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  1. TV Memories and Highlights

    Music themes for Kotter, Happening?, and Barney Miller going through my head now. Groovy!
  2. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Tribe basically needed a sweep against Twins, down by 3.5 with about 14 to play. They lost Saturday afternoon 2 - 0, and are well on their way to losing the evening contest (9 - 5 after 8, Minny grand slam to break 5-5 tie, ugh). Clevinger pitched great in the afternoon (8 IP, 2R, 10K), but no offense. Evening game pitched by the bullpen -- Clippard (ouch), Carrasco (far from back), Cimber (double ouch), etc. A nice illustration of ownership being cheap (Michael Brantley, anyone?), and too many injuries (Kluber, Carrasco, Clevinger, J Ramirez, Hand, Naquin, Zimmer). Wildcard seems unlikely now. At least they briefly led the division after trailing by 11+ games, and the emergence in the rotation of Bieber, Plesac, and Civale suggests continued success after Bauer and perhaps Kluber relocate.
  3. James Carter Organ Trio - Live from Newport Jazz

    Thanks for mentioning the sidemen. Find it kind of sad that the BN blurb above couldn't spend the space to identify those two musicians.
  4. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Not buying for a second that Tribe wanted to unload Bauer due to emotional hysterics. Immediately after most recent meltdown he apologized completely and sincerely. Anyone actually paying attention to Tribe this year (minus Kluber, Carrasco, and Clevinger for long stretches) recognize that TB was a total workhorse. Perhaps not quite as effective as last year, but still a total stud. This deal was only about one thing: $$$. Having a cheapass owner unwilling to pay $18M next year. And the assets they received appear to be an attempt to patch the massive hole created when they were unwilling to pay Brantley. Bauer actually was a highly useful teammate to Bieber and Clevinger. Hopefully they won't miss having him around.
  5. Philip Bailey - Love Will Find a Way

    David Byrne/Talking Heads tune?
  6. My browser thinks the word "Eldridge" appears only once in this thread, in the first post. Is the Eldridge Mosaic, with damaged box, still available? At what price? Thanks
  7. Collections

    Perhaps a poll to get an idea about the size distribution, and a gentle request that participants in said poll vote anonymously? I know, unlikely.
  8. Mosaic Open Houses

    If anyone goes and sees a Chu Berry booklet, please let me know!
  9. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Been a tough season for the Cleveland rotation (Kluber, Clevinger), and now Cookie Carrasco has been diagnosed w leukemia. Bauer has been a workhorse but I wouldn't be surprised if the innings catch up to him a bit. Seems a lone bright spot has been the continued development of Shane "Not Justin" Bieber.
  10. NBA playoffs thread

    Congrats to the big fella. Hopefully a nice long run in Milwaukee.
  11. What a relief. And good to roll with it.
  12. NBA playoffs thread

    Arguably a similar but in 2015.