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  1. An expanded reissue of Rashied Ali and Frank Lowe's "Duo Exchange" is available as a double LP on Suvival Records - Bandcamp. Also available is a previously unreleased concert from Slugs in 1967 as 2 x vinyl . Line-up is Dewey Johnson (Trumpet), Ramon Morris (Tenor Saxophone), Stanley Cowell (Piano), Reggie Johnson (Bass) and - of course - Rashied Ali. Already ordered both limited releases - the downloads coming with the order are not the complete albums but only a small portion of the respective recordings.
  2. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    I've ordered me a copy four days ago from Soundohm - without a subscription! Another copy is available at Discogs https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/13722594?ev=rb
  3. Masayuki Takayanagi

    But if one is able to withstand and enjoy Abe's playing (or Takayanagi's for that matter) one is on the safe side regarding mental health - IMHO.
  4. Masayuki Takayanagi

    And it was reissued in 2007 on CD - again in Japan only. Some copies came with a CDr containing a later solo track from 1985. However - it gets my highest recommendation.
  5. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    Thanks - I meant rebuilt! A download only release would be less expensive, for sure. But for me a physical release is still the preferred medium, although I've bought dozens of downloads over the years. But this is mostly due to high shipping rates from the US to Europe. From Japan the shipping rates are sometimes even less than from Europe to Germany and occaisonally the delivery time is even faster. On the other hand a download only release is better than none.
  6. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    It seems to be a bit more complicated. See (only in German) http://www.fmp-label.de/fmplabel/archivhaupttext.html But also this on the FMP website: " The person responsible for productions on this label remains Jost Gebers. It is he who is exclusively responsible for productions and carries them out in accordance with agreements made with the musicians involved. Third party intervention is ruled out. Planning, selection, realization and financing of production are the exclusive responsibility of FMP-Publishing. " Maybe I will sell all my rare vinyl and start a FMP reissue label According Jost Gebers (and if memory serves me right) almost everything from 1970 or so onward has been recorded and is available in the label's archive. About two years ago Jost Gebers has refurbished (is this the English word?) all recording and playback devices which were used throughout all those years by FMP.
  7. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    The book is available separately at bandcamp: https://destination-out.bandcamp.com/album/in-berlin-88-book Albeit the PDF costs almost 50$. Actually it is possible to contact Jost Gebers. I know 'cause I did contact him and asked about the possibility of releasing some stuff from the archives. Not everything would be available, though. It - obviously - depends on wether the owners of the rights, which are the musicians, are inclined to do so and on what conditions. I don't say it would be easy to release the unreleased but if someone has a bit surplus change it probably could be done.
  8. http://www.tcb.ch/cms/cms.cgi?prm=Green%20Spine%20%28Swiss%20Radio%20Days%20Jazz%20Series%29&short=1&cfg=1&sort=a&tmpl=style|style|id&list=style|artist|catnr Some releases with more details at Discogs https://www.discogs.com/label/525379-Swiss-Radio-Days-Jazz-Series
  9. Born Free reissue - expanded

    On December 28 "Be! Jazz" will release a 9 CD-box. It will contain all music from the 12th German Jazz Festival 1970 in Frankfurt. A 3 LP set "Born Free" was already released in 1970. Most of the tracks were abridged. Most of the music was broadcasted in Germany a few times. The only fully issued music was Peter Brötzmann's "Fuck de Boere" on Atavistic. The CD-box will also contain a 32 p booklet with unreleased photographs from the event. I tried to insert the preview pdf/jpeg but I haven't managed to find the right size which would still be useful for preview (only 102 KB allowed!? although one pic has only 85 KB) Instead here's a link to Zippyshare which contains a packed folder including the jpg > http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/nvhwGZrq/file.html
  10. John Abercrombie - The First Quartet (ECM)

    The box set was already released last Friday (November 6) but maybe you are talking about the American release date.
  11. Jutta Hipp box set

    Don't know if it's really only 25 years in Luxembourg. I got the info but haven't checked it myself. Wether unreleased Clarke-Boland Big Band tapes were washed away and unrolled I do not know. But I know that some of the German broadcast station's should still have some unreleased tapes from the CBBB. I know one collector who has at least about 50 boots and occaisionally there's a broadcast here and there. F.e. one with Carmen McRae (not the one which was released on LP/CD). This one was even filmed in a series called "Jazz gehört und gesehen" from Joachim Ernst Berendt. Another one with Dakota Staton from '68. Remember a snippet with a nice sextet or octet were a young Manfred Schoof was playing. But also more without a singer but sometimes with guests (... one with J.J. Johnson). There are about 2500 to 3000 hours of Jazz only in the archives of the SWR (south-west Germany). A lot was also erased and or destroyed. But I digress... Today I got a confirmation (though no proof) that the Hipp box set is legal as well. Not only for the music but also for all the pictures (most of them previously unknown) and Jutta Hipp's letter's, drawings and cartoons on musicians. There is a German sax-player and musicologist Ilona Haberkamp who visited Jutta Hipp twice in New York. She is involved in the project. Seemingly some of Hipp's relatives were asked for permission and gave papers/photographs. Again no proof yet but a confirmation. Probably already this winter there will be a 9 CD box including a lot of photographs from the 12th German Jazz Festival. There was an abridged version on the LP Born Free which was released in 1970. I doubt it would be possible to release this without getting a permit from the GEMA. But how all the musicians or right holders will be involved I don't know. Another problem can come up when the permit for printing a CD/LP is given in another country than were it was originally released. In the case of the Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden No Business applied and got the permit (I have seen it and forwarded it to the musicians). But according the label they didn't had to pay for it. No Business assumes this could mean that there's no information about the FJGW in Lithuania and therefore it isn't protected. I forwarded this as well to the msicians and now we have to check wether this situation can be cleared. So we have done it legally (I have a contract and the label has provided all necessary proofs for band and me) and but it is also not sufficiently secured....
  12. Jutta Hipp box set

    Will try to get a copy from Frederiksberg Records. Theilmann has tapes from the German Jazz Festival 1970 and also from Switzerland plus some more. I also have the LPs - three of them I bought from Theilmann some years ago. He still has a few copies from each of the MJQK and FMO LPs. Also in his stock was Walpurgisnacht. The best way of a reissue is IMHO a LP which includes a CD. But the costs for a LP are greater than for a CD off course. Maybe a kind of crowfunding would be a way - but it's not really to my gusto. However - a CD is better than a download or no reissue at all. I'm glad that Jost Gebers agreed to allow FMP reissues on Bandcamp. I only hope he will one day start seriously to mine the extensive archive of never before released recordings from the TMM or the WFM (and more). Mostly the funding is the problem. Paul Lovens has tapes he would offer for release. Same goes for Tony Oxley. He said to us he would sell the tapes for a relatively decent amount and than we could do with tapes as we choose. It's not wether one can get money from the music - Scherf and Sell do not get any direct financial compensation - but how it is possible to avoid a debt on the producer's bank-account My own expenses were quite low for the production of the FJGW CD - all in all about 50 or 60 euros. The costliest part was the photography of the group. I certainly can live with that. And I got a kind of fee from No Business for my work and liner which I hadn't expected at all. But I'm in good hope
  13. Jutta Hipp box set

    Not the Hipp box but the MOD one. He has also tried to release the Cartsen Meinert LP. He told me that he was asked to withdraw his production which he did. I was the only one who got five LPs 'cause I ordered them early enough. BTW - in another thread you're mentioning that you would like to see a reissue of the LPs from the MJQK/Fourmenonly. There's real a chance this will happen - already was instrumental in getting the Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden LPs onto CD. Fortunately Danas Mikailionis and No Business had still 'room' for a CD in the 2015 schedule. So from April when I first asked Dieter Scherf to the eventual release in September only five month. Off course we were lucky that it materialised so soon. I know Herbert Joss a bit - he once borrowed me his remaining items of the four LPs so that I could make a rip for me and him. But I will contact Rudi Theilmann first. Hope to be able bring this on its way in early 2016. This time without the help of No Business - but I shall ask them later - maybe they still have 'room' for another part of early European Free Jazz.
  14. Jutta Hipp box set

    Probably this won't be read anymore but I'll give it a try: Maybe I can shed some light on the MOD box set. It is approved by the Campi estate. The masterings were made from EP's as most of the original tapes were destroyed in the cellar of Gigi Campi during a flood. The sound quality is fine though not so much better than on the Jazzrealities CDs. Michael Frohne who did the Jazzrealities CDs is also on board for the BE! Jazz MOD box set. He provided the discography etc. For me the main reason to buy the box was the book and my hope that the mastering would be good. The same goes for the Jutta Hipp box on BE! Jazz. I have it at home at the moment to check what it will include. Realising that I have most of it already I will buy anyway it in a few weeks when I get some percentage. 140 euros are able to pull a minor hole in my bank account. I haven't yet opened the book - this I will do when I actually buy the box. The mastering seems to be OK - but I haven't yet made a direct comparison. In general I can say, that Micha Gottschalk - the man behind BE! Jazz really tries to licence every release on his label(s). But especially the bigger companies mostly won't do it. He is wealthy enough to pay what they want. I remember especially one answer from Universal Germany when he tried to get permission for three recordings in their catalogue. The tenor of the reply was that they don't do 'small transactions" but only big business! This information was not only some words from Mr Gottschalk but was confirmed by three sales-agents. One of them in fact from Universal Germany. He considers to go to Luxemburg with his company. There you have only 25 years for copyright protection.... Another example: I proposed a reissue of the LP "Springboard" to him. He tried to get a licence and according a telephone call we did some month ago he succeded this time. Concerning the NDR Jazz Workshops he has released I know that he discovered that the NDR has no rights apart brodcasting. I believe that he hasn't aquired any rights for the releases. See here... Micha Gottschalk is not always acting correct or lawful but he has no interest in cheating any artist or right-holders. He is a genuine fan and admirer of the artists/music he releases. BTW - Mr. Gottschalk is not a friend of mine but I got to know him through my work as purchasing agent for Germany's biggest store for Jazz and Classical music. Also I am not affiliated in any way with the lable(s) he has founded. Hope the above is able to make the "BE-story" it a bit clearer.