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  1. MLB Season 2020

    Smoke rises over Citi Field as new Mets owner is officially selected Joking aside, a good friend who’s a Mets fan is elated that the reign of the Wilpons is finally coming to an end.
  2. Now reading...

    That was the second Hemingway book I ever read, after The Sun Also Rises. An excellent collection that I still have, and iirc some of the previously-unpublished material seemed definitely worthy of the Hemingway oeuvre. Speaking of Hemingway, the new New York Review of Books takes a look at a new volume of Martha Gellhorn’s correspondence that sounds intriguing. A Moral Witness
  3. In 1963 the sixth annual Monterey Jazz Festival included a blues duet between Gerry Mulligan and Peewee Russell, the festival debuts of Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, a moving performance from Jack Teagarden just four months before his death at the age of 58, and a dedication from the Modern Jazz Quartet to Martin Luther King Jr., weeks after his “I have a dream” speech and days after the deaths of four African-American girls in a Birmingham, Alabama church bombing. Oh, and Dizzy Gillespie launched his “Dizzy For President” campaign as well. Last week’s Night Lights show up for online listening: Jazz From Monterey, 1963: Dizzy For President!
  4. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    Damn, does that sound like 1983. And I mean that as a compliment... really captures the vibe of the times somehow.
  5. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Am I completely misremembering, or did Stanley Crouch show up here once for a brief flurry of jousting posts in a single thread (of which he was the topic, iirc) before departing? Or did that happen at AAJ or JazzCorner instead? EDIT: He showed up in a thread about him at JazzCorner, as I rediscovered perusing this Organissimo Crouch thread. There's reference there to him making a couple of posts in the JC discussion.
  6. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    Also, here's a pretty ancient (at this point) Night Lights program about the Columbia comeback period: Star On Miles: The Return Of Miles Davis
  7. Mosaic Sampler

    Forgot all about this--I remember seeing it, maybe in a Mosaic brochure? Man, I sure miss getting those in the mail... I loved paging through them and setting my sights on certain sets that I didn't have yet.
  8. Miles Post-Sabbatical Columbias

    I feel as if this has been discussed before, but the most specific thread I can locate quickly is this one: Miles Davis' Aura: Where Do You Rate It? ... which includes some mention of other Columbia-era comeback material as well.
  9. "Rollins '57: Sonny Rollins Takes the Lead"

    I may do a “Rollins ‘56” prequel at some point.
  10. "Boppin' On Bee Hive" on Night Lights

    ... and one more time for Boppin’ On Bee Hive after its re-airing this past week.