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  1. Ken Burns' "Jazz" seems pretty "Silly"

    I also found the few Dave Brubeck bits engaging.
  2. 2020-21 MLB Hot Stove Discussion

    RIP Don Sutton. Tough month for Dodger legends.
  3. Claude Bolling RIP

    I was a big fan of the various suites (w iconic covers) in high school. Don’t think I’ve listened to them much since. Should track them down. I enjoy one of his JiP titles. RIP Mr Bolling.
  4. Frank Kimbrough - RIP

    I got to enjoy Frank's playing at several Maria Schneider Orchestra performances over the years. We spoke briefly between sets at a March 2017 show. Echoing Ghost, he was excited about coming across a number of Herbie Nichols sketches (or whatever best term is for "idea"). He also described what touring with MSO was like, recalling a bus tour of college performances on the west coast. A talented performer and a very warm individual. I will definitely be playing some Nichols Project recordings and much of the recent Monk project (and then probably other Palmetto sides). I know we lose beloved artists each year, but 2020 can really be over now. RIP Frank.
  5. I grew up in Great Lakes region where there is some Dunkin' presence and no Krispy Kreme (at least when I lived there). First came into contact with KK in DC. I don't have strong allegiance to either brand, but in my experience KK is woefully overhyped. This is probably due to 1) not enjoying them super fresh, and 2) seeing countless fundraising types -- typically high school/college students -- selling what appear to be boxes of stale KK doughnuts. Despite a similar local presence, no such brand degradation for DD in my experience. Apple fritters? Oh yes!
  6. How old are YOU?

    I believe you are
  7. With Strings Jazz Albums

    While probably not completely within the "with strings" concept being discussed here, I am a fan of Miguel Zenón's recent Yo Soy La Tradición, a recording of chamber compositions based on Puerto Rican folk song forms. MZ is accompanied by the Spektral Quartet.
  8. I enjoyed Shepp's visit to the Kennedy Center in February 2019 for what was advertised as a Coltrane tribute. That band included Moran, Nasheet Waits, Amir ElSaffar, Darryl Hall, as well as vocalist Marion Rampal for some numbers. Looking forward to this recording, and if it really is a duo album throughout, I likely will compare it (at least the more subdued tunes) to the Moran/Lloyd recording (which I enjoy).
  9. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Only a few times for me as well. I've really enjoyed Maria Schneider holding court there (w family and friends) during Thanksgiving week.
  10. MLB Season 2020

    Tribe pitching needed to be at its typical high level. Little margin for underperformance given the especially anemic offense. And that just didn't happen. Brad Hand always makes me uneasy. While that game 2 was a bit of a roller coaster, it was not fun to watch. Way too many walks on both sides. I've always liked Urshela and was sad to see him not be retained in CLE. Wish the Indians could afford a few peak-of-career free agents that could contribute offensively, but looks like a return to farm team status, despite having awesome starting pitching depth/talent, and Francisco Lindor. Tough post-season for some former Indian starters: Mike Clevinger does not make the Padre post-season rotation due to injury, Trevor Bauer gets stuck with a no decision (and team loss) despite 7.2IP, 2H, 0ER, 12K.
  11. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Stanley Crouch was a 2019 NEA Jazz Master honoree. I attended the associated Kennedy Center celebration primarily to fete honorees Maria Schneider and Abdullah Ibrahim. The late Bob Dorough was also honored. Great music performed to celebrate Ibrahim (ensemble that included Jason Moran, Terence Blanchard, Terri Lyne Carrington) and Schneider (ensemble that included Frank Kimbrough, Scott Robinson, Jay Anderson w Renee Fleming for great "Walking by Flashlight"). Interesting intergenerational ensemble for Dorough (that included Sheila Jordan, Kurt Elling, and Grace Kelly) that was fun ("I'm Hip"!). I wondered how one would celebrate Crouch's art. Would it by reading his written word in some dramatic fashion? Perhaps two booming orators trading 'graphs? Fortunately it was a group led by Charles McPherson and David Murray with Blanchard, Christian McBride and others. And if I recall correctly, not too many of Stanley's words were actually read during that celebration. More recollections of his general (combative) style by Wynton, McBride, and a few others.
  12. RIP Ira Sullivan

    Me too at Jazz Showcase, just as I was getting more into the music at college in the late 80’s. For some reason, I’m recalling a version of Infant Eyes. RIP
  13. Lou Brock Steals Home

    Nice reminiscence of Brock and Seaver by Thomas Boswell in a recent Washington Post chat.