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  1. Looking through some old LPs last weekend and a few import CDs, I had a flash of nostalgia upon seeing that silver, rounded rectangular "Distributed by Rick Ballard Imports" sticker. But a Google search came up empty. Whatever became of Rick and what was his story anyway? Seems the sort of arcane jazz distribution question that's right up this board's alley...
  2. Kenny Garrett

    Was surprised to find no thread for Kenny Garrett - and little mention of him at all outside of BFTs. What, you guys confusing him with the other Kenny G? I've been listening to Trio-logy the last couple of days (new to me), but I also have and really enjoy his Coltrane album and Simply Said. One of my favorite of the "young lions" - who aren't so young anymore.
  3. I couldn't find a previous thread that discussed these recordings, so here goes. This is, imo, essential stuff that deserves an official release. What's the story behind these, who has the original tapes (do better tapes exist than what Rose recorded off air?), and just who was Rose anyway? For those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about... http://webusers.siba.fi/~eonttone/mingus/birdland.html
  4. 31 discs, huh? Such a prime number is gonna set off my OCD!
  5. This may be old news as I'm not on the O very often these days, but it appears that Mark Combs, Jazzmoose, has passed away. I'm not sure when, but today was his birthday, prompting a Facebook reminder, and a quick look at his FB page shows several RIP comments. Thought you guys would like to know.
  6. Agreed. But a word of warning to anyone (else) looking to Google the words "fresh blood" in search of a funny vampire picture to post. All I can say is: yuck!
  7. I am not defending drunk drivers. Nobody should get behind the wheel if they are drunk. Period. I am, however, saying consumers need to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Further, restaurants and pubs have a right to do business in this country. Alcohol is a legal beverage. Hence, the government will only deter business, not drinking. People can do that at home, too. A drunk will still drink irrespective of any laws and then get behind the wheel. This law is not for them. The 0.05 level now cuts into the population of responsible drinkers and that, my friend, is my problem with it. This has nothing to do with "personal responsibility." Not if that person is driving and endangering others by their actions.
  8. Great deal and great music, but fyi... that price is for mp3s
  9. Do In'n'Out or Five Guys count? God, I hope so! While I have no love for McD's burgers, I do have a soft spot for Carl's western bacon cheeseburger - my fast food burger of choice (from a national chain). .
  10. manti manti manti!!!

    While a hoax (one way or another) was any actual crime committed by anyone involved? I hear a lot of the participants are lawyering up, but what possible legal repercussions are there, if any? If he's innocent, I wouldn't fault Te'o for punching Tuiasosop in the face... repeatedly.
  11. Lance Armstrong

  12. Lance Armstrong

    Hey, you don't have to convince me! I've been saying for years now that an all-juiced Olympics would be loads of fun!
  13. manti manti manti!!!

    Has anyone actually really met Jim Sangrey either?
  14. Lance Armstrong

    This thread should get interesting again real soon...
  15. In the Dylan case, much of the previously unreleased stuff has been available for decades on unofficial bootlegs... and Dylan has pretty much looked the other way at fans who have traded (and let's face it, sold) it over the years. By pressing only 100 "real" copies, it seems clear they've also accepted that fans would be downloading and trading this material. Sure, it's a legal move to retain copyright - and more power to them for that - but also (imo) a tacit acknowledgement that the outtakes are of limited value except to the most die-hard fans. They want to keep shady record labels from profiting from these, but not necessarily fans from hearing them. I'm sure it's a compromise of sorts as what label wants to just "give stuff away," but it also suggests that they're well aware of the real life implications of their actions. Or what Jim said...
  16. I started a thread about this last week, but no one seemed too interested in it then either.
  17. Huell Howser, RIP

    Yeah, not too much more can be said. By all accounts he was a great guy, his shows were informative and entertaining, and he will be missed here in California.
  18. Real Gone Music: Some new BN reissues!

    What about the next one, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow? I have never been able to find that one in the blogosphere, but it looks promising on paper. According to Lord, it is a trio only, recorded in Detroit, and they do tunes like On Green Dolphin Street, Love For Sale, After Hours and Li'l Darlin'. It is coming out in Japan in March, so I have been thinking of getting it. I have heard most of Gene Harris's subsequent 1974-77 output, and it is indeed 70s Blue Note at its worst, but I had some hopes for the 1973 album. Y, T & T is more of a mixed bag, imo, then Of the Three Sounds. The title is highly apt as there are "Yesterday" tracks which aren't as great as the original trio but still good, and then there are "Today" and "Tomorrow" tracks that are putrid. For me, that is. I actually like (most of) YT&T and I think even included one track on one of my blindfold test discs years ago. Dan's right, though, as it's real hit or miss. I think we would have seen this released earlier if it could have fit on one CD (it's a 2-fer LP), but it runs just over 80 minutes iirc and would have had a hard time selling domestically at a 2-CD price point.
  19. [link deleted] Supposedly only 100 sets made and sold, resulting (not unexpectedly) in this... http://www.ebay.com/...=item25792a1b40 Given Dylan, I can't help but think he's expecting his fans to simply download it. But I'm wondering what the label's "bigger picture" might be. Preserving their rights while at the same time distributing the stuff "unofficially?" (They'd be terribly naive not to think that doing this like this wouldn't result in fans simply downloading it freely.) Sorry - didn't realize the above article included download links. This isn't as succinct, but more info here... http://www.imwan.com...t=82181&start=0
  20. QT's Django Unchained

    Thought the first hour of Django was among QT's best; the rest of the film, though, among his worst.
  21. my son is married now.

    Congrats Jim! Still a ways away for me and my gals (lord, at least I hope!), but that's one of those bridges we all have to cross someday. Best of luck to the happy couple!
  22. I'm really liking the new Polyphonic Spree holiday album..
  23. Charlie Parker in best sound?

    Honestly, if you have "very little" Charlie Parker and if good sound is a concern go with the Verves. I think much of his Verve work is underrated and it sounds much better than some of his poorly recorded (although perhaps superior) earlier work. It's not gonna do anyone any good if the poor recording quality turns you off to Bird.
  24. That got a big laugh from me (and my wife poked me in the ribs!) during last week's "The Office." That was followed by a hilarious bit on "Parks and Recreation" where a faux-PBS station introduced their “Jazz + Jazz = Jazz” show with a recording of Benny Goodman played over a separate recording of Miles Davis. "Research shows that our listeners love jazz."
  25. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    Indeed. The fact that he was married for 70 years - and in the profession he was in - says an awful lot about the man.