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  1. Philip Glass

    Recently enjoyed a performance of Glass's Complete Piano Etudes, performed by Glass, Aaron Diehl, Devonte Hynes, Jenny Lin, and Jason Moran. Hadn't listed to much PG since the heyday of Koyaanisqatsi. There appear to be several recordings of the complete etudes. Anyone have any opinions on versions performed by Maki Namekawa (Orange Mountain), Jeroen van Veen (Brilliant Classics), Anton Bagatov (Orange Mountain), Bojan Gorisek (Imports?), others? I also need to track down some other work by Mr. Diehl.
  2. Washington Concert Monday, March 5

    Michael, thanks for the heads up. I may try to make it. Arts club page describes this as running 7-10pm. Do you have an understanding for how much of that time will have you performing?
  3. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    RIP Oscar Gamble. Only a few seasons in CLE, but was there when I first started to pay attention to baseball.
  4. Hugh Masekela R.I.P.

    RIP. Was looking forward to seeing him perform with Abdullah Ibrahim in April.
  5. Cal Massey

    Nice program at SAAM. Much like a previous Tadd Dameron celebration, this one illustrated (perhaps not surprisingly) that Cal wrote interesting compositions in several different styles. My favorite yesterday was "Bakai".
  6. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    Funny. It was precisely the idea of a Billy Bang box that caused me to raise the question.
  7. Black Saint/Soul Note Box Sets

    Any speculation about what might appear next as a box set?
  8. Yes! Still available on US Netflix I believe.
  9. Willie Pickens - RIP

    With affection and respect, RIP Mr. Pickens.
  10. Photo doesn't look authentic--shouldn't it always be round midnight?
  11. Seeing Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Live

    Recall seeing Art Blakey twice. The second time was February 9, 1989, at Mandel Hall at Univ of Chicago. Memorable in part because the ensemble was late getting to the gig (flight problems in Minnesota if I recall correctly, or something). In any event, they showed up like 90 minutes late. They walked out and immediately got into it for two or three solid numbers before Art made any introductions/apologies which I thought was the right way to handle it. Neil Tesser blurb in the Reader reminds me that the band included Benny Green, Philip Harper, Robin Eubanks. My memory of the first time is a bit less reliable -- a jazz festival at Blossom Music Center outside Cleveland, in early eighties (when I was a hip junior high student or something). Bill included Miles Davis noodling on keyboards or something that I didn't understand or appreciate at the time (including the reverential standing ovations after many of these). Most exciting part was Jazz Messengers with Wynton and what I recall as a Dizzy Gillespie band featuring Jon Faddis. Perhaps my memory is incorrect and Dizzy and JF played with Blakey band. Concert also included a cool Gerry Mulligan small group.
  12. Happy Birthday Patrick!

    Thanks guys. Rather subdued this year. Cracked open the James P Johnson Mosaic while staying warm and dry inside.
  13. Takashi Murakami: The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg at MCA Chicago.
  14. Congrats to the Yankees getting by the Tribe. What would one predict if Judge, Lindor, and JRamirez gave you close to nothing?[Yes, Lindor had the epic blast, but anything else? at all? ...besides the great smile, and Judge made a key catch]. Sabathia pitched well, and the Indians starters--well there was game 1 Bauer and Carrasco. Still, Tribe season was fun as hell, esp after Francona's wake up team mtg around all star break. Had been pulling for the Nats in the NL--painful to see Scherzer pitch so poorly. Quite naturally, I'm a bit skeptical of "short rest" these days. I guess I'm pulling for Houston (not raised the trophy, had some weather) getting past the Cubs. For Cleveland fans--hoops starts this week, LeBron and the geezer crew hosting Kyrie and the Celts.