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  1. Now reading...

  2. Confirmation on Teddy Wilson and Mosaic update

    "There would be much time and little to do..."
  3. ECM Commences Streaming
  4. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    Here's the web page for a Night Lights show about Weston that includes some brief background: The Randy Weston Songbook
  5. Questions to ask Randy Weston

    His creative partnership with Melba Liston.
  6. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    Kluber wins the AL Cy Young, with Chris Sale coming in second and Luis Severino in third: AL Cy Young Max Scherzer takes it in the NL, with Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg in second and third behind him: NL Cy Young
  7. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    No surprise here, but still nice to see it happen, and by unanimous vote as well: Aaron Judge named AL Rookie of the Year Cody Bellinger won NL Rookie of the Year, also by unanimous vote. Has that ever happened before, both picks coming on unanimous vote? Bellinger broke the NL record for most homers by a rookie; Judge broke the MLB record. A good year for rookies! Cy Young winner will be announced Wednesday night, followed by MVP on Thursday. My money's on Altuve for AL MVP. Any thoughts on potential NL recipients?
  8. Bob Dylan corner

    Just bought this tonight (the 2-CD version) at Landlocked after leaving work and am listening right now. Fantastic live renditions of the songs from this period; any Dylan fan would enjoy this, I think.
  9. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    Just picked this one up a few days ago and it's making a bid to become one of my favorites from Tyner's Milestone period, which I find myself going back to more and more often. Will definitely check out The Greeting and Together after reading some comments about them in this thread and the one Big Al started.
  10. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    Shohei Otani hopes to remain two-way player in MLB
  11. Houston After Harvey

    It doesn't sound easy: Lessons of Hurricane Harvey