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  1. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    Slooooowwww off-season--many teams waiting for free-agent prices to drop, I presume? Meanwhile, the Yankees, having failed to land Gerrit Cole, may now be aiming for the Rays' Chris Archer. Given his contract and age (29, owed $34 million over the next four seasons), I'd rather see them pick up Archer than hand Yu Darvish a long and expensive deal.
  2. Songs You don't want requested

    Several jazz musician friends of mine have invoked "Satin Doll" as a request for which they have less-than-warm feelings.
  3. Now reading...

    Several at once, in my scattershot fashion:
  4. Ralph Moore.... Whatever happened to him?

    Excellent date--I think fans of any of these musicians, Moore certainly included, would enjoy this one.
  5. Last week's Night Lights show, which took a look back at reissues and historical releases for 2017, is up for online listening. The web-post includes additional titles not featured in the program: Night Lights Best Of 2017 Historical Jazz Releases
  6. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    Red Sox have made five-year offer to J.D. Martinez Meanwhile, the Yankees are evidently interested in Yu Darvish. Much admiration for Yu, but he's 31 and also seemed to develop an unfortunate penchant for tipping his pitches this past year. I'd be wary of the Yankees offering him anything like the six-year, $160 million dollar deal MLB Trade Rumors thinks he might get. I also don't see how they can sign him and get under the luxury-tax reset cap, unless he's willing to take less money the first year of the contract. (Is that even permissible? I have next to no knowledge of what MLB and Players' Union rules are when it comes to the luxury-tax salary cap and how teams might structure contracts to come in under it.)
  7. New Serge Chaloff Uptown Release

    Thanks for the heads-up; I was just wondering the other day what might be in the Uptown pipeline.
  8. We re-aired The Music That Nobody Knows: The From Spirituals To Swing Concerts last week on Night Lights, and it remains archived for online listening.
  9. Cal Massey

    Rather ancient-at-this-point Night Lights show that I did about Cal Massey: Soulful Days: The Cal Massey Songbook
  10. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    This and all of the other comments. Somehow I missed this news, though I knew he’d been battling cancer in recent years. Corresponded with him from time to time about several shared interests and always liked the vibe that he brought to this board. Was he part of the exodus from the old Blue Note board? (Man, that was a long time ago.) EDIT: just looked at his join date and it was March 6, 2003, the week that all that craziness went down with the BNBB (3/3/2003, day of infamy!), so yeah, he must have been part of that migration. I thought I remembered him posting at the Blue Note board.
  11. Anybody else in the NYC area going? This is the same sextet that recorded Far From Over (for the first three nights, anyway; then Marcus Gilmore takes over on drums). I'll be at the Thursday 8:30 p.m. show. Vijay Iyer at Birdland Jan. 9-13