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  1. Takashi Murakami: The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg at MCA Chicago.
  2. Congrats to the Yankees getting by the Tribe. What would one predict if Judge, Lindor, and JRamirez gave you close to nothing?[Yes, Lindor had the epic blast, but anything else? at all? ...besides the great smile, and Judge made a key catch]. Sabathia pitched well, and the Indians starters--well there was game 1 Bauer and Carrasco. Still, Tribe season was fun as hell, esp after Francona's wake up team mtg around all star break. Had been pulling for the Nats in the NL--painful to see Scherzer pitch so poorly. Quite naturally, I'm a bit skeptical of "short rest" these days. I guess I'm pulling for Houston (not raised the trophy, had some weather) getting past the Cubs. For Cleveland fans--hoops starts this week, LeBron and the geezer crew hosting Kyrie and the Celts.
  3. Brutal call and an injury to Encarnacion, just what I had hoped against. Injury perhaps not as severe as initially feared, but we shall see. Big drop off going w arrhythmic Michael Brantley. Don't buy any of what Girardi is (or was) selling. Why pull CC when he's cruising, pitch count is low, and margin is 5? Chad Green was in rhythm? Late in game, what are you saving challenge for? I followed first few innings on phone. Initially thought Kluber may have given up an early tater and then settle down, but obviously not the case. 8-3 during pre-performance dinner. One last check before turning off phone before Jason Moran/Q-Tip had it at 8-7, so just maybe. 90 minutes later, after performance, it's tied in the 12th. Cheered the Gomer game winner on Metro riding home. What a scrappy long at bat. Wild! Okay by me if Bosox win a game--not optimistic, but... And my hometown Nats now showing a pulse (and beautiful hair)
  4. Friday: Jason Moran and Q-Tip Sunday: Monk Centennial fest featuring Moran, Kenny Barron, and unfortunately not Geri Allen
  5. Somewhat surprised to see CLE announce Trevor Bauer as game 1 starter, followed by Kluber and Carrasco. Understand TB not facing Severino or Santana, and Carrasco excellent on road, but...
  6. Fun season w Giancarlo, Judge, Astros, and a couple of scrappy teams from north coast. Good luck to those w rooting interest. Hopefully no tough injuries or esp bad umpiring. Go Tribe!
  7. Free shipping promo ends tonight. Pulled trigger on Dial and Savoy. Thinking about MJQ and Lester before final curtain.
  8. Last two L's with Bauer on mound, though he pitched fine. Jay Bruce a bit scary in right.
  9. What is that, like 500 miles? You should go. Maybe Jaret Wright will let you stay at his place in San Clemente.
  10. It really is amazing. It's not just a prolific offense, or great starting pitching, or great bullpen. It is basically all of the above. And there are not a lot of household names in that lineup, especially in the outfield [anyone got any of these guys on their all-star squad?: Jay Bruce, Lonnie Chisenhall, Bradley Zimmer, Austin Jackson, Brandon Guyer, Abraham Almonte, Tyler Naquin, Greg Allen, injured Michael Brantley]. Here's hoping that Jose Ramirez forearm bruise is not a big deal, and that centerfield does not become a problem given Zimmer's hand surgery -- Jason Kipnis is going to get some time out there! I think Austin Jackson is serviceable. Carlos Carrasco took care of business last night. Kluber up next. Go Tribe!
  11. Even trailed for a few innings this afternoon. But Francona got 4 great innings from bullpen and Lindor went deep to provide 2 run cushion.
  12. This time a 3-hitter until two outs in ninth, end up w a 4-hit shutout. Nothing too flashy. Back of rotation guy Clevinger getting it done against O's. Josh Tomlin tomorrow. Still missing Kipnis, Brantley, and Miller. Go Tribe!
  13. Another 3-hitter against a depleted ChiSox squad. 13K's for Kluber. 5 HRs for the team. Going to the O"s games tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully end of rotation guys keep it rolling.
  14. Another gem from Cookie Carrasco -- 97 pitch complete game 3 hitter, facing just one over minimum. Tribe has nearly reeled in LAD in terms of run differential. Something inconceivable a few weeks ago. And next up is the Klubot. Go Tribe!