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  1. Last week's Night Lights show on composer and pianist Tadd Dameron, including commentary from Dameron biographer Paul Combs, is up for online listening: Our Delight: The Music Of Tadd Dameron
  2. According to this article, when Judge played football in high school he was 6:7 and weighed 240 pounds. Eight-nine years on, he's still at 6:7 (or 6:8, by some accounts) and weighs 282 pounds. That kind of growth in a well-trained athlete doesn't seem so unusual to me between the ages of 16 and 25. I'd truly be shocked if he were discovered to be juicing. Aside from his much-improved plate discipline this year, my response to Brad's friends would be that home runs are way up this year across all of MLB. Pitchers say the ball's more tightly wound; whatever the case may be, a lot more of them landing in the seats this season.
  3. Aaron Judge snapped out of his power slump last night by hitting a home run that almost went out of Safeco Field: Judge's mammoth home run And D-Rob struck out the side in his first appearance as a returned Yankee. This team may end up at best scrabbling for one of the two wild-card spots, but Judge and Clint Frazier alone are making them a ton of fun to watch.
  4. "Clark's Last Leap: Sonny Clark 1961-62"

    Upping this today for the anniversary of Clark's birth: Clark's Last Leap: Sonny Clark, 1961-62
  5. Nice clip of Judge playing catch with a fan last night in Seattle: Judge plays catch with fan Great start by Severino, too. And even though he didn't pitch last night, glad to have D-Rob back in the bullpen.
  6. I still miss the menu we had for the first few years of the show, but paging through this way at least allows you to view ten episodes at once: Night Lights shows Simply click "Next page" at the bottom to move back chronologically through archived programs.
  7. "Trane '62: The Classic Quartet Begins"

    We re-aired this program a couple of weeks ago; posting it today in honor of the 50th anniversary of Coltrane's death in 1967: Trane '62: The Classic John Coltrane Quartet Begins
  8. Much respect to Jackie Bradley Jr. for that amazing catch last night that robbed Aaron Judge of a home run:. Bradley Jr takes away homer from Judge Ryon Healy felt Judge's pain: Respect "Jackie Bradley Jr. just stop it!!"
  9. Look out, Jsngry and other posters in this thread bemoaning the state of their favorite team's bullpen--the Yankees will ultimately yield to nobody in their race to the bottom! MLB expanded team pitching stats New York and Texas tied for most blown saves so far--17 apiece. The Yankees' save percentage only slightly better because they've had 34 opportunities to Texas' 30, but give us a few more games and we're sure to pass both you and Philadelphia in our floor-crashing descent! Just came across this at Pinstripe Alley's recap of last night's disaster (another blog had the headline, "Yankees bullpen has good night, yields only seven runs"): The grand slam broke a 4-4 tie and basically put the game out of reach for New York. Clippard’s ERA now sits at 5.24, which is just criminally bad for a high-leverage reliever. How bad has he been lately? (via Twitter) >>Katie Sharp‏ @ktsharp Entering today, opponents slugging .683 vs Tyler Clippard in high-leverage PAs. Aaron Judge entered today slugging .697<< He turns almost all the batters he faces in high-leverage situations into the best hitter in baseball. That’s atrocious.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Glad you enjoyed it! There's another show about Lee and Jackie McLean as well: Jackie McLean and Lee Morgan: The Dynamic Hardbop Duo Current listening:
  11. I was telling my girlfriend the other night about seeing the Brewers at the old County Stadium during the Stormin'-Gorman/Ben Oglivie years when I was a kid (Brewers hit two home runs that night, prompting a slide from their mascot in each instance into a gigantic beer mug). In looking for footage or images of the old home-run beer-barrel slide, I came across this ad: What's Brewin' Reminds you of what the world used to look like, circa early 80s.
  12. It's the only part of the show for Yankee fans to enjoy. Another rocky start for Pineda today, another meltdown by Betances, and NY goes down to their 16th loss in the last 22 games. Going back further, they are 23-30 over their last 53 games, or nearly a third of a season. Blown saves have accounted for a lot of losses, but the team is injury-riddled and discombobulated right now. Looks like this might turn out to be the predicted "rebuilding year" after all.
  13. "Shorter Lee: Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter" on Night Lights

    We re-aired this program last week and it remains posted for online listening: Shorter Lee: Lee Morgan And Wayne Shorter
  14. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Got a used copy of this in excellent shape as an unexpected gift from a friend and am loving it:
  15. Wynton Kelly Hank Mobley "Interpretations"

    Just ordered the 2-CD Fresh Sounds version of this. What do others here who've heard it think?