Klein, Edoardo Marraffa, Matthias Muche, Pascal Rousseau, Goncalo Almeida and Philipp Moser. Well, that was a lot of fun! As I could expect, it was extremely energetic and powerful, sometimes like a tornado hit the room. The music went from all out big band stuff to sections that sounded like you were listening to metal to more regular free jazz. Also good to see quite some people showed up, and most seemed to enjoy it (although one person sat with his hands over his ears for the whole two and a half hours, hahaha)
  12. Now reading...

    I read that last year, along with some of the writers he was describing. A very good set of essays, even if he goes a bit over the top in praising Herzen. I have to say that reading Herzen has been high on my list for a long time now (especially My Past and Thoughts), and these essay's certainly got me excited to finally start with these memoirs. When you say you think Berlin is getting a bit over the top, do you mean that in regards to Herzen's prose or regarding his ideas? When I read his ideas, I always get the impression that many of these can be directly linked to existentialism (long before anyone spoke of this term). Furthermore his seemingly firm rejection of all extremes, whether it be extreme conservatism, liberalism or socialism is a moral conviction I also see in people like Albert Camus or Václav Havel. And because these are people I hold in very high esteem (to say the least), I have the feeling that diving in Alexander Herzen's memoirs would be of high interest for me.
  13. Now reading...

    Isaiah Berlin - Russian Thinkers Fantastic collection of essays on Herzen, Tolstoy, Belinsky a.o.
  14. How's the weather?

    Come and live in the Netherlands (or the UK for this matter) for some time, and maybe you will appreciate the good weather . In the Netherlands some places already had their first snow yesterday. I think for the whole next week the predictions weatherwise are: cold, windy, cloudy (I think I haven't seen a small piece of blue sky for days now) and lots of rain. It's seriously depressing. This was yesterday:
  15. had two fun nights! I especcially liked the Almeida/Klein/van Duijnhoven trio. I never heard Tobias Klein before, but I was quite impressed, esspecially his playing on the bass clarinet and barriton clarinet was very beautifull. Yesterdays concert of Ingrid Laubrocks Ubatuba, was enjoyable because of Tom Rainey for me. He had some really strong and impressive moments on the drumkit. Ingrid's sound I also really liked, but I would like to hear her go all out much more. I constantly had the feeling she was holding back, maybe to give the other players more room. Problem for me was though, I didn't really find the other players THAT interesting. On the whole, the concept/line up of a drummer, an alto and a tenor saxophone, a trombone and a tuba didn't really do it for me. To my feeling this band lacked some coherent vission, and I think I would much rather see Laubrock and Rainey play as a duo or in a trio format.
  16. Tonight Almeida/Klein/van Duijnhoven at Brebl Nijmegen. They just released quite an intersting album on Clean Feed so looking forward to this one. And than tommorrow also Brebl with Ingrid Laubrocks Ubatuba (with Rainey and Tim Berne amongst others)
  17. I just read Ayler Records statement below on Facebook, and thought it couldn't hurt to spread the information here also. Just to be clear; I have no involvement in the label whatsoever but I think it would really be a shame if this great label would disappear. So if you have some Ayler Records albums on your wishlist, I guess now would be a good time to order. "[CALL FOR SUPPORT]I'm sincerely sorry to bother you once again with that kind of things, but... Sure I could go to indiegogo, kisskissbankbank (or else) and try my luck, however I’m in a hurry to announce that the label is desperately in need of direct (website) orders.For the first time in years, the accounting shows that we'll soon be out-of-business, whatever way we're looking at it.And you know what, only half of you all faithful (and loved for it) followers ordering a single release (although multiple ones are welcome too wink-emoticon ) could make a huge difference and ensure that the releases we've got in preparation are not doomed before they can be brought to completion. [STATEMENT] In relation with the above message, I hereby solemnly declare that I (just like my beloved predecessor Jan Ström) never ever took a cent from the activity and revenue of the label (having managed to provide food and shelter to my multi-species family using other means to ‘make a living’ for us), all of it having systematically been used to fund the next release, one after the other. Just to make sure you can't think I'm funding a pool or car or bowl of cat food. I'm really talking about Marc Ducret, Joëlle Léandre, Sarah Murcia + collaborators, and many others to come I'd like to think. Thanks for your time reading my plea. And many thanks to the (too) few (unfortunately) of you who, without knowing, treated us with their orders these past months."
  18. Ayler Records needs our help!

    Yes, I had some of their albums on my wishlist for ages, so also ordered a few of them (Primare Cantus from Benjamin Duboc, Free Unfold Trio, Francois Carrier Trio+1 and Dennis Gonzalez Yells + Rodrigo Amado). *edit* And thanks for also putting the link to the website up JSngry!
  19. Music Streamers

    That's a very nice looking piece of equipment! I have to say that Jazz wise I went the streaming route from the beginning, having bought a Squizebox player (with external DAC) many years ago to hook up to my amp. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore (I think they are just perfect, and really didn't cost much (maybe that's why they don't make them anymore)). For some reason I just really like the idea of buying an album, ripping it to my harddrive and then have the ability to just archive the CD in perfect condition.
  20. Now reading...

    Fantastic book, one of my favorites from Orhan Pamuk!
  21. Now reading...

    Just finished: Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita. Nabokov’s prose is no less than brilliant here. I think Humbert Humbert must be one of the most iconic characters I have ever seen a writer create. Reading other comments on this book though, I really can’t understand some people having sympathy/empathy for Humbert. To me he was one of the “lowest” characters I ever came across in literature (and I read a lot of Dostoevsky), someone who misused his intelligence and dignified appearance only to get to his “goal” of sexually abusing a child. And now reading: Albert Camus – Exile and the Kingdom ( a collection of short stories which all deal with Camus’ philosophy of absurdism) Isaiah Berlin – Russian Thinkers (a collection of essays on the Russian Intelligentsia (such as Herzen, Bakunin, Tolstoy and Belinsky) in the 19th century)
  22. Who are you just discovering?

    Studied purchasing; I like that description, and I think it describes really well how I buy my music! And it's always good to hear people from my own age (well, you're actually even five years younger, this surely must make you one of the youngest active members of this site ) having the same aesthetic when it comes to consuming music.
  23. What music did you buy today?

    Allmost ordered this one also today, but but it just didn't make it in the end (wasn't to sure about the use of electronics on this one). The records that did make it: Benjamin Duboc & Alexandra Grimal - Le Retour D'Ulysse (Promenade) [2015, Improvised Beings] Tetterapadequ - Chlopingle [2015, Creative Sources] Giovanni Di Domenico, Daniele Martini, João Lobo, Gonçalo Almeida RED Trio + John Butcher - Empire [2011, NoBusiness / vinyl] David S Ware - Planetary Unknown: Live at Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2011 [2012, AUM Fidelity] I would embrace the inclusion of Christof Kurzmann on Double Arc. Vandermark has been very successful in incorporating electronics within his music in the past and he selects exceptional masters of the form and he does so again with the great improvisor/sonic mastermind, Kurzmann. ill be getting the recording but then again, I've become a huge aficionado of Ken's large groups - I've been more interested in his large scale works recently than I ever have been in the past. The last Resonance double disc set is pretty damn great, IMO. I think I just may need to hear some soundclips from the album before I pull the trigger. When I want to hear electronics in music, I normally rather just listen to techno/elektro/idm, than have it incorporated in Jazz. I can't really think of one album where electronics really "made" the album for me (although I have to say I was rather enthusiastic about Peter Evans' Ghosts album from a few years back). Besides that, large groups are a little "hit and miss" with me. From the Resonance ensemble I only have Kafka in Flight which I like, but don't regard as essential stuff. All that being said, the Resonance Ensemble sure has a mouth watering group of players, so I would really like to give them a second chance.
  24. What music did you buy today?

    Allmost ordered this one also today, but but it just didn't make it in the end (wasn't to sure about the use of electronics on this one). The records that did make it: Benjamin Duboc & Alexandra Grimal - Le Retour D'Ulysse (Promenade) [2015, Improvised Beings] Tetterapadequ - Chlopingle [2015, Creative Sources] Giovanni Di Domenico, Daniele Martini, João Lobo, Gonçalo Almeida RED Trio + John Butcher - Empire [2011, NoBusiness / vinyl] David S Ware - Planetary Unknown: Live at Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2011 [2012, AUM Fidelity]
  25. Happy Birthday Niels!

    Thank you! Feels strange (old ) to be finaly closer to fourty than thirty.