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  1. Japanese Jazz from the early 70's - what next?

    You might want to check out this compilation from the Spiritual Jazz series: Spiritual Jazz V. 8: Japan
  2. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Any update or rough estimate on when the Steeplechase orders might be going out?
  3. Hey all, a new Night Lights is up for online listening, profiling the early-period jazz recordings of "Mission: Impossible" composer Lalo Schifrin. It includes two selections from his recordings as a member of Dizzy Gillespie's group, music from his collaborations with Bob Brookmeyer and Paul Horn, and some of his leader dates as well: Jazz Mission Possible: Lalo Schifrin's Early Years
  4. Yeah, I haven't listened to disc 2 yet, but agree w/you about "Moby Dick." And also agree with you about the added tracks! I haven't listened to the album since I was a kid, actually, so it's fun to revisit in general.
  5. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Saw the trailer for this one Friday night—really looking forward to it, out July 26:
  6. One of yesterday’s used-CD purchases:
  7. Yo La Tengo, I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
  8. What music did you buy today?

    Just got back from a trip to Landlocked Music, Bloomington mecca for CD and vinyl lovers. Picked up the following: Stan Getz, Getz At The Gate Nicole Mitchell, Renegades (used) John Lennon, Imagine (reissue, used) Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains The Same (2007 reissue, used) The Getz had been set aside at my request, the Lennon and Led Zep were titles I’ve trawled for used for quite some time, and the Nicole Mitchell was a random and unexpected find. Part of why I still love the record-store experience.
  9. “Dolphy ‘63”

    Up in honor of Dolphy's birthday today: Dolphy '63
  10. I don't think there is a comprehensive book devoted to Chicago jazz from 1930-1980, but Larry Kart or another poster w/Chicago connections might know of one. William Kenney's book covers 1904-1930. Aaron Cohen says he believes Reed's book will be available for sale after June 30 through the Jazz Institute of Chicago's website. Here's a link to it that includes all of the events they have planned for their 50th birthday celebration: Jazz Institute of Chicago
  11. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    ...aaaannnd the Tampa Bay Rays continue with their vaunted outside-the-box thinking: Rays suggest playing half their home games in Montreal *This is not an Onion article*
  12. This is a launch event for a new book by Chicago drummer/bandleader/composer Mike Reed. I haven't been able to find an online sale listing for the book yet: The City Was Yellow: Chicago Jazz And Improvised Music 1980-2010
  13. Phil Ranelin

    A new anthology, highly recommended for any Ranelin fans out there: Phil Ranelin: Collected Works 2003-2019