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  1. What a relief. And good to roll with it.
  2. NBA playoffs thread

    Arguably a similar but in 2015.
  3. NBA playoffs thread

    Tough for GSW w all the injuries, but no asterisks in the long run. Unless we also put one on 2015. Before the finals started, I feared a lot of blowouts one way or the other. Fortunately, several interesting games. Curious who will pay max dollars to have Kevin or Klay sit for a year, and if there is any chance KD remains a Warrior.
  4. You didn't happen to get stuck on the Red Line coming into work today?
  5. 1974. Who would have been in Grant Green's band

    And first Chicago appearance, ...for this quintet?
  6. Greenleaf $3 CD Sale!

    Thanks for the heads up. Ended up selecting most of the items included in the sale. Familiar w Dave Douglas. Looking forward to deeper dive into Greg Ward, Ryan Keberle, and Matt Ulery.
  7. NBA playoffs thread

    One of several beautiful things during LeBron's run in Cleveland was his (and by extension the Cavs') complete ownership of the Raptors at playoff time. This included renaming the Canadian town "LeBronto". One nice feature of this was LeBron just completing snuffing out Drake -- Drake just didn't matter. As annoying as Drake may be, I'm not sure who I'd root for in Drake v. Draymond. I'm pretty sure it would be Drake.
  8. Attended both nights of the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival at the Kennedy Center. Friday night was a warm celebration of Geri Allen with an all-star cast assembled and programmed by Terri Lyne Carrington: Ravi Coltrane, Dave Holland, Jason Moran, plus DJ Val Jeanty and tap dancer Maurice Chestnut. Happened to sit next to a group that included Geri's brother. Great music, brief testimonials from each performer, all while a portfolio of photos (many taken on KC stage) were displayed at back of stage. Very moving. Glad I added it to my schedule. Saturday night featured sets by Renee Rosnes (with John Patitucci, Steve Wilson, and Lenny White) playing mainly compositions from her recent Smoke releases, and Joanne Brackeen (w Greg Osby, Ugonna Okegwo, and Rudy Royston). I need to track down those recent RR recordings.
  9. NBA playoffs thread

    Long time fan of Cavaliers. Still a fan of LeBron, but think of him as having opted for early retirement (and sunnier weather). Actually a nice change of pace not having to think too hard about the playoff inadequacies of the bench etc. (...more time to think about the inadequacies of the Indians batting order...) Thrilled for the Bucks and their fans. Kind of happy Kyrie has underwhelmed in leadership role in Boston, and maybe now (too late) he realizes the situation in Cleveland was good for him and his brand. But if he joins Durant on the Knicks, the hype will reach new levels. Not really a fan of the Rockets, but hope that we can all survive/avoid another GSW.
  10. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Email sent with order for several of these BS/SN boxes, and availability/pricing queries regarding several other categories (Dodo, Gil, Smoke Sessions, Dutch Jazz Archive, etc).
  11. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Braves appear to be having a good time Sunday night in CLE. Not sure they will need a closer this evening.
  12. Perhaps "Never Can Say Goodbye" or a Beatles tune performed by this organ trio called Organissimo?
  13. Tonight: Henry Threadgill "Double Up Plays Double Up Plus" Tomorrow: Vijay Iyer Sextet First time that I get to experience either of these artists.
  14. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    I have not watched the clip, and only skimmed the ad copy. Do folks still read these ads beyond learning the basics: leader name and players, album title, and label? Don't we have ECM ad copy in a separate thread because it is ad copy that is generally a waste of time to read (beyond the key facts listed above)? After that initial skim, I scroll down to see reactions of other (hopefully non-street team) community members. I have a few of the earlier Boom Tic Boom releases which haven't yet grabbed me, though I haven't spent that much time with them. My introduction to Alison Miller was playing with Ben Allison's Stars Look Very Different Today group with Steve Cardenas and Brandon Seabrook on guitars/banjo. Allison was tremendous/fully armed etc. in that setting. It was due to that experience that I'm exploring (to some degree) her work in other settings. My question to the musicians around here is whether the clip illustrates anything about the difficulty/challenges of being a band leader. Or is the view that this just reflects poor taste in material/method of execution? Or something else?