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  1. I’ll be heading to Vancouver, BC in July for a quick weekend getaway. Anyone here familiar with the area? I’ve been there a few times but mostly stayed in the downtown core and Stanley Park area. Looking for any record (vinyl) shops tips or recommendations about cool neighborhoods off the tourist track. Thanks! Alejandro
  2. Record stores in Seattle

    Oh, and if you are in Ballard there is always Bop Street records located in the historic district (they can tell you the exact address at Sonic Boom). Not my favorite place by any means, but if you have some time might be worth checking out. Just be prepared to haggle on all pirces and spend some time in their huge, unorganized basement. Again, not a destination... but if you have the time, then check it out. There are some pretty cool bars and restaurants in that area as well.
  3. Record stores in Seattle

    I'd also check out Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne. They have a pretty good used Jazz CD and LP section--worth checking out. Easy Street Records 20 West Mercer Street There is also a store around the corner on Queen Anne Ave that might be worth checking out. Jive Time is great. If you have some time to dig, you're sure to find something--ask them about their annex in the Antique Mall just down the street.
  4. a few CD's for sale

    Just sent you a PM re: the Lud Gluskin set. Thanks! Alejandro
  5. LPs 4 SALE

    Hello Paul, I'm interested in the Bill Dixon. I'll send you an e-mail. Thanks! Alejandro
  6. They'll be in Seattle tomorrow night at the Asian Art Museum. I've been looking forward to this all week!
  7. Allen Lowe's THAT DEVILIN' TUNE

    I received my copy last Friday and have only had time to listen to the first two discs. Needless to say, I am really enjoying the musical selections and accompanying commentary. Looking forward to listening to the rest of set one as well as sets two, three, and four as they are released.
  8. 9 CD Set: That Devilin Tune

    Sounds like a great set! Just sent you an e-mail. Thanks! Alejandro
  9. "Piano Noir: Ran Blake"

    Great show! I just listened to it as the clouds rose on a moody Seattle morning--a perfect soundtrack to the day.
  10. Cecil Taylor Documentary

    According to Comcast the run time is 77 min. I'm not sure if they include the two promos the show before the film in this total.
  11. Cecil Taylor Documentary

    I watched this movie last night after reading about it on another board and really enjoyed it. Like a previous poster mentioned it was very interesting to hear Cecil Taylor talk about his creative process. It was also cool to see Mr. Taylor going out to see live music in NYC. The scenes with Billy Bang and Mal Waldron are great in my opinion. The concert footage is excellent. I’ve never had the opportunity to see him live, so it was a treat to see him perform in many different contexts. I think I’ll watch it again next week, as I often distracted by trying to figure out what books and records where scattered around his Brooklyn Brownstone. I don’t think you stream the video online. It’s part of the Palm Video on Demand Film Festival. Here is a link to a review of the actual film: CECIL TAYLOR: ALL THE NOTES. I agree with the reviewer that the editing is a bit herky-jerky. I’m sure that this will probably be released on Palm DVD sometime this year at a reasonable cost.
  12. corner

    I received my copy of Stepping Stones today and it plays fine. In fact I listened to the CD twice to make sure it didn't skip or contain distortion--also because I really like this record. Sounds like I lucked out this time.
  13. Hello Jazzmoose, I'd be interested in this one, if it's still available. I'll send an e-mail momentarily and will add a few things to the thread tonight. Thanks! Alejandro
  14. *** DVD CORNER ***

    Looking forward to the MTM release also, as well as Season Three of Bob Newheart. Question Regarding Zone Free DVD Players Does anyone here have a Zone Free DVD player? If so how do you like it? What are the best models available? My budget is about $125. I've done a bit of research and have learned enough to avoid the really cheap models out there, but am still not to clear what would be the best bet. I currently have a Toshiba and can’t find any info on unlocking it. There are a few Zone Free Toshiba's that look interesting. But I just wanted to see if anyone here can recommend a particular model. I'm sick of waiting for The Fast Show and I'm Alan Partridge to be released in the US. Thanks! Alejandro
  15. Live jazz in NYC, December 15-16

    There are a few places in Brooklyn you could check out: Zebulon (Williamsburg) and Barbes (Park Slope). Another place that looks kind of interesting is the Zinc Bar in the Village. Zinc Bar If you want to really scare them take them to the HAINO KEIJI Festival at The Stone. The Stone
  16. Happy Birthday, Paul Secor!

    ¡Feliz cumpliaños Paul!
  17. Larry Young: Heaven and Earth
  18. How much for a decent turntable?

    Another vote for the Goldring. I think the main difference between the Rega P2 and Rega P3 is the tone arm. The Rega P3 had the RB300 tone arm which is supposed to be very, very nice. My next turntable will be a Rega P3.
  19. Luc Ferrari

    Yeah, go figure. I find this type of music comforting. Good think I have headphones or else I'd be sleeping in another state.
  20. Luc Ferrari

    Wow! Very sad news. I think I'll spin the Interrupteur/Tautologos 3 CD as I drift into sleep.
  21. AOTW - July 31, 2005

    Gianluigi Trovesi Octet From G to G Soul Note 121231-2 Recorded 1992 Personnel: Pino Minafra – trumpet, prepared trumpet, flugelhorn, didjeridoo, voice, and noise Gianluigi Trovesi – alto saxophone, alto clarinet, bass clarinet Rodolfo Migliardi – trombone, tuba Roberto Bonati – acoustic bass Marco Micheli – acoustic bass Marco Remondini – cello Fluvio Maras **************************************************************** About ten years ago a friend of mine loaned me the Gianluigi Trovesi Octet From G to G and opened my ears to the musical world outside of bop and hard bop. Until then, I had been a die-hard Blue Note guy who really hadn't ventured too far out in my listening. That night, I listened to that CD about three times. The music was complex, yet very accessible. The musicians were able to play out and then reel their ideas in at the drop of a lira. There was also an underlying sense of humor and fun to their playing. The following morning I immediately ordered a copy of this disc for myself. This was the first time that this type of free playing clicked for me and I was hooked. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy bop and hard bop. In fact I enjoy recordings from most eras and styles that fall under the jazz label. This recording also served as my introduction to the Soul Note label and the discovery of a lot of great music being created outside the confines of the United States. In the words of film maker Marty DiBergi: "Enough of my yakkin'. Whaddaya say, let's boogie!"
  22. AOTW - July 31, 2005

    I'm glad to see other board members enjoy this disc. I'll have to give Les Hommes Armees another listen tonight. I also need to hear some of Trovesi's more recent work on ECM. I just have to say that I really enjoy this weekly tradition. Not only have I been exposed to some great music, I've also been inspired to revisit some of the forgotten gems in my archives.
  23. BFT #28 - Disc One: DISCUSSION

    I'm still guessing -- and believe me that is what it is -- so I'm not going to look at any of the responses just yet. I just want to say that this is one of my favorite all around Blindfold Tests to date. Thanks! Alejandro
  24. Bix Restored, Volume 5

    Thanks for the heads up Lon. This one is also going on my ever growing list of future CD purchases. Alejandro
  25. BFT #28 - Check-In

    I just received the disc today’s mail. Thanks Marty!