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  1. New server and increased cost...

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered the new server today and started the migration process. Once the new server is tested, I'll make the switch. We may lose a few posts, since it will take time to migrate, test, and switch DNS servers.
  2. Any Good Newish Hammond Jazz albums ?

    Do you have Mike LeDonne's latest stuff? He's been putting out great records lately. https://www.amazon.com/That-Feelin-Mike-LeDonne/dp/B01K49VSAC/ https://www.amazon.com/Groover-Mike-LeDonne/dp/B0031Y4A2G/
  3. New server and increased cost...

    Yes, thank you!
  4. Hey Jim:

    A question -- I know that in the past you have used google ads and at one time I recall that you embedded an Amazon link, but have you considered using other methods to obtain sponsorship for the site?

    For example, reaching out to Mosaic to pay an amount to have a sponsored topic where it could post its weekly gazette.  When Mosaic was in financial trouble last year, members of this board did their part to purchase sets.  I would be surprised if there is another community on the internet--or anywhere else--which provided a stronger show of support.  

    When Legacy announced the upcoming release in the new Miles Davis bootleg series, I found out here and purchased a set from Amazon UK based on information on the board.  It would make sense if Legacy could post an ad on the site. 

    I just received an obscene shipment of SHM Blue Note cds from CD Japan based on the Blue Note SHM thread.  This is not the first time I have ordered from there based on information I received on the board.  It could sponsor a topic as well.  There are other labels and establishments (Squidco, Clean Feed, Downtown Music Gallery, etc.) that might consider paying to communicate on the site.

    I am in the NYC area.  With the state of the music industry being what it is, many artists are crowdfunding releases.  However, a lot of them have issues finding an outlet that reaches interested listeners who might consider supporting their projects.  Some would pay a modest fee to sponsor a topic on their projects. 

    I do not post a lot, but I do lurk and have been around since the BN board and the beginning of this one.  Like many of us, we appreciate the work you have done to keep this place running.  But more importantly, this is the best place on the internet to obtain information about the music and has the most knowledgeable users.  I literally can post a topic about any type of music on this site and receive an intelligent, knowledgeable reply during the course of a day.  That must be worth something. 

    I am certain that several other members and I would be willing, free of charge, to reach out to potential sponsors.  I know advertising can be distracting, but If done properly with new board software, it could be a good addition. 





  5. New server and increased cost...

    I created a new fundraiser for 2018 and added those that contributed today to that fundraiser. Thank you. Yes, I thought about the fact that online discussion forums such as these seem to be rather antiquated. That's why I'm leaving it up to you all to decide if you want to keep it going. In regards to security issues, we do daily backups so I doubt any data would be lost in the event of a hack, but they could potentially use an exploit in the old software to take over my entire server, which would be bad and/or steal people's personal information. Thankfully we don't have anything like credit card numbers stored here, but emails and locations and such.
  6. New server and increased cost...

    Hi friends, Those that have been members of this board since 2003 have seen us change hosting companies several times. We started with a shared server space via an Ann Arbor, MI based web-hosting platform then migrated to a Dallas, TX company, still on a shared server. As the forum grew it became clear that a shared server platform would not work because of the bandwidth limitations, so we moved to a our own dedicated server in 2008 thanks to a friend of mine who was vice president of Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a Lansing, MI based company, right here in my hometown, so it made me happy to keep the money in the local economy and my friend provided me with a $300 per month server for only $150 a month. Well, that poor server is now 10 years old and showing its age. I cannot even upgrade to the latest version of the forum software because the server cannot run the PHP and MySQL versions required. We are currently two iterations behind and that leaves us susceptible to security issues. Unfortunately my friend retired so I cannot reach out to him to extend that super buddy deal. It looks like the least expensive option to upgrading our server is to get a brand new one with much more RAM (that's our biggest limitation right now and why the site is sometimes so slow) and a SSD RAID array for backups. The cost is $209 a month, which is $59 more per month than we're paying now or $708 more per year, bringing our total yearly costs up to $2578. The extra $70 is for the Invision Power Board yearly license (aka the forum software). Having a valid license gives us tech support and access to bug fixes. I wanted to ask you all if this is something you will support. If not, I'll keep rolling along as we are and hope for the best; mostly that we don't get attacked by hackers exploiting the security holes in this old software. I certainly cannot float that monthly cost myself. I have done so several times the past year for the current $150 a month package. The donations are coming in decently now but during the late summer / fall months, I paid for the server out of my own pocket for the most part. If we decide to do this collectively, then I'll be much more vocal about donations. I've attached the proposal from Liquid Web Jim A..pdf Thoughts?
  7. New DONATE button

    I don't know what you mean.
  8. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    I'm very sorry to hear this.
  9. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Sorry for being MIA around here. If you ordered the bonus tracks you should've received an email over a month ago that they were ready for download. I just resent the email to all those who ordered the bonus tracks. Check your spam folders. Flurin, I sent your CD but if you didn't receive it, I'll send another. If you still can't find the bonus material, just PM me and I'll send you a link.
  10. New DONATE button

    Yes. I've gotten some via postal mail, but maybe a few hundred dollars worth.
  11. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Nope. Just been an insanely busy summer. They are coming soon!
  12. Bass Pedals and exp-100

    Well, there are two things at play here: Firstly, the contact system in a real Hammond organ is comprised of buss bars. There is one bussbar for each drawbar, so 9 total per manual (keyboard) stacked vertically under the keys. The famous "key click" of a Hammond is the result of little wires under each key making contact with those buss bars. If you pull all 9 drawbars out and very slowly press a key you can actually hear each individual contact (1 through 9) for each drawbar being made. The pedals are similar. There are two drawbars for the bass pedals and each drawbar has two buss bars associated with it; one for the regular tonewheels and one for the "complex tonewheels" that are exclusive to the pedals. So... on a real Hammond, when you tap very fast and lightly, it is possible to barely make a connection with just one bussbar, resulting in no pitch but rather a percussive transient on the front of the note. This is much more difficult on a digital organ / Hammond because there are no buss bars. Digital is perfect. When you press the note, it triggers. There's no slop, no analog electrical connection being made, it's just ON. Secondly, your tapping has to be REALLY short, even more so on a digital organ for the above reasons. Make sense?
  13. Our recently completed bathroom remodel cost $18k. The room was already gutted by me and I also did the tile flooring myself. The contractor built the shower (no steam shower) which is a 4 x 4 with glass door and subway tile, re-used a dresser we found for the sink vanity, and did all the finish work including re-hanging a severely crooked door. But the plumbing was really simple (probably could've done it myself) as was the electrical. I couldn't really believe how much it cost. Except for the actual framing (which was tricky due to the weird shape of the room), I could've done pretty much the entire job myself. However, with my schedule, it would've taken 9 months to complete instead of a few weeks. So... But yeah... it's expensive.
  14. band videos

    Sorry for not replying. Let me know what you think.