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  1. Nearly 1.5 million posts.

    It's amazing! Congrats everyone!
  2. Jim,

    Trying to help out a friend who'd like to join up, he has never received a verification email. Someone86 is his submitted username.



  3. Is anyone here a server specialist / software person?

    A volunteer would be great because I can't afford to pay anyone unless I want to up our 2019 fundraising goal to cover it.
  4. I have this new server which I upgraded to last year in order to support the latest version of Invision Power Board, the software this forum uses. However, I cannot do the upgrade myself (I simply don't know enough about it) and unfortunately my hosting company, which used to be super cool and help me with this stuff, was recently sold and no longer offers any assistance in these matters. Does anyone here understand this stuff? PHP, MySQL, CPanel, etc? Essentially we need to backup the site then upgrade the forum software and database per the Invision instructions. We have to do it manually as the automatic update feature doesn't work (I'm too many versions behind). Thanks!
  5. New server and increased cost...

    Bumpage... new 2019 fundraiser launched today. Thanks everyone.
  6. New server and increased cost...

    Hey guys, The year is almost done and we're about one month short. I've gotten some checks that don't reflect on the total here on the site, but December is not paid for. Just paid November. The server is $224 a month. Thanks, ----Jim
  7. Rare video of Lou Bennett-Kenny Clarke,duo

    Where's the rest of the video? You cut off Satin Doll just as Bennett was soloing.
  8. Don Patterson

    I've been studying a lot of Don lately. His feel is so amazing.
  9. Delvon Lamarr

    He's great. He was just at the Detroit Jazz Festival and played the same stage I did about 4 hours later, but I didn't get a chance to catch him. I decided to bring my wife and kids to the show, because they rarely get to see me on the big stage these days, and the kids got tuckered out, so I had to take them home. Joey D was there as well as Pat Biachi with Pat Martino. I wanted to catch them all but hey... kids be kids.
  10. Just a heads-up: I was told that the contacts in the Nords are different than the Hammond, even though they use the same keybed. So perhaps a better avenue would be to contact Hammond Europe. Let me know if you have an issue and I'll try to find the correct part number.
  11. Hey Leif, This is a common issue with the Fatar TP80 keybed that many manufacturers use, including Hammond, Nord, Crumar, and others. In fact, I have the same issue on my SK1 with the same key. One solution is to disassemble and clean under the contacts. Sometimes dust and debris can creep underneath. However, I did this with mine and it didn't solve the issue. So the next step is to replace the rubber contact strip that contains that note. The strips contain contacts for 12 notes each (if I recall correctly) so you really only need one strip. The following should work: https://www.midi-store.com/Fatar-Rubber-Contact-for-SL880-990-13-12-p/sku17166.htm Please note that I have not ordered from that company, so I have no idea if they are reputable. I'm also not 100% sure that those are the correct contacts for the TP80 keybed. Might be worth a call. ----Jim
  12. New server and increased cost...

    Cleaned up the thread. No reason to argue. I should be able to get PM's now. Sorry my box was full.
  13. New server and increased cost...

    BTW, if you want to send a check, I no longer have my PO Box. It just got too expensive for what little I used it for. So please PM me for my address. Thanks.
  14. New server and increased cost...

    Could use some more donations. The new server is $224 per month.
  15. Forum upgrade Sunday, Feb 11, at 8pm EST

    No. I've been under the weather. I'll re-schedule.