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  1. George Handy

    Thanks for posting that. The Lees piece: yikes. I had already been appalled by Maggin's bio.
  2. I recently read Pettinger's Evans bio and believe there was mention of friction with Coltrane. But I've returned the book to interlibrary loan and can't look for a citation.
  3. Woodstock - How Much Were They Paid?

    I recently saw a film on Hendrix (Electric Church) which stated that Jimi was rock's highest-paid concert act in 1970 (date of the festival filmed). I figure he was right up there in 1969.
  4. Jazz musicians that played chess.

    Maybe Joe Henderson. There's a passage in Mark Stryker's Jazz In Detroit, p. 133: He [J. H.] also began to get a reputation as an odd duck in Detroit...Bassist Marlene Rosenberg recalled how on the road he once tried to engage her in a game of "air chess" without a board by calling out moves...
  5. rare hank photo! whos he jammin with!

    And John Ore, same source.
  6. Lionel Newman and the Penis Dinner Napkin Gag

    I'm sure I've posted this link here before: Grandmaster Flashed: Kasparov attacked by flying penis-copter NSFW or various other environments.
  7. Now reading...

    I enjoy the String Quartet. My enjoyment of the Sonatas and Interludes palled after a certain number of hearings, and now they simply remind me of Schoenberg's famous verdict that Cage the student had no talent for harmony (granted it's probably unfair to judge the pieces by pianistic standards). I dig many of the "Number Pieces" - possibly (depending on realization) Feldman-like sound world, and the (somewhat limited) randomness works for me. Re. Cage's sense of humor, this funny passage from Feldman's Give my regards to Eighth Street (essay within book of the same title): John and I spent a lot of time playing cards. One afternoon my friend Daniel Stern came over with a pair of dice. John came down immediately, and we told him how the game was played. John made his first throw standing up and just dropping the dice to the floor. We explained the procedure was to bend your knees as far down as possible, then throw the dice. This he did. He also started to shake them (we hadn't told him to do that), and before letting them go he cried out, to our amazement, "Baby needs a new pair of shoes". !!! Big O'Brien fan here. I treasure the Everyman's Library edition of collected novels, though the late work The Dalkey Archive is not so good (possibly due to alcoholism). Have also read his short fiction and collected (under pseudonym Myles na gCopaleen) newspaper columns, though they're somewhat uneven.
  8. Now reading...

    Thanks, much appreciated! The parts I've read are excellent. I originally had the wrong impression (rectified upon reading excerpts) that the book was generally about Cage, rather than specifically 4'33". That may render it too specialized for me, but will seriously consider. Still, even the excerpts I've read have been informative. For instance, I had assumed that Cage had a well-developed sense of humor, and that (for instance) his stochastic pieces were disguised digs at Serialism and 4'33" was a joke on various levels. But reading Gann, Cage appears to have practically no sense of humor!
  9. I put a brief 5-star review on Goodreads. Down on Amazon these days (crappy search engine, garbled database, dodgy price games) so not posting thereon.
  10. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    Means that they don't have it in stock. FWIW, all of my Amazon "1-2 month delivery" orders went unfilled and were eventually cancelled. I would look elsewhere.
  11. Regarding #1, a little Googling will reveal that Tencent already has done a share swap with Spotify "that saw each side take an undisclosed slice of the other for strategic purposes going forward". These were significant slices, 7.5 to 10% at the time. There's also talk that streaming is growing in China. Reuters article here. More analysis from a source unfamiliar to me here. I have no idea about #2.
  12. Reviving this old thread... Any recommendations for a "modern" (mid-1970s to date, decent but not necessarily audiophile quality sound, say) LvB string quartet cycle? I currently own Vegh/Valois (excellent performances, S. Vegh's intonation sometimes suspect) and Budapest 1951-52 (ditto on performances, the UA sonics are a bit thin). Often listened to the Alban Berg Qt. years ago, memory vague, enjoyed them but not sure where they rank. Love the Suske's Mozart, haven't heard much about their Beethoven, a little dubious of Brilliant Classics (they've botched sonics on some reissues). I respect the Emersons, but they'd probably be too "slick" for my taste. Takacs and Talich come to mind...I haven't kept up with post-2000 releases by various ensembles.
  13. Thanks for the various feedback. Picked up Kovacevich a while back and enjoyed it; sound and approach satisfied my "modern" criteria. Just recently got Heidsieck's set, which I hadn't heard in several years (purchased one as a gift), and extremely happy with it. Will likely buy the Serkin box in the near future. Would like to hear Sherman, but that's too tough to find at present. [Added] Got the Serkin set, which absent the above suggestion I wouldn't have considered due to incomplete sonatas. But the sonatas are outstanding, right up with the very best I've heard (my erudition is insufficient to make explicit rankings). Have yet to listen to Serkin's concerti. That's it for now - have spent much of the past several weeks digesting LvB sonata interpretations.
  14. Anyone order from FNAC?

    Yes, but 20 or more years ago, so not relevant.
  15. The "first interpretation = best" syndrome was strong in my relatively early years of listening. As time passed, I became more open to other interpretations, which often supplanted the original favorites. I've also become more "objective" about other interpretations, while managing to retain some fond memories of the "first and best". But there are a very few recordings that I loved so much on first hearing that I never had any desire to acquire others (though I've heard other live performances) - Mravinsky's Tchaikovsky symphonies 4-6 on DG and Borodin Qt.'s EMI recordings of Borodin's 2nd SQ and Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de Florence sextet (with Yu. Bashmet, N. Gutman) are the only ones that come to mind right now. [Disclaimer: I rarely keep more than 2 recordings of pieces other than major favorites by LvB, JSB and WAM. Too much unheard music yet to explore, plus space limitations.]
  16. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Agreed. If Bauer's histrionics were the reason, why would the Tribe have acquired the flamboyant headcase Puig in return?
  17. Woodstock 50th Anniversary Releases

    In a move that surprised no one, Woodstock 50 (Finally) Throws In The Towel
  18. How Tall Was Art Pepper?

    Me neither, but I assumed "Or" was a typo and "For" was intended. I of course defer to the cognoscenti of "JSangryology".
  19. Mystery tenor player.

    I agree. Looked at the photo yesterday, finished reading the book last night.