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  1. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    It is available for order now: https://www.gottagroovestore.com/product/black-unity-trio-al-fatihah/ Street date is around November 27, 2020. Ordered!
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Here are my recommendations for Kang Tae Hwan. I stick to available recordings (not very much is readily available). I have all his albums except two which I got as rips from a dear friend. His work with Takada goes back to the 1990s. There's a trio called Ton-Klami with him , Takada and Masahiko Satoh. One Ton-Klami is from No Business Records and should be still in print. https://www.discogs.com/Ton-Klami-Prophecy-Of-Nue/release/10855063 Then we have the trio of Kang Tae Hwan, Miyeon (piano) and Park Je Chun (percussion). They made two CDs and one was reissued in 2018 and is still vailable from the label. https://www.discogs.com/%EA%B0%95%ED%83%9C%ED%99%98-%EB%AF%B8%EC%97%B0-%EB%B0%95%EC%9E%AC%EC%B2%9C-Isaiah/release/14553491 The last one I would like to point out might not be his best (but good music anyway). It was released by the US label VHF and his currently available as CD for 4$ at Bandcamp. https://vhfrecords.bandcamp.com/album/love-time Two more I would like to recommend, although they are OOP and will be hard to obtain. The inaugural recording of South-Korean Free music. https://www.discogs.com/%EA%B0%95%ED%83%9C%ED%99%98-Korean-Free-Music/master/218161 and his solo/duo/trio CD with Masahiko Togashi and Satoh. https://www.discogs.com/Kang-Tae-Hwan-Masahiko-Satoh-Masahiko-Togashi-Asian-Spirits/release/4220503 Happy hunting ;-)
  3. Irene Schweizer

    Actually Schweizer and Neumeier made a CD for the Japanese label Captain Trip in 1997 (but recorded in 1990). Some more info at Discogs.
  4. New Corbett v Dempsey

    "old courteous habits" wasn't meant literally. But is wasn't "simple politeness" either. AvS "politeness" is much more formal than usual - let's say "in my view". Nuff said about this topic ;-)
  5. New Corbett v Dempsey

    For me he looks rather like an aging noble but nowadaways a noble and a soap opera star might be compatible . However, he seems to have internalized old courteous habits like f.e. he will stand up if a woman is approaching the table - including a slight bow towards the lady. Saw it with my own eyes when he, Evan Parker, Sebi Tramontana, Paul Lovens and myself had a meal before a concert of the Schlippenbach Trio at Munich's 'Unterfahrt' jazz club. This and similar habits by AvS do have a natural demeanour which I had the chance to watch several times.
  6. New Corbett v Dempsey

    Alexander von Schlippenbach is his birth name. Although - he does not insist on the "von". He is a member of a big family of former Westphalian nobels but from the impoverished part, as he has put it in a conversation. As he does not attach any importance on the "von" he is often called Alex(ander) Schlippenbach instead of the full name as printed in his passport. For some releases (and articles / interviews) he is referred to as Alex Schlippenbach. So he does not became AvS namewise but always was. Alex Schlippenbach is simply an informal way of addressing him.
  7. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    The release will be postponed according the producer / label. It is now scheduled for September 2020. Two excerpts are posted now on Soundcloud.
  8. Wether there will be a CD and / or download available I don't know. But Strut does have a Bandcamp page so who knows maybe there will be a digital version. Regarding the vinyl pressing plants / shipping possibilities I agree.
  9. Didn't know that there's a CD version of the LP. If so it is definitely a bootleg. Not Strut but I believe it will be Holiday Records. At least that's what I recall from our conversation. He did not state it explicitely but when we talked about the Helipolis' reissue he mentioned the 3-LP set. He invited me to visit him at his house in Wartaweil ("Waitawhile" as the translation from the Bavarian dialect goes) which I haven't done since some years but at the moment it is not possible or even recommended.
  10. Two hours ago I had a telephone call with Hartmut Geerken and he confirmed that the upcoming reissue of the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble's "Heliopolis" is legit and mastered from the original tapes including a 30x90, 6 p. fold-out booklet. It will be edited by Holiday Records in Milan, Italy. Due to Corona restrictions it might need some time to hit the stores. I've a rip of a friend's copy and always enjoyed the music. So I've ordered it now. In the US it will be available through Forced Exposure. During our conversation he told me about two further releases. First there's a five vinyl set with the complete recordings of Sun Ra's sojourn in Egypt in 1971. Two of the five LPs contain unreleased music. Already announced on the website of Strut Records for the 2020 RSD. Plus there will be a three LP set with the complete recordings of Hartmut Geerken from his time in Cairo (1966 - 72) where he worked for Germany's Goethe Institut.
  11. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    Me too, definitely! BTW - in alchemy an athanor is a furnace used to provide a uniform and constant heat for alchemical digestion.
  12. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    Overground is a much more wild affair than Athanor. But I do enjoy the reissued vinyl's music!
  13. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    Yep, it's the one with Frank Wright.
  14. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    OK - PM including link on its way to you.
  15. Athanor - unreleased Austrian Free Jazz

    I could offer a short track from the above mentioned Nickelsdorf compilation in mp3. But I do not know wether this is OK here. If it's OK, I would add a link here, with Wetransfer.