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  1. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Thanks jcam! Need to scroll back through discussion here, try some samples, and start filling a cart. Anyone have thoughts on any of the Nicole Mitchell titles?
  2. Bandcamp waiving fees on Friday

    Anyone know if there is a similar Bandcamp promo this Friday? Have been enjoying the Okazaki Monk collection this afternoon.
  3. MLB Season 2020

    Simulations might depend on the network doing the game. Hometown Nats broadcast didn't have any of it either. Received an email from the Indians indicating that tonight's game against ChiSox has been postponed. Immediately thought this was COVID-related. Trouble on the Indians, the White Sox, the Royals, something league-wide? Turns out it was postponed due to inclement weather. And they plan to play a "traditional doubleheader" tomorrow starting at 3:40pm. How generous of them to go traditional rather than day/night when there is literally zero gate ramifications. How generous! How traditional! Life in plague times.
  4. Favorite Organissimo Posts Through The Years

    Joe Christmas entry is a spoof. If you read down in that thread you will see the original Aric post included by Man w Golden Arm. scroll down for wisdom
  5. MLB Season 2020

    Yes, the sim people are ridiculous. Also ridiculous is the canned crowd noise that increases (at least on some broadcasts) whenever the ball is put in play, even when it is a lazy pop foul. Oh the excitement! ARod slobbering all over the Yankees and Gerrit was a bit much. Yes they are a favorite and have a lot of talent ($$), but does the ARod routine have to continue all season long? Please no. Finally, cannot stand the extra inning rule. Yuck. But at least CLE starters performing well (minus Bauer and Kluber). Go Biebs!
  6. MLB Season 2020

    Playoff setup is worse than the use of DH.
  7. Resonance Records Sale

    Thanks for the heads up. I ordered Dolphy, Lloyd, Cole box, and took a flyer on Jaco. Had been meaning to get the Dolphy for awhile.
  8. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    My OTC arrived yesterday. The Nefertiti CD, much less urgent, remains a work in progress.
  9. Happy Birthday Kenny Barron

    Kenny has been a fairly regular part of the Kennedy Center schedule, and I make a point to include him on my performance schedule.Shows I have enjoyed include his Concentric Circles quintet, his duo w Dave Holland, and his participation in a Monk centennial celebration (including a fun Monk-stride/one piano duet w Jason Moran). Happy birthday Mr Barron!
  10. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    I just received an email indicating that my OTC has shipped. I am pleasantly surprised.
  11. Lennie Niehaus R.I.P.

    Thanks for posting the jazzwax link. That was an interesting (and thorough) read. I have and enjoy two of his Contemporary sides, Vol. 1: The Quintets and Zounds!
  12. America unleashed

    Happy to be teleworking in the DC suburbs, still getting paid to do my honorable government service job. Anticipate not having to ever stop teleworking, which I count as a win [...goodbye Metro...]. Happy that my existence (including exercise outdoors) has not directly crossed paths with any of this violent turmoil. Very disturbed about what I read/see, including gross stuff in our nation's capital. Just sad and pathetic. Am trying to reduce news consumption to some essential/reliable (at least in my experience) sources. Not being especially successful.
  13. Brother Ah (1934-2020)

    Rest in peace.
  14. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    Had tix for a trio show in DC in October 2015 that was cancelled due to Jimmy health issues. Never got to experience the master firsthand.
  15. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    I placed an order for the On the Corner box and Nefertiti on May 5. The order confirmation received that day said part of order is on backorder but would ship on about May 6. Since then, haven't received any order updates, charges, or product. Perhaps I did not carpe the diem with enough speed/agility. Oh well Okay. After finding it again on the website, current advertised ship date is June 3. We shall see.