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  1. Not true! I'm setting up hospice for a parent this weekend. Being eligible for hospice requires expectation that death likely to arrive in the next six months -- much longer than a few days. Given Medicare covers this, useful to rest of family to get that type of care arranged. For families in similar situations, I would encourage pursuing this much sooner than final days (if medical situation allows one to reach required conclusion).
  2. Duke Pearson Big Band - Rare Charts

    Duke Pearson featured at Take Five at Portrait Gallery, perhaps?
  3. Perhaps Andrew Miller in a Tribe uniform is partial repayment for Chris Chambliss and Graig Nettles?
  4. After thinking about it a bit more, I think the two UMD shows were single sets. Each time I've enjoyed MSO I did notice an emphasis, not surprisingly, on new material, and a balanced approach with respect to solo features. Obviously the book, as you note, can be, and is, quite large. I'm glad my wife said "there's the piano player" to me as we were headed out of Kennedy Center, and that the three of us had a good conversation. Next time in warmer climes (...or indoors), and two sets!
  5. Glad you enjoyed it! For me, been fortunate to catch MSO at Univ Maryland twice, and made it to their Jazz Standard Thanksgiving hang once (...MSO playing on their home court?). "Spartacus" was definitely a second set tune that I did not hear -- would have remembered that one. Question that I forgot to ask Frank that perhaps you can answer: in terms of tunes played, how repetitious from first set to second? [I've ever only enjoyed one at a time.]
  6. Maria Schneider Orchestra at the Kennedy Center last night. Started out with a pair of tunes from Evanescence ("Green Piece" and "Gumba Blue") and then moved to more recent material including "Home" (much love for Rich Perry), "Nimbus" (Clarence Penn and Frank Kimbrough having fun getting stormy with Steve Wilson) and "Walking by Flashlight" (featuring Scott Robinson) from The Thompson Fields. Also performed was a recent Library of Congress (and others) commission called "Data Lords" -- a darker composition inspired (?) by Google that she worked on after the recent collaboration with Bowie. First set ended with another of the Winter Morning Walks compositions, "How Important It Must Be", featuring Donny McCaslin. Great performing all around. Maria rules in her space. Had a nice conversation with Frank Kimbrough afterward discussing Herbie Nichols and other topics.
  7. A little odd that Go! is not included in that BN package, but a great collection of prime Dexter there. Purchase and enjoy!
  8. Wind blowing out at Wrigley. The god awful John Hirschbeck behind the plate. Home run prone spot starter Josh Tomlin on the bump. A slow catcher/first baseman/DH in left field for the first time in his MLB career. Andrew Miller out of the game with three very long innings left to go. Yan Gomes plays. Michael Martinez scores all of the runs. What's not to like? Bit nervous about Kluber tonight. Obviously he is a stud. But short rest will matter to some degree. See very human version of him pitching recently against Toronto.
  9. So far so good on north coast. Miller time.
  10. ARod and Rose deserve each other, and I'll switch the channel. Kinda liked the Big Hurt there for awhile, but the company you keep...
  11. Obviously still early, but nice to see Guyer and Chisenhall contribute before I head out for a bite to eat prior to Gary Bartz Quartet at Kennedy Center.
  12. Obviously a tremendous start for the Tribe. Cool that Terry accompanied father Tito out to throw first pitch. Lot of Indians/Red Sox cross connections, including the two managers. Feels a bit like 2007. Tribe are underdogs facing the Sawx. Injured Danny Salazar and/or Carlos Carrasco play the role of injured Cliff Lee. Josh Tomlin plays the role of Paul Byrd (starter who really should just be a long man, if that). Coco Crisp plays the role of Kenny Lofton (old speedster coming back to CLE for one more run), etc. It has already been a highly successful season for the Indians. Obviously hope there is more to accomplish. Down #2 and #3 starters is tough. But then they actually got production from the catcher position (otherwise a blackhole the whole season) last night. And Trevor Bauer matched the Cy Young candidate (however modestly). Hopefully Kluber will dispel the need for much bullpen help this afternoon/evening. I have tickets for the season opener for the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. [Yes, world champs!] This takes place on the same night as Game 1 of the World Series which will be played in an AL ballpark. Could be crazy in the CLE. Believeland!
  13. Yankees got talent for Miller, not firesale prices. I expect Beltran is gone by the deadline. What about Brett Gardner?
  14. LuCroy vetoes trade, for now at least. Doesn't like rebuilding in Milwaukee, or apparently a chance to win in Cleveland either...
  15. Maybe, just maybe it is time in Believeland... Certainly going All In. ( least until NFL resumes...)