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  1. Last week’s Night Lights, a centennial tribute to arranger and composer Ralph Burns, is now up for online listening. It focuses on his early years with Woody Herman’s big bands and also includes sides made with Charlie Barnet, Serge Chaloff, Sam Donahue, Lee Konitz, and Ben Webster. Midcentury Maestros: Ralph Burns
  2. I started it years ago but bogged down a bit, though I don’t think that’s to Marcus’ discredit… often happens when I’ve started too many books at once. I do recall being rather staggered at how much meaning Marcus could wring out of a simple chord choice or such. Going to give it another crack, given the subject matter and my respect for and enjoyment of what Marcus I’ve read.
  3. The 6-CD Complete Basement Tapes? I have it and concur! In fact, taking it off the shelf as soon as I finish listening to the original release. (Also pulled out my Greil Marcus and Sid Griffin books about these Dylan/Band sessions, as I can feel a renewed obsession coming on.)
  4. Now reading...

    Bill and other UK posters would find this one of interest, methinks. Rob Young has also written an excellent book about 1960s/70s English folk music (Electric Eden) as well as a biography of the group Can; I have yet to read the latter, but given the quality of his other work, I’m sure it would be a worthy read as well. The Magic Box explores the strange and fascinating realm of 1950s-80s British television:
  5. I remember this being quite a big deal when it came out..37 years ago?!? Wasn’t it one of the first major pop-rock box sets to be issued on CD?
  6. I keep coming back to this one in recent years:
  7. Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

    I second that emotion! Would be on board for any kind of Betty Carter Mosaic. A set of unreleased live performances would be great, as would anything that pulled together various recordings of hers from the beginning of her career up to the 1970s (though the latter would involve licensing from multiple labels, often a too-problematic issue for potential Mosaic sets). Who owns the Bet-Car material these days?
  8. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    All quiet on the midwestern front here in Bloomington. No charge to my credit card or shipping notice yet. Sounds as if the pipeline is opening, though!
  9. Now reading...

    Both amazingly well-done productions. I actually ordered the British versions on DVD several years ago because they're complete, as opposed to the slightly-truncated episodes that aired on America's PBS.
  10. "Our Delight: The Music Of Tadd Dameron" on Night Lights

    You guys are too kind! The show has certainly benefitted from all the years I've spent hanging around this joint (going on 20, and 20+ if you count the old BNBB as the predecessor to this forum). Ralph Burns centennial program on the way tomorrow.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    An old and sentimental favorite, the first Chaloff I ever picked up before getting the Mosaic set:
  12. 2022 MLB Season Thread

    Fans on Twitter are awaiting his breakdown of the brawl like it's a Marvel or Tom Cruise summer blockbuster movie. ... and it just went live!