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  1. happy Birthday JSngry

    Happy birthday Jim, and many happy returns!!
  2. Jazz and Flamenco?

    While listening to Mingus' Tijuana Moods, I couldn't recall any other Jazz albums that incorperated Flamenco elements. I'm sure there are several, some of them are worth getting I'm sure. and I'm also sure I can get my answers here...
  3. Happy Birthday David, and many happy returns!
  4. Happy Birthday, Guy!

    Have a great day and a great year, Guy! Ad Me'ah Ve'esrim
  5. Happy Birthday White Lightning!

    Thank you guys! It's wonderful to return after all this time away and find all the well-wishings Here's a little gift from me:
  6. I'll add Serge Chaloff
  7. Happy Birthday, Jazzbo!

    Happy Belated, Lon! Have a great year!
  8. organissimo: 2000 - 2010

    Sorry to hear that, eventhough we saw it coming. Good luck with everything, guys. Thank you for all the wonderful music - and bring on some more music - individually or together!
  9. Richie Kamuca

    Richie Kamuca was born 73 years ago today. I think that this is a good occasion as any to celebrate the music of this excellent Tenor (and Alto) player. You don't hear Kamuca's name mationed quite often. He's overshadowed by Zoot and Getz - his style "brothers". I myself really began to really dig him only a few years ago. His name is popping up in so many of the Albums that I liked: Shally Mann's Blackhawk sessions, Terry Gibbs' Dreamband recordings, Woody Herman's 3rd herd, Frank Rosolino, Chet & Art Pepper, Bill Hollman's really big Band etc. The man swung so hard with such a beautiful sound! His Concord LPs are great. His interaction with guitar playes Mundell Lowe and Herb Ellis is magical It's a crime that these sessions are not available on digital form (or are they? Some obscure Japanese pressing maybe?) Anyone else shares a for Kamuca's music?
  10. Say Happy Birthday to Randissimo!

    Happy BDay Bro! Have a great day and even greater year.
  11. Happy Birthday White Lightning!

    Thank you all for your well-wishing. It was a fun day for me.
  12. Fred Anderson - RIP

    Thank you Fred for a wonderful music that touched my heart as well as many others'. Your music will live forever. R.I.P.
  13. Starbucks and music

    In Tel-Aviv the prices are similar to DC... Well, in 2002-2003 4USD = 20NIS, nowadays it's only 15NIS...
  14. Starbucks and music

    When we stayed in DC I used to sit at Starbucks a lot. It was the best place to prepare my lessons with comfortable couches, good music and no hassle from waiters etc. The one thing I didn't get was the coffee. It wasn't that good (too burnt and acid for my taste), HUGE jugs, sometimes with all kinda creams toppings etc. and the price was ridiculous - I remember it was 3.5-4$ for a cappuccino(!) Here in Israel the espresso bar culture is very strong with a strong preference to Italian style coffee. Prices are similar to Italy (around 1 Euro for an espresso, 2 euros for cappuccino). After all this, no one was really surprised that Starbucks Israel folded after a year or two. No one misses it here.
  15. All In The Family

    Bowie, Lester and Joseph Grey, Al & his son Mike Marsala, Joe & Marty Pizzarelli, Bucky & his son John
  16. All In The Family

  17. All In The Family

    Bebo & Chucho Valdes
  18. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Woody Herman Select disc#3 Jazz Crusaders disc#4
  19. Artists you know well but have never really liked

    I've never warmed up to Hubbard as well (his recordings with Tina Brooks is an exception). I really tried but I still don't really like Joe Lovano.
  20. Great US tenor players who DIDN'T record for Blue Note

    Not 100% sure, but some of my favorite tenors didn't record on BN: Curtis Amy, Stan Getz, Wardell Gray, Sal Nistico ...
  21. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Oliver Nelson CDs 1 and 2. The music is sleek and more polished than I'm used to, but I love the music nonetheless
  22. Happy Birthday RDK!

    So sorry to hear that. Ray. My thoughts are with you.
  23. HaPpY bIrThDaY Agg!

    Happy BDay Agg!
  24. Lee Konitz in Germany

    Konitz played twice with a local group at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival early this month. For the last couple of years he's doing Un-amplified(!-on-the-spot group improvisation Standards. I really enjoyed that gig. Here's a 10' video clip from the gig. It'll help you understand better what to expect:
  25. Exotica vs. "real" world music

    I believe Guy has a valid point. There is the Jazz-World fusion style that basically is Jazz in its essence (swing/blues/whatever) that adds "world music" (I use the term for lack of a better one) ornamentation. That style of ornamented Jazz is quite common say, a specific North African/Maghreb/Andalus music. The other Jazz-World fusion "style" (it's not a "style" per-se) is more of a true fusion in the way the 2 essences of the musical genres, say Jazz and Andalusian fused together into one. It is usually a fusion of distinct musical genres that the musician is fluent with. Jon Jang, Miguel Zenon, Omer Avital, Rabih Abu Khalil, Anouar Brahem, Abatte Berihun and Dudu Pukwana to name a few.