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  1. NBA playoffs thread

    This is true. A healthy Kyrie likely would have made it a bit more interesting.
  2. NBA playoffs thread

    Definitely frustrating for Cavs fans. For me, it was more the officiating in the last minute. Charging call on Durant should not have been reversed. Just appreciating the greatness of LeBron, and he managed to play less than 46 (which has started to become customary). It didn't even look that hard for him (in contrast to Indy and Boston). JR does have knucklehead tendencies, but he was a key component of the championship they won.
  3. Agree with Jim about Not in Our Name and Carla's Christmas Carols. Great recordings. Also like the Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu and the (perhaps simple) humor in much of the rest. Have never tried the fusiony CB items that Jim also mentions.Looking forward to a Haden appreciation at Kennedy Center on Friday that will feature Bley with LMO and Quartet West (with Lovano for one or both). Would the expressed lack of enthusiasm for Bley composing/arranging also apply to Haden? Just curious.
  4. Cedar Walton

    Pine (top) Perkins!
  5. NBA playoffs thread

    I sense that you do not recall Sasha Pavlovic, Larry Hughes, and Eric Snow. How about Donyell Marshall?
  6. I feel vindicated

    Performing and composing/arranging are two complementary skills. If satisfying art benefits from combining the two, do both have to be delivered by the same person? Or can one be satisfied/entranced/blown away by a great performance of material that was composed/arranged by someone else? Are there great performers/soloists who are not accomplished composers? Agree with the recommendation for quality over quantity, even if it means circulating something less than a traditional LP unit (...whatever those were...).
  7. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Can you serve it while injured?
  8. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    yes. finally. Tribe rotation has been pretty damn solid. Hopefully bats continue to heat up, and not just against the AL Central.
  9. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    Sneakers. Canvas Chuck Taylor style in Blue Note blue, and/or a higher end black leather (or vinyl) with micro grooves, perhaps including tongues w the Rivers Dimensions & Extensions graphic. A t-shirt featuring Hipp/Sims graphic on front and back. Coasters (the kind that absorb water) w designs from Afro-Cuban, Black Fire, Basra, Evolution, perhaps True Blue.
  10. My wife and I are quite pleased with our 2014 Ford Fusion hybrid. Is the Fusion franchise such a money loser competing against similar not huge (or tiny) vehicles from other makers? Or is Ford management over-correcting given the CAFE relaxation?
  11. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Gotta listen to some DP BN's this weekend, and track down that Uptown release sometime soon.
  12. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Yes. I think my favorite was "Chili Peppers".
  13. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Bertrand, glad this made the Take Five! schedule. I will be there.
  14. I'm cursing out loud at my Brother (printer), unsuccessfully getting it to operate after replacing toner cartridge (with one from Brother). What a brother bother.