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  1. Oh yeah, completely agree, and his performance for a player in his 30s really hasn't been bad at all, historically speaking.
  2. "First Fusion: Jazz-Rock Before Bitches Brew"

    Glad you enjoyed it, HP! That Stuart Nicholson book that I linked to in the bottom of the post has a lot of good information about said era.
  3. Standard decline for an aging, presumably non-juicing player? Here are his lifetime stats by age and season: Albert Pujols career stats I don't have any statistical insight into how his switch from St. Louis to the Angels might have made any difference, though presumably being able to frequently DH as an American League player has enhanced his ability to mitigate defensive decline, not having to deal with the wear and tear of everyday defensive play. I think in general it's a very bad idea (and this sure ain't rocket science) to give a lengthy and massive contract to a 32-year-old player, a la Pujols and Arod. As good a player as Robinson Cano is, I completely understood the Yankees' not wanting to offer him more than seven years for a contract that would have begun when he was 31. Cano has done well at Seattle, but Starlin Castro's been pretty effective these past two seasons, while taking much less of a toll on the Yankees' payroll.
  4. From the NY Times account of last night's game: Judge finished 3 for 4 with three runs scored and six R.B.I., a new career high. It extended Judge’s dominance of the Orioles this season — his 11 home runs against them are the most by any player against any opponent in 2017. In 16 games against Baltimore, Judge has hit .472 with 27 runs scored and 24 R.B.I. Buck Showalter might be better off just issuing Judge an IBB every time up. Judge also became the first Yankee to pick up 110+ runs and 110+ walks in a single season since Mickey Mantle in 1961. (Of course, he strikes out as much if not more than the Mick did too.) Catching McGwire's rookie HR record a long-shot at this point, but I suppose he could still do it with a hot streak here at the end... 16 games left.
  5. Buddy Rich Big Band

    Some late-1970s BR big-band music (including Barry Kiener on piano) on this 2015 release, from tapes made by Alan Gauvin when he was in the band: Birdland
  6. ... annnndddd just another routine Indians win. 😄 Wow! That really did have a postseason vibe to it... Congratulations to the Tribe fans here. It would be fantastic to see Cleveland go all the way this year after the Cubs did it last year. Here's Lindor's two-out, two-strike double that tied it in the bottom of the 9th: Tribe ties it ... and Bruce's walk off hit in the bottom of the 10th: Cleveland wins 22nd in a row Oh, and as Michael Kay pointed out tonight, if Aaron Judge batted only against the Baltimore Orioles all year long, he'd have the greatest offensive season in MLB history. ☺️
  7. Just watched Cleveland, down by one in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and down to their last strike, tie it with a double off the left-field wall. Now going into extra innings.
  8. "First Fusion: Jazz-Rock Before Bitches Brew"

    We re-aired this show recently, and it remains archived for online listening: First Fusion: Jazz-Rock Before Bitches Brew
  9. Some contention too that this isn't the true "winning streak" record, as one of the Giants' games ended in a tie. (And what's the story there?) The record for the longest winning streak that doesn't include a tie belongs to the 1935 Chicago Cubs, who won 21 in a row before finally losing. After tonight's victory, Cleveland's only two away from equaling that. Regarding the Dodgers' collapse, I take solace only in the evaporation of comparisons to the 1998 Yankees that had begun to emerge just before said collapse began.
  10. Cleveland Indians' 15-game winning streak means $2 million in free windows for fans
  11. Podcast with Dave Stryker

    Excellent! Dave's a friend, had him on the show a few times... I'll definitely check this out.