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  1. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7

    nailed it
  2. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    It's more just the result of constant mutations that produces these variants of concern, than any strategy that the virus might have. SARS-CoV2 is an RNA virus, so it tends to mutate with very high frequency. If enough of those mutations result in a change that allows the virus to infect cells easier, or get around antibodies, or spread from host to host in higher numbers, then that will be come the dominant variant strain. So, it's mostly luck. With the possibility that omicron arose from an immunocompromised patient who was unable to fully clear the virus from their body and thus allow the virus to continuously undergo mutation until the sequence for omicron became established which could then spread through populations with low vaccination rates, it is more important than ever to get more people around the world vaccinated.
  3. CONTEST - 2021 Grey Cup

    Hamilton 45 Is the game later than usual this year? Isn't this typically in late November?
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    just wanted to clear something up here. There is nothing related to aspirin in the Moderna, or the Pfizer vaccines. They each contain different lipid mixtures that make up the nanoparticle that delivers the mRNA to cells. The remainder is buffer.
  5. Music Choices Influenced by the Seasons?

    I'm the same. Many ECM albums immediately remind me of winter darkness and shorter days, cooler weather and fallen leaves.
  6. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    The first half of my sentence actually is accurate; if you don't get vaccinated, you are more likely to become infected with a mutated strain of the virus, as the immunity from prior infection is not as robust. You are welcome to check PubMed if you'd like to continue discussing this.
  7. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Immunity from prior infection doesn't appear to be as robust or as long lasting as immunity through vaccination, so all those who've been infected are still recommended to get vaccinated
  8. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    I'm no expert at all, I just spent a day or two last summer googling this stuff and it all just seemed to work. Do you have any OS at all on the pi? I put the basic raspberry pi OS that is available on their website, on a micro SD card and use that. I have it hooked up to my TV with an HDMI cable, but I rarely use it that way, I just go through VNC most of the time (sometimes when I restart the pi VNC won't connect, so I have to use the TV connection to get it started). I don't pay anything for VNC, I didn't know there was a paid option. You download the VNC viewer on your laptop or phone, and the VNC server runs on the pi. It is already included on the raspberry pi OS, so I think you just have to install it and enable it (I think it's found in the Recommended software under Preferences in the Menu once you have raspberry pi OS running). The static IP is set by my router, which enables me to be able to stream over the internet from my phone or laptop, and also eliminates the occasional connection problem with my stereo (which also is set to a static IP). May not be necessary to do this, depending on what you plan to do with the pi. For me, I use an Android phone, which allows me to stream from my music server to my phone using an app called bubbleUPNP (Android only). The bubbleUPNP server is a sudo command install on the pi, then I have it set to find my server on the network and it streams to my phone without any issue. I went this route once Google Music shut down last year, and I couldn't stream my own collection anymore. I wish I had tried using the raspberry pi & bubbleUPNP earlier, it's much better! I have my second pi for the JRiver (the IdPi), acting as a DLNA server, only because I like how it organizes my library, and the metadata that it shows on the app. I don't use it as a player or for ripping, just for the better DLNA interface on my phone and stereo. I figured that was worth the $40 or whatever it was. The IdPi is also controlled through VNC viewer.
  9. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    I think you could simply connect the pi to your stereo system (and the internet), and control it using VNC Viewer. Sort of like a remote desktop connection, I just set my pi to a static IP address and the VNC sees it at that address. I use it with my computers and my phone. I use the pi OS that comes with the pi specific JRiver installation, directly from the JRiver company, called an IdPi.
  10. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    I'm not worried about my cards dying, as I only have the basic raspberry Pi OS (whatever it's called) on one and I could just easily put it on another card. My second Pi, that runs the JRiver Media Center from a micro SD card, is a version that is specific to the raspberry Pi (called IdPi) so it only cost somewhere around $40. I only use it for the DLNA server through the bubbleUPNP app on my phone (which I use both as a wireless controller for my home stereo and for mobile listening through headphones), as it has good sorting and metadata info. I use EAC for all CD ripping too.
  11. Raspberry PI 4 As An Audio Streamer

    I use two Raspberry Pi 4s for my music streaming. I have one that is solely for running a bubbleupnp server, which allows me to access my music server over the internet, anywhere, and a second one that is dedicated to running JRiver Music Center as a DLNA server. Both work perfectly, I have had no problems with either unit at all. Probably cost me about $40-60 or so for each one, with the associated micro SD cards, cables, and a little bluetooth keyboard that allows me to more easily control the JRiver from my laptop instead of having to go through wired connections.
  12. Frank Zappa

    then why comment? or even click on the thread?
  13. Larry McMurtry

    Lonesome Dove and its prequel and sequels, All My Friends are Going To Be Strangers, Roads
  14. Covid vaccination: poll

    I received my second shot of the Moderna/NIH vaccine on 2/22/2021, and felt no side effects until the following day, which were mild. Felt like the early stages of a cold, but without the sore throat. Completely gone by the next day. I'm ready for any follow-up booster for any of the variants, if any are authorized later in the year.
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    I don't understand this statement. The clinical trials were conducted in various populations around the world. Whatever variants or level of infection are in the community is what they had to work with. There was no "lack of representativity" or rush job. The Moderna and Pfizer trials took place starting in July 2020; the Astra Zeneca started later, and in different population centers.