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  1. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Dude, you're preaching to a longtime DKE believer. But that video of the kids in Rome virtually appearing and coming together onscreen, each in their personal space that's temporarily become a cell of sorts, to sing that song really hit home for whatever reason. A reminder of what we can spiritually be, even if day-to-day life doesn't provide very often for the circumstances. To summon that feeling in this particular moment is solace for the heart. A number of friends I've shared it with have had similar reactions. But everybody finds beauty in their own way! Thank God we're not all singing the same song every day!
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    H/t to Sam Stephenson for recommending this 1978 double-LP Impulse compilation of Coltrane's 1963 recordings with Roy Haynes, which I was able to snag online for a ridiculously reasonable price:
  3. Now reading...

    A little light reading as a diversion from the present crisis:
  4. Deadly Choir Practice in Washington State

    A co-worker shared this story with some of us last night. Terrible, and yet more evidence of how easily this virus can spread.
  5. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    This is beautiful. "There are more things to admire in men than to despise."--Albert Camus, The Plague
  6. "Ella '57: Ella Fitzgerald Flies High"

    We re-aired Ella '57: Ella Fitzgerald Flies High this past week, and it remains archived for online listening.
  7. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Singer-songwriter John Prine in critical condition with Covid-19
  8. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    UK official predicts six months before life returns to “normal”.
  9. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Total U.S. deaths have doubled in just the past couple of days. We’ll pass China’s official number quite quickly at this rate: Worldometer Coronavirus tally U.S. cases and deaths kept spiking throughout the day yesterday. It’s a grim chart to track.
  10. Simulated (Strat-O-Matic) 2020 MLB Season

    Nope, just evening meanderings from me. I was thinking about my experience of major-league baseball as a kid, which revolved around reading newspaper accounts and box-scores and listening to radio broadcasts. We did see Reds games on TV a lot, because they were close enough to be part of our local market, but other than that television viewing was mostly Saturday Game of the Week and the playoffs. We didn't get cable (which brought Cubs and Braves games with it) until I was away at college. I played Little League, subscribed to the Sporting News, bought the annual Street & Smith baseball yearbook each spring, and often a paperback handbook as well (the title of which eludes me), and spent far more time than I should have on Strat-O-Mat... but getting to watch a lot of major-league baseball on TV is still a relatively new phenomenon for me, because even as an adult I opted to go without cable for many years. The free MLB.TV subscription I've gotten through T-Mobile the past several seasons has spoiled me rotten! Btw, seems increasingly likely that there won't be a 2020 MLB season, even in shortened form. I hope the writer's prognosis is wrong, but wouldn't bet against him at this point. EDIT: this is the annual handbook I was thinking of, titled--what else?--The Complete Handbook Of Baseball.
  11. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    New York, New York, it's a helluva town! New Yorker singing out window told to "Shut the f*#% up!"
  12. Bob Dylan corner

    All The Songs Named In Bob Dylan's "Murder Most Foul"