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  1. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    Well, there are two things at play here: Firstly, the contact system in a real Hammond organ is comprised of buss bars. There is one bussbar for each drawbar, so 9 total per manual (keyboard) stacked vertically under the keys. The famous "key click" of a Hammond is the result of little wires under each key making contact with those buss bars. If you pull all 9 drawbars out and very slowly press a key you can actually hear each individual contact (1 through 9) for each drawbar being made. The pedals are similar. There are two drawbars for the bass pedals and each drawbar has two buss bars associated with it; one for the regular tonewheels and one for the "complex tonewheels" that are exclusive to the pedals. So... on a real Hammond, when you tap very fast and lightly, it is possible to barely make a connection with just one bussbar, resulting in no pitch but rather a percussive transient on the front of the note. This is much more difficult on a digital organ / Hammond because there are no buss bars. Digital is perfect. When you press the note, it triggers. There's no slop, no analog electrical connection being made, it's just ON. Secondly, your tapping has to be REALLY short, even more so on a digital organ for the above reasons. Make sense?
  2. Our recently completed bathroom remodel cost $18k. The room was already gutted by me and I also did the tile flooring myself. The contractor built the shower (no steam shower) which is a 4 x 4 with glass door and subway tile, re-used a dresser we found for the sink vanity, and did all the finish work including re-hanging a severely crooked door. But the plumbing was really simple (probably could've done it myself) as was the electrical. I couldn't really believe how much it cost. Except for the actual framing (which was tricky due to the weird shape of the room), I could've done pretty much the entire job myself. However, with my schedule, it would've taken 9 months to complete instead of a few weeks. So... But yeah... it's expensive.
  3. band videos

    Sorry for not replying. Let me know what you think.
  4. band videos

    That's a cool feature in Premiere! I used Premiere for years back in the early 2000's and downloaded the latest trial version in 2013 when I was making a DVD of the Dirty Fingers album. But I couldn't even figure out how to get video on the timeline! They had changed it so much and it was utterly confusing to me. So I just went with Vegas. Might be time to re-assess. The XPK-200L are nice but take some adjustment if you're used to playing full-sized Hammond pedals.
  5. Hammond xk3c custom toneset

    The XK1c has spring reverb. I know that for sure. So if the XK3c doesn't have it, then they are not the same. Do you own an XK3 or XK3c?
  6. Hammond xk3c custom toneset

    Hi! Yes, I do have a custom tonewheel set. PM me your email addy and I'll send. I don't actually own an XK3c so I can't help on reverb settings, unfortunately. The cool thing is that the XK3/XK3c has an FX loop, so if you can't get the reverb sounding like you want, you can use an external reverb unit. Even a real spring reverb if you wanted.
  7. PM Function Working???

    It works. Sorry I didn't reply but I did approve your friend for membership.
  8. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    They will this afternoon. Got everything boxed. I'm a bit behind because I had gigs all this weekend out of town. But yes. Everything will ship today or at the latest tomorrow.
  9. 2017 Fundraising Goal

    Hello everyone. Well, I've been remiss and just reset the funding goal (on the right side of the main forum page) for 2017, even though we're two months in and I've paid $300 for the server out of my own pocket for those two months. As usual, Paypal to me (b3groover@hotmail.com) or check to the po box. Jim Alfredson PO Box 27551 Lansing MI 48909 Thanks! ----Jim
  10. Best Hammond Organ Clone 2017

    Well, you already have an XK3c. The SK2 sounds like that, but with a slightly better Leslie sim. So you already know what you're getting. The KeyB Legend looks pretty nice. I think it's slight above your budget? Can't recall at the moment. The Uhl is interesting but the last time I heard the Leslie sim, I thought it was mediocre. They may have fixed that. Either one is probably a good option.
  11. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    This thread has taken a strange turn.
  12. Rudy Van Gelder interview from 1995

    I hope you stick around, too. I apologize if anything I said came across as offensive, which was certainly not my intent. But I'm pretty sure from your post that everything is cool between you and I. I re-read this thread, too and was reminded that I should do the experiment I wrote about above consisting of recording a source through two of the same interfaces but at different bit-rates. I could do that with my desktop DAW and my laptop DAW, both connected to an individual Steinberg MR816x interface and each interface fed the same audio signal from a microphone via a splitter. One interface would be set to 16bit 44.1kHz and the other to 24bit 44.1kHz. That would be a very interesting experiment.
  13. band videos

    I use Sony Vegas 13 to edit the videos. I believe Sony sold the software to another company and they are up to version 14 now, but I am still using 13 because it works. Essentially, I use four cheap Go-Pro knockoff cameras (SJCAM SJ4000) positioned around the stage. I also multi-track record the audio separately using a Macbook and Presonus interfaces to capture the audio. I then dump all those files to my computer and mix the audio first in Cubase. Then I export the finished mixes and start the video editing. To edit the video, I first line up the files from the four cameras in Vegas by hand. I start one song at a time since without timecode the video files drift away from each over the course of 10 minutes or so. So it's not possible to just line them up once and let them fly. I use the onboard camera audio to line them up. Once the four videos are lined up, I line up the mixed, multi-tracked audio to them. Then I make adjustments, since usually the video looks better if the mixed audio (and the camera audio for that matter) is shifted just a hair backwards from the video. And then I go into multi-camera mode in Vegas and switch between cameras with the number pad. That's the main reason I use Vegas; you can switch between up to four cameras and it automatically makes cuts, mutes the non-used clips, etc. It's fairly easy. I think Adobe Premiere has a similar feature.