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  1. New DONATE button

    Just made a donation. Jim, are you still behind for 2019 expenses?
  2. Beautifully packed parcel arrived via media mail in only two days. Thanks Michael for holding it for a bit before shipping. Happy New Year!
  3. Art Ensemble of Chicago 50th anniversary celebration at Kennedy Center. Despite living in Chicago for nearly a decade, my first time experiencing AEC live.
  4. Certainly a hefty price tag, but glad to see him re-up. Hopefully Rendon follows. Go Nats
  5. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Unfortunately, had to miss this. But I will be there Thursday for the performance. Any reason why the Smithsonian American Art Museum blurb makes no mention of Duke Pearson? Is it because there are approximately eleven people in the DC area for which "Duke Pearson" is an interesting idea/concept, and Bertrand knows all of us personally?
  6. Last night, Jason Moran trio w guest Ingrid Laubrock celebrating 20th year of trio, by way of Black Stars. After performing "Kinda Dukish", Jason hinted at an (extended?) work celebrating Ellington to be performed in DC next season.
  7. Music with an MRI? No such luck. I had two of them back-to-back, so an hour in the tube. I ended up conjuring my own themes to the beats to keep from going a little crazy. Futuristic stride by someone (or something) with a gait disorder, or Stereolab-like groove. or...
  8. Spooky Halloween jazz

    Andrew Hill - Dance with Death
  9. Happy Birthday Patrick!

    Thanks. Got to enjoy my NL team win a game 7. Nice change of pace after a few Indians game 7’s in recent decades. Django Festival AllStars tomorrow evening.
  10. Happy Birthday Day Jimmy Heath.

    Saw Jimmy as part of Dizzy centennial fest in 2017 and as part of Javon Jackson Sax Appeal in 2015 (w Bobby Watson, Donald Harrison). Both at Kennedy Center.
  11. NYC Winter Jazzfest 2019

    Is "I Am a Man" Ron Miles rather than Ben Williams?
  12. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    What a scrappy bunch in DC! Young guys like Soto delivering (...though a bit adventurous in left field...). Old guys like Kendrick just raking. Production from the 8th spot (Gomes, Michael A., Robles). A god awful bullpen now has two arms back, and hopefully the starters can continue to pitch deep into games, though HOU or NYY lineups will be challenging. While I had no issues while he was here, kind of cool that they are doing this without the mega-superstar now in Philly. And the next time I cringe regarding outfield play by Nats or Tribe or whomever, I will remember the Cardinals. Yikes.
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Nice to see Scherzer back closer to Max levels. And getting the big blast from Mr. National Ryan Zimmerman was very cool. With Strasburg pitching Game 5, it's a reasonable coin flip against the NL beast.