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  1. Charles Lloyd in Ann Arbor

    yep, it shows a lot of classic movies, and still has matinees. But every once in a while they have live concerts, usually in association with the U of M musical society.
  2. Charles Lloyd in Ann Arbor

    Can you tell me where the Michigan theatre is Greg? Thanks its on Liberty St downtow, between State and Maynard Streets, in the formerly one-way section of streets. Its across from the big Borders store, about 2 or 3 blocks west of the U of M bell tower. hard to miss with its brilliantly bright marquee. I definitely recommend going to a live show there if you can. I saw Shorter and Hancock there, both as a duo and individually, and each time it was great, partly because the theater only seats around 3000 or so
  3. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    In a Silent Way was reissued without anything extra, so I'm expecting JJ to also come without any extras.
  4. Charles Lloyd in Ann Arbor

    I'm still not sure if I'm going to this or not. The Michigan is a great place to see live music; the acoustics are fantastic and every seat is good, even the back of the balcony. I might be saving my money for Ornette Coleman when he comes to town though
  5. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    How so?? (I mean "what do you mean?".) They all seem similar (in some ways), and unique in other ways. I think GregK may be referring to the metal binding? I haven't seen the new box yet. Is the spine made of metal? Just arrived on my desk minutes ago. The packaging is the same "metal-binding" style as "BB", "Miles & Coltrane", etc. Sorry folks, what I meant was that the Coltrane box had a metal casing, the Silent Way box had the cardboard or whatever that stuff is spine, and now the JJ box reverts back to the packaging of the first 3, with the carboard-y case and metal spine. I'm not complaining, I love the packaging of these boxes as much as the music, but I was just curious. Why aren't the consistent?
  6. Borders Coupons

    I am an idiot. I went to a local independent store who always has great prices and lots of imports, etc. He said for some reason his shipment of the Miles JJ box didnt come in, but he promised he would have it tomorrow, for $52.99!! I checked with another independent close by, and he said his distributor didnt have it and wouldn't have it for a week or two, which made me think the first guy wouldn't have it for the same reasons, so I went to Borders and bought it for FULL PRICE!! I just couldn't bring myself to use that coupon, and if I could have waited I could have gotten it for almost $15 cheaper, but as I said above, I am an idiot.
  7. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    I've made it through disc one so far, and I'm surprised at how interesting the many Willie Nelsons are. Track 5 has some excellent Zappa-esque playing by McLaughlin. What I find most interesting about this and the Silent Way box though is how they illuminate just how brilliant the work by Macero was. To make those classic records from the material presented in these boxes (I admit though that I don't know what the Yesternow and Right Off takes amount to yet) took some superb work on his part. Anyone have any idea why this box reverts to the Bitches Brew, Gil Evans and 60s quintet packaging? The In a Silent Way and the Coltrane boxes seem to be unique in their presentation
  8. ***Home Plate***

    as long as the yankees don't win I will be happy. I don't care for that egomaniac Bonds and truly hope he never wins a World Series but if they happen to beat the Yankees I wouldn't be too upset
  9. What's wrong with Meijer? I don't see how it's depressing, and my wife and I never have any problem. In and out with all our groceries very quickly. The only problem with Meijer is the music they play. The one in Ann Arbor next to I-94 now has a Starbucks, so it can't be all that bad!
  10. I'm using a Cuisinart machine with auto on and off, a 1-4 cup feature for "double heating" the water (I'm a chemist and I don't know what that means!), a gold cone filter, water filter and a beep that lets you know when it's ready to be poured. Usually I brew Starbucks, freshly ground, although due to budget constraints I've had to go with 8 o'clock Columbian coffee, which isn't that bad, for the price.
  11. Dylan SACD Hybrids

    I am very tempted by this. I haven't listened to much Dylan in about 5 years or so (my old college roommate was a Dylan fanatic and I would hear him CONSTANTLY- and not the good stuff either, but lots of Knocked Out Loaded, etc.) but this box contains some gems. I'm going to have to see what my credit card can handle after I buy the Jack Johnson box!
  12. Dylan SACD Hybrids

    I had the Planet Waves SACD in my hand today at Best Buy but put it back for Blood on the Tracks instead, Unbelievably there are no new liner notes. Why not I'll never understand. The CD sound is good (haven't checked the SACD yet) but it is kind of a rip-off, $14.99 with nothing new, just remastered sound and flimsy packaging
  13. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    I've been asking that same question over the last 3 years on these boards and never got an answer. I gave up and bought the Japanese versions, which sound way better than the early 90's US ones
  14. BMG Sale Corner

    I don't believe this. I just saw the latest King Crimson CD in BMG! This has to be a first
  15. To me Pangaea is a little less "cluttered" than Dark Magus or Agharta, which are more dense and livelier. I like Pangaea because at least to me it has the classic Miles feel of less-is-more, with lots of openess. But all 3 are very good. The guitarists on each of these records play in a very distorted white noise-ish sense. Don't forget Live/Evil too, which is completely different, more funky
  16. If this one has the live sessions with Sam Rivers and George Coleman then yes I am very eagerly anticipating this one, more so than the Blackhawk set
  17. Pangaea is a great one, lots of space with great playing by Miles and the guitarists
  18. I'm interested. Looks very good, although I don't know how many repeated listens I'll devote to this. I do like to hear how Teo spliced together these classic albums from longer takes; The Silent Way box is great for this, and I'm hoping the JJ box is just as fascinating. It's at CDuniverse for $48.99. There's a thread on this under the New Releases section. Sorry, I should have pasted the link.
  19. Michigan over ND, Michigan State barely squeaking by LA Tech
  20. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    I prefer walking into a local store and buying it, but it's hard to beat that price
  21. Miles - complete Jack Johnson

    how fast is cduniverse? If i pre-order this will i get it on release day?