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  1. Scott, I tried to leave comments on your blog but for some reason it didn't work. Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I started listening to "jazz" in the 70s (my 20s) and this is a lot of fun. Sadly I don't know anything you've posted so far, so I must not have been paying attention back then. I am looking forward to following along and maybe I will even recognize something along the way. :O) Nick S.
  2. I would like to try and sell a few things. I would pay for media mail shipment to U.S. addresses. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking. Modern Jazz Quartet-The Complete Last Concert (Atlantic 7 81976-2) $4.00 SOLD Aki Takase-New Blues (ENJA yeb-7723) $10.00 Joe McPhee-In The Spirit (CIMP#199) $10.00 Achim Kaufmann/Mark Dresser/Harris Eisenstadt-Starmelodics (Nuscope CD 1021 $8.00 Mark Charig-Pipedream (Ogun OGCD 033) $8.00 There are some scuff marks on the CD that do not affect play. Mark Dresser-Sedimental You (Clean Feed CF385CD) $7.00 Myra Melford-Alive In The House Of Saints (hatOLOGY 2-570) $14.00 There are some scuff marks that do not affect Play. The Hat packaging with the slits sucks. Dans les arbres (ECM 2058) $6.00 Willem Breuker Kollektieff- In Holland (BVHAAST 0101) $10.00 Paul Bley-Annette (hatOLOGY 674) $10.00 SOLD Michiel Braam-Change This Song (BBBCD8) $8.00 Availble Jelly-Bilbao Song (Ramboy #21) $8.00 Josh Berman-There Now (Delmark DE 2016) $6.00
  3. This isn't rare or anything but I would be happy to send it along to someone in the U.S. Please sent a PM if interested. The Electrics - “Chain of Accidents” - Alyer CD-035.
  4. Just saw your post, I dont visit much anymore. Thanks but I already got one. I appreciate you remembering.
  5. Richard Grossman & Friends - "In the Air" (Nine Winds Records) This is likely a long shot but might someone here be selling this CD?
  6. peterintoronto, thanks for the suggestion but I had looked at discogs. Two of the U.S. sellers had a number of negative comments and the one that didn't wanted $50. The negative comments give me pause. On the other hand I never worry at all about the guys who sell on this forum. If I don't have any luck I may give discogs another look.
  7. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    Thanks mjzee. If I fully got into digital like Stefan, I can see the virtue of an inexpensive dedicated device. I don't think I have the assembly skills you and your son have, though. One more dumb question. You would need some kind of monitor, no?
  8. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    I hope you guys won't mind a dumb question. What is the benefit of something like this over just running your pc straight to your stereo? Thanks.
  9. The circus just moved into the White House. I know this is non-political but I had to say something bitter out loud today. Sorry.
  10. BFT 144 Discussion

    Thanks for the BFT. Track 1 is some pretty hot stuff. Also, I think I said this on your last BFT, I will never argue with some piano solos.
  11. BFT 143 ID

    Should be an easy one to find. I think I've even seen it in the sales forum. I wondered if anyone would like this track at all and I am happy you did. Thanks again for listening. As stated in the comments, I included a number of artists that were "new to me" as well. I feel like I am always behind the curve. Thanks for joining it.
  12. BFT 143 ID

    Thanks for listening and thanks for the comments. 1. Henry Butler/Steven Bernstein And The Hot 9 – “Viper's Drag” (Thomas Waller) from Viper's Drag (Impulse) 2014 Butler – piano; Bernstein – trumpet, slide trumpet, alto horn; Reginald Veal – bass; Herlin Riley – drums; Charlie Burnham – violin; Peter Apfelbaum – tenor/soprano saxophone; Erik Lawrence – baritone/soprano saxophone; Doug Wieselman – clarinets; Curtis Fowlkes – trombone; Matthew Munisteri – guitar. 2. Erik Friedlander – “A Closer Walk With Thee” (traditional) from Prowl (Cryptogramophone) 2006 Friedlander – cello; Andy Laster – alto saxophone, clarinet; Stomu Takeishi – electric bass; Satoshi Takeishi – percussion. 3. Harris Eisendtadt - “Dayourabine/Thiolena Diamono” (traditional Senegal) from Guewel (Clean Feed) 2008 Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, flugelhorn; Nate Wooley – trumpet; Mark Taylor – french horn; Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone; Eisenstadt – drums. 4. Dave Burrell - “AM Rag” (Burrell) from Windward Passages (hat Hut) 1979 Burrell – piano. 5. Roberto Ottaviano - “Il confinato” (Ottaviano) from Arcthetics Soffio Primitivo (Dodicilune) 2013 Ottaviano – soprano saxophone; Emanuele Parrini – violin; Paolo Botti – viola; Salvatore Maiore – cello; Giovanni Maier – bass; Roberto Danni – drums. 6. Paul Bley/Franz Koglmann/Gary Peacock - “Cartoon” (Annette Peacock) from Annette (hatOLOGY) 1992 Bley – piano; Koglmann – trumpet, flugelhorn; Peacock – double bass. 7. Buell Neidlinger's String Band - “Jumpin' Punkins (Mercer Ellington) from Locomotive (Soul Note) 1987 Marty Krystall – tenor saxophone; Brenton Banks – violin; John Kurnick – mandolin; Neidlinger – bass; Billy Osborne – drums. 8. Bill Lewis/Khan Jamal - “The Vanishing Man” (Lewis) from The River (Philly Jazz) 1977 Lewis – vibraphone; Jamal – marimba. 9. ICP Orchestra - “Lavoro/Moten Swing (Sean Bergin/Count Basie) from East Of The Sun (ICP) 2014 Michael Moore – clarinet, alto saxophone; Ab Baars – clarinet, tenor saxophone; Tobias Delius – clarinet, tenor saxophone; Wolter Wierbos – trombone; Mary Oliver – violin, viola, vocals – Tristan Honsinger – cello, vocals; Ernst Glerum – bass; Guus Janssen – piano, organ; Han Bennink – drums, vocals. 10. Roberto Ottaviano - “Better Get It In Your Soul” (Mingus) from Mingus: Protrait In Six Colors (Splasc(H) 1988 Ottaviano – soprano saxophone. 11. Cooper-Moore/Tom Abbs/Chad Taylor - “The Fox” (Cooper-Moore) from Triptych Myth (Hopscotch) 2003 Cooper-Moore – piano; Abbs – bass; Taylor – drums.
  13. BFT 143 Discussion

    Here is the link for BFT download and streaming provided by Thom. Thanks again. Hopefully you all can find something you enjoy. Any problems, let me know and I will get Thom to fix it. : 0 )
  14. BFT 143 Discussion

    I kind of expected you to ID this one. Didn't you KC guys go up to Des Moines to see the ICP?
  15. BFT 143 Discussion

    Funny timing. Henry Butler is another "new to me" artist. I saw him do a solo set last fall at the National Folk Festival. Very eclectic style, you name it, it's in there. Bottom line though, he can really play the piano.
  16. CDs FS

    Joe Locke/Kenny Barron - “But Beautiful” - Steeplechase 31295 $12 Romano/ Sclavis / Texier - “Carnet De Routes” - Label Bleu 86569 $8 Aki TakaselHan Bennink – “Two for Two” - Intakt $12 Wadada Leo Smith - “Dark Lady of the Sonnets” - Tum $12 Dave Holland – Extensions – ECM $8 Thanks for looking.
  17. BFT 143

    Thom, You did post these responses in the discussion thread earlier. You are too busy. As far as the money part, I have the same feeling about this whole site. Also, I haven't seen an "EGAD" for a long time. : 0 )
  18. BFT 143

    I don't mean to step on the current blindfold test (I'm still listening) but I wanted to give warning that I am doing the Feb. edition. I think there are some gimmes but also hopefully some things you haven't heard. I will put the download link (thank you very much Thom Keith) in the comment thread as has been recent practice. Give it a try. Thank you.
  19. Looks great and works perfectly. Will this be in place of the previous streaming and download? Bottom line for me is, I will be very happy with what ever works best for you. You are doing the heavy lifting.
  20. BFT 143 Discussion

    Not the leader but there you go.
  21. BFT 143 Discussion

    None of your wild guesses are right. Off the top of my head, I can think of an Anthony Braxton connection to one of the horn players though. The pianist isn't from the Latin side either.
  22. BFT 143 Discussion

    Interesting comment, thanks. Of coarse I have heard of the Cecil Taylor album but I've never actually heard it, so I didn't think of that connection.
  23. BFT 143 Discussion

    So, the bass player is the leader on track 7 and the electronically enhanced answer to the second question is yes also.
  24. BFT 143 Discussion

    tkeith; I found Curtis Clark "Dreams Deferred" on spotify. Very nice album. I think I liked the trio tracks best. I found "Ballad of the Fallen" on my bookshelf. Also a very nice album.
  25. BFT 143 Discussion

    You obviously know that your ID is correct. Your opinion too. : 0 ) I am a fan of Marilyn Crispell but I've never heard that CD.