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  1. I am always blown away by this recording whenever I listen to it. Excellent tunes and ensemble playing all around. And Thad Jones never sounded better. It is really too bad that the band did not record more.
  2. LP cleaning advice?

    When I was in Austin, TX, there were a couple of used record stores that cleaned records for $1 each.
  3. LP cleaning advice?

    Thanks. I think I have about 150 LP's. My collection has grown quite a bit during the pandemic, after being pretty constant in size for many years. Loricraft looks fabulous! But it is a bit too much for me. Perhaps the next time I get an outside job offer! Something to aspire to, for sure. I will look further into Spincare. Thanks a lot, folks.
  4. Hi everyone. I have some LP's that look very clean but are a bit noisy when played -- no skips or loud noises but just constant little static. I don't have a cleaning machine, and I have not found a record shop here in London that cleans records for fee. I've read somewhere that one can clean records with a sponge dipped in warm water. I was wondering whether this is advisable, and it can be done without damaging vinyl. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  5. Happy holidays to you too, Lon. All the best in the new year. I am also listening to the Commodore sets. It was you who introduced me to that music when we were both in Austin!
  6. I recently got on eBay the 3 early Blue Note sessions shown below for very reasonable/low prices, and they arrived today. I have some of these recordings on Japanese TOCJ and some domestic Blue Note CD's (I think from the 1990's). But I hear new clarity and naturalness as I listen to the first Bechet LP right now. Glorious and noble music! A bit of balm for these horrible times. Merry Christmas, everyone.
  7. Ah thanks. I will keep track, though I suspect that it sell for quite a bit.
  8. Verve France appears to have released 6 volumes of these on vinyl in the 1980's. They cover 1951-56 of Hodges' work on Verve. Any opinions about the quality of these LP's? I am thinking that getting these might be more economical than getting the Mosaic LP set that covers the same period, or trying to get the individual LP's. Thanks in advance.
  9. Sometimes, especially when I am working, I use iTunes shuffle and Blue Tooth to play music through a radio with a small mono speaker. The radio I have is an audiophile one, but a low end one put out by Revo. I am beginning to think that rock and other pop music sound better through a small mono speaker than on a full hi fi system. The music sounds more focused and distilled, and some of the vulgarity of the many pop productions is diminished in effect. Does anyone else feel this way?
  10. I was thinking that most people here are in the US, so it wouldn't be economical for them to buy from me here in the UK. And I also wanted to avoid the labor of making up a list. But as one member asked me to send him a list, I may draw up a list and post it here too.
  11. I'm thinking that I need to get rid of some CD's that I no longer listen to. When I lived in the US, I used to sell CD's on Amazon Marketplace. I tried doing the same when I moved to the UK a few years ago, but it seemed that there are various regulations on Amazon UK so that in effect only professional sellers are allowed to sell recordings through the Marketplace. I'm thinking that my only options are eBay and Discog. I've sold only one thing on eBay ever, and that about 15 years ago; and I've never bought or sold anything on Discog. Can people let me know what in their experience is the best site to sell stuff on? And if I am overlooking some options, let me know. Thanks in advance.
  12. I saw Ab a couple of years ago when he came to London with the ICP. I asked him during the break about the box set and he said it disappeared quickly. Odd that he made such few copies.
  13. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Like Larry said, no. It takes a little getting used to, but I think you will develop a muscle memory for putting the needle on and off records pretty quickly. I highly recommend the P2.
  14. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    News update: I ended up getting the P2. I didn't get to demo anything as the shops here in London are all still closed. Basically, my desire to get one has been increasing lately, and P1 has been out of stock at all the online shops. And while the prices of both models went up recently, I found one shop online that had the P2 at the old price. Thought I should jump on it. I am really happy with P2 so far. Obviously, I can't compare the sounds. But if I remember my old P1, the sound was not as impressive as this new P2. I feel like with this P2 there is a greater disparity between the sound of the LP and that of the CD of the same recordings. Also, I really like the look of this P2 much better -- esp. the glass platter. Thanks again for all your advice and recommendations. My next music ambition: obtaining a nice copy of Gerry Mulligan's "What is There to Say?" (6-eye mono) at a decent price. I have an OK copy now, and its ticks seem more glaring and annoying on the P2! Most likely, I will have to do that next time I travel to the U.S.
  15. Rega P1 and P2 turntables

    Thanks, everyone. I wish that I could go into an audio shop and listen to these tables. I may wait a bit longer (a year?) to be able to do that. I may be foolish in thinking this way, but I don't think I want to keep thinking about and spending money on improving my audio system. For one thing, I don't want to spend increasing amounts of money on a process that may be never ending -- as some people have warned me based on their own experiences. For another, I'd rather spend my mental energy on the music rather than the technology.