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  1. "New" Billie Holiday Documentary

    WBGO/NPR article Iirc Chris Albertson either knew Linda Kuehl or seemed to know a fair amount about her.
  2. Now reading...

    In terms of subject matter, he sounds in some ways like a forerunner of Joseph Mitchell.
  3. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    ... and you haven't even gotten to the Count Basie sides yet!!
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Your father’s in my thoughts, Lon. Please keep us posted.
  5. Now reading...

    Philip Roth’s The Ghost Writer sparked me to finally start reading this book, which I’m rather embarrassed to admit I’ve never read before... but I did pick up a copy a few years ago as part of my longstanding penchant for vintage Modern Library editions with the dustjackets still intact: Ade, believe it or not, is still celebrated here by Indiana history nerds for his Hoosier heritage. I haven’t ever gotten around to reading him, but I’ll add Chicago Stories to my list. Always happy to read anything well-written about Chicago.
  6. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Terrible news. I had hoped to go there to see a Bill Charlap solo performance during one of my trips to NYC, but it conflicted with another event (the Roy Hargrove memorial concert, iirc) and I wasn't able to make it. I hope that some of the other venues can hang on long enough for mass vaccine distribution to put us on the road to "normal" again--the outlook for the next several months, however, remains grim in most aspects.
  7. Which Jazz box set are you grooving to right now?

    Right now, this disc: ...from this box-set:
  8. "Satchmo, Take Two: Louis Armstrong at the Movies"

    We re-aired Satchmo, Take Two: Louis Armstrong At The Movies this past week, and it remains archived for online listening.
  9. Johnny Hodges Mosaics

    Blue Moon had a CD set out quite a few years ago that covered the same period as the early 1950s Hodges Mosaic. As I mentioned recently in another thread, I'm bummed they were never able to put out a post-1961 Hodges box.
  10. Duke Ellington's Sidemen - Away From Ellington

    Finally got a chance to listen to this in its entirety--thanks much! Quite a few recordings that I'd never heard or hadn't listened to in a long time. Hopefully that Barney Bigard Black and White session makes Mosaic's label box set. (If said set does eventually come to pass.)
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Including a Don Byas feature on “How High The Moon”:
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Good record for a sunny Saturday afternoon:
  13. The live performances of the Daydream Nation material are all excellent, drawn from 1988-89 shows. The four covers from various projects recorded around the same time are quite good as well: a thunderous version of “Within You Without You,” a take on Neil Young’s “Computer Age” that seems to anticipate Goo’s “Disappearer,” a cover of Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick” with Kim on lead vocal, and a version of Captain Beefheart’s “Electricity.” Good notes, too.
  14. The live versions on the bonus disc are wonderful, and great bonus studio tracks as well (I bought various-artist comp LPs back in the day just to get their versions of "Within You Without You" and Neil Young's "Computer Age"):