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  1. Reflections on music in the time of COVID

    Pretty much the same listening behavior as well. Only change is trying out some of the at home online performances (like the Jim Alfredson one that someone linked to). Plenty of accumulated old music that will be new to my ears. As far as cancelled live performances, I'm asking for gift certificate that I can use next season rather than cash. Maybe round down a bit and make a charitable donation with part of it. For Hamilton on Broadway, I think I will just do cash refund because its Ticketmaster and securing tickets for a particular evening for that show could be a serious hassle, travel logistics etc.
  2. The COVID 19 Restaurant Poll

    Hit my local Total Wine location here in NoVA yesterday evening to stock up. Some extra plexiglass up at the checkout aisles. It was after 7pm and I may have been the only customer in the place at the time. They seemed appreciative of my business, as I am of theirs.
  3. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom - Glitter Wolf

    That fellow’s name actually is Otis Day
  4. COVID 19 Poll

    Beloved spouse is doing homemade mac and cheese tonight! Looking forward to that. Recently tried and liked a simple frijoles charros recipe from Serious Eats (pinto beans, bacon, onion, garlic, jalapeno, some tomato parts). Flavorful (...mmm...bacon fat...), but no heat beyond the jalapeno. Something I should have pursued long ago. Will start to slowly work through various proteins stowed in full freezer. I understand that our nation has recently gone through hoarding hysteria. But why is it taking markets so long to restock? Even items other than bath tissue and bottled water (like produce, legumes, frozen food). I assume production/distribution of these may be slightly delayed, but not stopped. Don't yet have the DC martial law vibe in my neck of the NoVA woods, but given that Governor Hogan has shut down Maryland as of 5pm today, I imagine Gov Northam in VA will follow fairly soon. Good luck Rooster with cat and with cooking!
  5. Jazz musicians that have cameos in films.

    Cannonball Adderley in Play Misty for Me.
  6. Hoping peace of mind persists and/or returns, and stays around for a good long while.
  7. Rest Easy Mom & Dad

    35 years of dementia -- that is tough for the loved ones. Hopefully not too much suffering in the last days. Rest easy SS.
  8. Friday at Kennedy Center: Jason Moran trio with guests Cassandra Wilson and Marvin Sewell. Part of his 20th year celebration of Bandwagon. Expect a fair amount of Billie Holiday and Same Mother. Saturday at KC: National Symphony Orch performing Tchaikovsky violin concerto (Akiko Suwanai) and some Stravinsky. Will miss Charles Tolliver up in Baltimore.
  9. Perhaps not quite on target, but I've recently been taken by Alicia Hall Moran's version of "Two Wings".
  10. Washington Post story about straightforward countermeasures taken by Nationals: (1) contact former Astros like Tony Sipp to ask whether sign stealing is still an issue, and (2) develop several sign systems for each starter (writing them down on pitcher's cap and catcher's wristband), and use on every pitch.
  11. NBA - 2019-2020 regular season

    Also a fan. Attended recent losses against Zion and the Pelicans and a close loss to Toronto (trailed by 1 pt with less than 90 seconds to play). Lots of young guys handling the ball (C Sexton, D Garland, K Porter Jr), and best player (K Love) not touching the ball enough. Too little passing and no D. Expect Love and T Thompson to get traded this week, so it will likely get significantly worse before it gets better. LeBron still awesome.
  12. New DONATE button

    Just made a donation. Jim, are you still behind for 2019 expenses?
  13. Art Ensemble of Chicago 50th anniversary celebration at Kennedy Center. Despite living in Chicago for nearly a decade, my first time experiencing AEC live.
  14. Certainly a hefty price tag, but glad to see him re-up. Hopefully Rendon follows. Go Nats
  15. Duke Pearson - when did he leave Blue Note?

    Unfortunately, had to miss this. But I will be there Thursday for the performance. Any reason why the Smithsonian American Art Museum blurb makes no mention of Duke Pearson? Is it because there are approximately eleven people in the DC area for which "Duke Pearson" is an interesting idea/concept, and Bertrand knows all of us personally?